10 Best Crystal Red Wine Glasses in 2021


A complete meals would be incomplete without a bottle of wine. Of course, your precious wine deserves a precious piece of glassware, especially if you are sipping to identify, discuss and savor the more nuanced notes. Compared to normal drinking glasses, wine glasses are designed to enhance the aroma and flavor of red wine. They make your wine-drinking experience more pleasurable and more fun.

Red wine glasses are known for wide bowls that aid in aeration without necessarily having to swirl the glass. Singling out a nice red wine glass out of the so many on the market is seldom easy. That is why you should read this in-depth explainer before proceeding to make a purchase.

Factors to consider when buying red wine glasses:

  • Size: The height, to begin with, should be ideal, very tall glasses have a higher risk of knocking over while a short glass may appear reclining. Bearing in mind how expensive and delicate red wine glasses can be, it should feel comfortable in your hands and not slip. It is a personal issue of how it feels in your hands depending on the size so you will want to check out a size that works well for you. You probably don’t want to set these glasses out for rowdy drinkers
  • Material: Lead crystal glasses are known to crop up when the wine is stored in it. The lead gets time to leach into the liquid making it less safe, that is why Triton crystals are preferred. The glasses should be clear as we all want to see our wine. It should be a thin glass is because we like to taste wine instead of glass and thick stemware can get heavy.
  • The type of wine: different types of wines taste best in different shapes wine glasses, ensure you check out if the type is specified and ensure that the glass gets along well with your favorite bottle of wine. Burgundy glasses are great for Pinot Noir while Bordeaux glasses are for many grapes and blends as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Malbec. The names refer to wine districts in France. The wines served do not, however, have to come from France.
  • Design: Longer stems let you hold the glass comfortably. A slight inward curve at the top focuses the aromas. A thick base means more stability.

10. KOVOT, Tilted Wine Glass Set

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This option has all the features we look for fine stemware at a bargain price. The set of two glasses are unique with a subtle bend in the stem for a little trick of the eyesight yet they still retain the elegance of traditional stemware. Owners attest that you actually get more than what you pay for here. They have relatively thin lips and are lightweight giving you the ultimate winning experience. The manufacturer recommends only filling up the 13Oz capacity with 5 Oz of wine to avoid tipping.
You can’t wait to open a bottle of wine and test these glasses out. With this in your hands, it’s not just a drink. It is an experience for you and the ones close to you.

9. DAQQ, Red Wine Glasses Set

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The two glasses in this set do an excellent job enhancing the aroma of red wine. They are also great for seeing what you’re drinking, but that doesn’t mean they have to completely lack color. They come hand painted with a clear upper that ensures wines are showcased unbelievably well in this glass. This adds a little more splash of beauty and fun to any tabletop. The 21 Oz glasses may appear slightly smaller but still offers ample capacity.

The company praises the glasses in this set for being handmade with durability and the original design spirit in mind. They are also dishwasher safe thanks to the strong nature so cleaning them should be a cinch. Nowhere in their creation is lead including meaning it is ideal for red wine. The packaging is also attractive as it should be making it a perfect choice for a gift. It is the perfect setting for couples.

8. Schott Zwiesel, Tritan Crystal Glass Pure Stemware Wine Glass

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By: Schott Zwiesel

This elegant set of four glasses is appropriate for everyday drinking. The crystal clear glasses don’t call attention to them but let wine shows well, ideal for sparkling wines of all kinds. All wines will seem a little bit more special in this glass. The construction comprises titanium crystal glass that defies breakage, scratching and high temperatures ensuring a long-lived relationship. We love the fancy design; the pieces in this set are built with sharp crisp lines with a moderate stem height that prevents knock overs.

These German red wine glasses are compact and lightweight hence comfortable in hands yet still spacious enough to hold up to 18.2 Oz of drink. They are dishwasher safe so you are sure they will be ever clean. If you are genuine about red wine glasses then you should invest in these, they are a real conversation starter and a lovely as a gift too.

7. Marquis by Waterford, Harper All-Purpose Wine

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By: Marquis by Waterford

This is the kind of stemware you just first pick up without thinking about it when you get home after a long day. By using 24% lead crystal, the makers ensure it lasts a lifetime and is as clear as can be so your red wine will be more expressive in it. It has also been so thin so it shouldn’t taint the flavor of your favorite tipple. The 20 Oz glass freely lets wine to swirls beautifully in it and opens up so nicely. The set of two has crystal bowls, with all the finesse you’d expect from a product of its class.

The contemporary shape and the defined updated patterns add a touch of elegance and it won’t be a surprise to find them display hutches of many just to show them off. The box is really beautiful and the glasses the ideal gift for yourself a dear one.

