Best Bamboo Cutting Boards in 2020


If there is an item which can be found in almost every kitchen, it’s the cutting board. As long as there are people cooking, cutting/chopping boards will continue to exist. Cutting boards are made out of different materials. Some of the materials are plastic, silicone, polypropylene, acrylic, and bamboo. Bamboo cutting boards are available in different sizes. Bamboo cutting boards are stronger than others, they are also toxin free and easy to clean. This means that you won’t expose your food to harmful matter.

Some boards are of modern designs and different size. The good thing is that you can have a set of cutting board that consists of different board sizes. You can get ones with compartments and others are more innovative and even have grooves.

Cleaning the board

Although the manufacture states that their product is dishwasher safe; however, it is also advised to clean the board by hand.

  • Rinse the debris off the cutting board (being careful not to splatter contaminated water all over the place);
  • Scrub the cutting board with soap and water (to get out anything in the scratches or grooves on the board’s surface); and

  • Sanitize the cutting board (you should use different sanitizers for wood cutting boards than for plastic ones).
  • The last step in cleaning your cutting board is an important one – dry it. Becasue bacteria need moisture to grow, it is important to let the board dry out completely. Using the rack to keep thing organized.

When should you replace a new one?

If you find out that the grooves or scratches on your cutting boards become bigger and bigger, it’s time to replace a new one as scrubbing and sanitizing might not be enough to remove the bacteria from the board’s surface.

Today we are going to have a look at the best bamboo cutting boards in the market.

10. laboos, Two-Color Smart Cutting Board

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By: laboos

Why settle for one when you can get three? Laboos offers 3 sets of bamboo cutting boards which can withstand daily and heavy usage. If you love spending time in the kitchen then you will love them. These chopping boards are made from authentic bamboo of the highest quality. The smallest board measures 11’’ x 6’’. The medium sized board is about 13’’ x 9.5’’. The largest bamboo cutting board is 18’’ x 12’’. You can assign each of them a different function, or you can use them all for multiple purposes. They have been designed to save the users energy. The effort you will require when using them is very minimal.

The boards do not contain any BPA making them one of the healthiest alternatives. The bamboo boards will not give you a hard time when cleaning up. They are the perfect addition to your meal prep routines. The cutting boards won’t have any knife scarring. They were made dense enough to withstand different applications. Their dense nature also ensures no water penetration takes place. Their edges were made in such a smooth manner, making them comfortable to use.

Extra features:

  • The company offers a Money-Back Guarantee.
  • The boards were made with 100% Splinter-Free Bamboo Wood.

9. HHXRISE, Venfon Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

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Venfon has one of the most creative bamboo cutting boards I have come across. The bamboo board is 17×12.6×0.63 inches in size. You will see just how big and sturdy it is when you purchase it. This board’s design consists of 3 compartments. The compartments can be used to place veggies once chopped, fruits or even cheese. They are convenient and eliminate the need for bowls and plates. This results in even fewer items to clean up afterward. Additionally, the cutting board also has juice grooves. The grooves are built-in on both sides. They are very convenient and help prevent juice from running on the counter.

The bamboo cutting board will be good to your knife. Even after using it for a long time, the knife will not be dulled. The same goes for your other cutlery as well. This board has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It is an organic option which comes with health and environmental benefits as well.

Extra features:

  • The bamboo cutting board is not dishwasher safe.
  • It has a very smooth and well-polished surface.

8. Bambusi, Premium Bamboo Cutting Board Set

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By: Bambusi

With Bambusi, you will get 4 bamboo cutting boards. The craftsmanship behind them will captivate you. They are very strong and are superior to most boards in the market. If you want to gift someone with premium cutting boards, you are in the right place. They have a thin design to them. That is what makes them easy to use and very light to carry around. You can even use them as serving trays, thanks to their stylish build. The best thing about them is their durability. These cutting boards are definitely going to last you for years to come.

The bamboo boards are made such that there will be no slippage. Slipping is dangerous especially since you will be using a knife. You need a cutting board that won’t make you question your safety. The boards are also scratch resistant and will stay looking great for your kitchen.

Extra features:

  • The boards do not retain any odor.
  • The company offers a money-back guarantee if the product fails to satisfy you.

7. Royal Craft Wood, EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove

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By: Royal Craft Wood

Royal Craft Wood has some of the best extra-large bamboo cutting boards. It is built from 100% organic bamboo. This is part of what makes it so beneficial. The cutting board was made using an award-winning design. It is far from just being an average cutting board. That is why the company is confident that you will fall head over heels for it. They offer a 100% Money-Back guarantee as well. This is a professional grade option used in some of the fanciest kitchen facilities in the world.