6. Schott Zwiesel, Tritan Crystal Glass Pure Stemware Collection Burgundy Red Wine Glass

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By: Schott Zwiesel

This set of four glasses will be perfect for beginners, intermediates, and expert of wine tasting. The German manufacturer employs a design that direct different styles of wine to the appropriate taste receptors in the mouth with a good curve at the top that enables aromas to concentrate well. The design is clean and understated, with distinctive crisp lines that give the glasses a geometric look. The bulb is stout yet feels comfortable in the hand, it allows the wine to breathe and release aromas.

The company was also faring not to use lead but Tritan crystals, this shields the glasses from breaking, chipping and high temperatures yet still versatile enough to showcase red wines well. They work well for swirling and sniffing. The company also assures that each piece is dishwasher safe so cleaning the pieces should require no effort. For festive occasions, wine should be a supplement to every dine and not one thing can make it better than serving it out of a thin, more refined all-purpose wine glasses for daily use as these.

5. Opulent Living Products, CrystalWine Glass

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By: Opulent Living Products

Just think of a classy and elegant wine glass and this looks like it. These lovely set of four are tall but symmetrical and tall with an all-purpose shape. The beauty of this exceptionally thin, feather-light glass with its long, elegant stem blows away many yet it has still proven to be durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily use. At just 15 Oz capacity, it holds just enough wine without affecting the comfort in your hands. After the wine is poured in you will be gushed by the elegance of them thanks to its clarity. The heavy base makes them stable and less likely to tip.

The company opted not to use lead but make it more durable and resilient to elements. The company backs this excellent workmanship with a 30-day money back guarantee so you don’t have to worry about quality. You can’t go wrong with this option for the perfect gift or wine serving glasses for your guests.

4. Riedel, VINUM Bordeaux/Merlot/Cabernet Wine Glasses

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By: Riedel

Do you seek to make a statement at Christmas lunch or at your house party? Then serve your guests in these red wine glasses. The glasses have been made of lead crystals but this is overshadowed by the attractive design that tempts many to place on display in their home bars. The large bowls pair well with the ergonomic design that directs the wine to your taste buds helping preserve the sweet flavor of delicate red wines. The 22 Oz serving

As affordable as they are, you get eight pieces at the price of six pieces. The attractive packaging also makes it a great housewarming gift. It is also worth mentioning that each piece is dishwasher safe. We highly recommend this crystal red wine glass for the serious wine drinker.

3. Spiegelau, Crystal Burgundy Wine Glasses

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By: Spiegelau

Give them as a gift, or keep these for yourself, they are stylish and stand up to daily use, yet still thin and elegant enough for dinner parties. The best part is that the reputable German manufacturer offers an impressive 4 pieces in this set, making it perfect for a larger gathering.

We must acknowledge the elegant designs suit all wine styles capturing the aromas of red wines exceptionally well. It is specially made to be Burgundy wine glasses, this style enhances the character and bouquet of your finest Burgundy.

2. Glacier Glassware, Elegant Crystal Red Wine Glasses

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By: Glacier Glassware

When it comes to picking the best crystal red wine glasses, you ought to be very careful and sure about your decision. Being quite an expensive investment, chances should be that it will be with you for many years to come. This set of four red wine glasses are to die for, they are a perfect weight, with a beautiful artistic design that adds a touch of glamour. They have been handmade specifically for durability and have a fine crystal appearance so you can have a clear glance at the tasty drink.

The 23 Oz glasses are just the perfect size to pour the right amount to sip and enjoy your wine while it stays cool. To clean them, just place them in the dishwasher and you will be good to go. The ideal congratulatory gift for weddings and parties.

1. RÖD Wine, Red Wine Glasses Set

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By: RÖD Wine

The three glasses in this set are never anything but classy. The makers chose to use a larger bowl, typical of red wine glasses as this design feature aids in aeration of the wine with a thin edge so it won’t distract from the wine drinking experience. The 22 Oz glass boasts of being one the largest giving the most out of your cabernet. If there is anywhere this pick lacks in elegance, it makes up for in terms of durability and convenience.

The thin stem sits comfortably between your fingers with a firm base that makes it harder to knock over. The company also employs the use of titanium crystals instead of lead making the pieces in this set of glassware strong and durable. That lends to its ability to withstand conditions in a dishwasher meaning cleaning it is no worry. You will be impressed at how creatively the box packaging has been designed.

Each glass has its own compartment allowing you to repack them after use without having to worry about them bumping into one another and breaking. In the package, you also get a 195-page guide on wine tasting, food pairing, recipes among others.The manufacturer assures to refund buyers who are not satisfied, if there will be any, within the first 90 days after purchase.

Final Thoughts

The elegant, comfortable and well-designed glasses we have discussed will sure make the experience of wine that much more pleasant. They are of restaurant quality so you will have beautiful glasses that are durable and you can enjoy wine from for as long as you need.

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