The cutting board has handles on the side. This makes it easier to move with. You could even use it as a serving tray if need be. The board has low chances of cross-contamination and absorbs much less liquid than other brands. It will not be prone to any kind of staining. You can rest assured that bacterial growth will not be a problem as well.

6. KitchenBasix, Bamboo Cutting Board 3 Piece Set

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By: Kitchen Basix

These Kitchen Basix cutting boards are part of their new designs. The company used innovative wood processing technology to create them. They even have their very own patented wood finishing technology. A lot of resources were used in the making of these boards. That is why they are some of the best the market has to offer. As a result, these boards have some of the best qualities you would want in a cutting board. Their surfaces on both sides of the board don’t stick at all. The surfaces are also non-absorbing and are resistant to slipping.

When it comes to healthy cooking, we need to be keen on the kitchen tools we use as well. These boards have been approved by the FDA. This assures you that they do not contain any chemicals. The bamboo cutting boards are also free of toxic elements. They are free of any BPA.

Extra features:

  • The boards will last longer if not submerged under water.
  • This purchase consists of three bamboo boards.

5. Indigo True, EXTRA LARGE Bamboo Cutting Board with Deep Juice Groove

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By: Indigo True

This is for people who feel like they never get enough chopping space. Despite its large size, the board was also designed to be extra deep. As a result, the user gets more vertical board space. Despite the cutting board’s antibacterial properties, it has also been coated with food grade mineral oil. It does not have any traces of formaldehyde or other types of toxins. Your home kitchen definitely needs one of these. It is compatible with cutlery unlike other types of boards.

This is a step up from boards made from noodle, teak, hard plastic or thick hardwood end grain cutting block. The bamboo cutting board is widely used and can be found from commercial kitchens to bakeries.

Extra features:

  • The board’s deep juice groove holds up to 2oz.

4. Utopia Kitchen, Bamboo Cutting Board 3 Piece Set

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By: Utopia Kitchen

What makes a good bamboo cutting board for you? If you value durability, then Utopia Kitchen has just what you need. These types of boards will not end up breaking with time. In fact, they are even crack resistant. Your purchase will get you 3 bamboo boards of different sizes. The largest board measures 12 x 16 in, the medium one is 9 x 13 in size, and the smallest one is 9 x 11. They all have a uniform thickness of about 1mm. To maintain the boards’ strong natural wood seal, you are advised to oil them constantly.

Extra features:

  • When frequently oiled the board’s natural fiber is protected.
  • The board is bacteria resistant.

3. JSO Home, Bamboo Cutting Board Set

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By: JSO Home

The bamboo used to make these cutting boards was responsibly sourced. They are sanded and finished to a moisture resistant surface. The bamboo cutting boards are convenient to hold. This is thanks to their seamlessly recessed edges. The edges also make them convenient to store and transport as well. The purchase is a set of three. The largest board is 10” x 13”, the medium one is 9” x 12” and the smallest one is 6” x 8”.

Extra features:

  • The bamboo cutting boards are versatile.
  • They are recommended for hand washing.

2. EcoTrueBamboo, Magnetic Knife Block + Cutting Board

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By: EcoTrueBamboo

The amount of value you get from this purchase is incredible. This qualifies to be called a premium kitchen tool. Starting from its outstanding design, you will definitely be getting your money’s worth. This bamboo cutting board also functions as a knife holder and storage rack! When you aren’t using it for meal prep, you can use it as a stunning display. It is of professional quality and made from the strongest strands of bamboo.

Extra features:

  • The board acts like a 22″ magnetic knife bar.
  • It was made using non-toxic food grade glue.

1. Greener Chef, Extra Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

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By: Greener Chef

This Greener Chef bamboo cutting board is said to last a lifetime. If that doesn’t happen the company offers a lifetime replacement warranty to cover you. This means that you are taking absolutely zero risks when you buy it. The board was made in such a way that it will not splinter, separate or crack. Adding this to your kitchen provides you with a more natural look. The bamboo board’s two-tone design has a stylish appeal.

Extra features:

  • It is a commercial-restaurant grade board.
  • The board doesn’t contain BPA.

In Short

If you want to avoid damaging your cutlery, you should be wary of materials such as acacia, cherry, maple, oak, walnut & glass. The best bamboo cutting boards we have selected will not cause you any problems in that regard. Your time is better spent on more constructive activities, rather than constant knife sharpening.

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