Top 10 Best Adjustable Dumbbell Sets in 2021


Dumbbells are often used in sports for muscular endurance. Dumbbells are often known to be joint friendly and they help to improve the strength of the shoulder, arms, and the upper body. They are regarded to be the best choice for training at home due to the limited space available is to be used well. Dumbbells help to improve strength imbalance in a person. The muscle building which is brought about by lifting of heavier weights hence improving cardio health. The usage of dumbbells in raising the heart rate helps to improve cardiovascular health. Weight-bearing exercise done by dumbbells help to improve bone density by lowering a chance of a fracture.

Adjustable dumbbell sets come in different designs, sizes and quality. Sifting through each option to get to the picks of the bunch isn’t any easier than looking for a needle in a haystack. To save you the hassle, we have compiled this list which features only the crème de la crème. Be sure to pick one and stay fit!

Factors to consider before purchasing

  • Space: this is an important consideration since the amount of space required to work on should be pleasing depending on the type of fitness that one needs. Some dumbbell machine requires a large amount of space to work with since they are adjustable and cannot be done in a single rack.
  • Purpose: when equipping your area of training or facility, it is good to have an idea of the purpose of the facility. People who often attend the fitness session are different so the types of free weights equipment in a fitness room should be favorable for each and every person according to their fitness level. There should be free weights equipment that is adjustable and can be able to render an extensive scale of exercise options. The free weight equipment in the fitness room should be able to fit your space so as to avoid lots of problems during an exercise session. The equipment in the facility should be able to serve a large number of people with different fitness level.
  • Quality: this consideration is important when determining anything to buy. There should be equipment that is likely to be of high quality and that can be able to perform various movement and exercise. This free weight dumbbell equipment should be durable and favorable for working out with. One should always begin with basic dumbbells to start a workout area.
  • Cost: cost is always an important consideration to check on before purchasing anything. The amount of money you have will enable you to acquire free weights equipment that best suits. However, there are other costs to think of before making a choice of the dumbbells you want for your fitness facility or training area, for example, the cost of maintenance of the facility. The fitness facility you are training it should be a healthy environment. The frequent usage of dumbbells by different people in a fitness facility can spread over and over from one person to another. One should ensure that the equipment used is kept clean most of the times to avoid the spread of germs.
  • Audience: when setting up a fitness facility one should know the type of audience he/she is targeting. This is an important consideration and some of the key things to consider are age, gender, and fitness level. The equipment in the facility is likely to be used by many people of different age fitness level, age and above all people with different capabilities. In case one has an existing fitness facility and wants to improve the facility then it is recommendable to seek the advice of a trusted fitness professional.

10. Nordic Track, Speed Weights

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By: Nordic Track

The product has a smooth selector system that enables one to easily change from one work out to another without much disturbance. This item has a high-quality material that enables it to be persistent in any environmental addition, the product is meant to last for a long period of time since it made of durable and lasting construction. The storage trays provide easy keeping of the dumbbells.

Extra features

  • Some of the features that the product has are thirty dumbbells in one set that enables one to perform lots of work out during the fitness session.
  • The dumbbell has a weight increment from 10 to 55 lb.

9. Yes4All, Adjustable Dumbbells

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By: Yes4All

This product makes its usage and storage easier since all for one dumbbell removes the want for lots of dumbbells in your fitness space. For the primary body workout and heavy leg lifts this is the ideal item to use. The ends of this product are threaded with star-lock collars hence making it safer to use in working out and doing strength exercise fitness. During workouts, it is easy to change from one exercise to another since the dumbbell has easy weight plate changes. To prevent rusting and corrosion of the dumbbell for a long time period of durability the product has durable iron plates which are covered entirely with a dark color. This dumbbell has sixteen-inch diamond knurled chrome handled that is made of high quality to ensure a secure affirm and non-slip grip during the workout session.

Extra features

  • It has sets of 2 dumbbells
  • Four 2.5-pound plates
  • Sixteen 5-pound plates

8. CAP Barbell, RSWB-40TP 40Lb Dumbbell Set

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By: CAP Barbell

When working out one requires an equipment that can be handled easily and this product is easy to handle since it has collars that are threaded making it stable and one cannot lose grip on it easily. The dumbbell is not prone to rust easily since it is rust and maintenance free making it useful to be used in a wide area. This amazing product has also durable cast iron plates on it and these plates have a delicate finish.

Extra features

  • The dumbbell has a comfort handles and rubber trim collars
  • It has a 40-pound set which four 2.5 pounds’ plates,4 collars, four 5-pound plates a plastic storage case and two handles.
  • The product has a manufacturer warranty together with a sturdy carrying case.
  • This dumbbell also creates several weight combinations.

7. dumbbells, Adjustable Cast Iron Set

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By: dumbbells

If one needs to work out with a comfort, then this product is the one to go about. It is designed in a way that for anyone working out then there is a high-performance comfort. The dumbbell has a well-fitting grips hand that makes it hard to slip and fall during work out session. The wonderful product has also a safe duty heavy duty collars in it for quality maintenance. For a product that is meant to last for a longer period of time like years to come then the dumbbells 2 by 52.5 LBS Adjustable Cast Iron Set Total 105 Lbs. is ideal product to purchase since it has handles that are durable solid steel textured chrome which provides a good comfortable grip when doing body fitness with the dumbbells.

Extra features

  • The dumbbell set has a total weight of one hundred and five lbs.
  • It has four 2.5 plates –lb. plates together with a 52.5 lbs. plates that can be fitted aside or any additional weight of 2.5 lbs. combo.

6. Merax, Deluxe 71.5 Pounds Adjustable Dial Dumbbell

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By: Merax

The product is always shipped in multiple packages and it has a special dial system that enables one to easily change from one exercise to another without any difficulty. The unique dial system that is in this dumbbell makes it to be liked by lots of people as this saves time during a workout session for other things. It also has a warranty of two years just in case there is a problem with the one you purchased before the grace period given. With the product, there is no need of purchasing other dumbbells since it has an adjustable dial that helps to save a lot of space for the fitness activities.

Extra feature

  • The dumbbell combines 12 sets of weights into one hence during working out the whole body feels the impact.
  • Each dumbbell adjusts from eleven lbs. to seventy-one lbs. in a 5.5 lbs. increment.

5. Bayou Fitness, Adjustable Dumbbell

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By: Bayou Fitness

This amazing product is made of a heavy duty chrome plated steel that enables it to have a firm grip during work out. It is so easy to use the dumbbell since it has a compact design hence this can always save you time and space for other useful things. Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell has two 25 lb. adjustable dumbbells with storage tray that makes it easier to change from one exercise to another without much strain.

Extra features

  • The dumbbell has a lift from five to twenty-five lbs.
  • Each dumbbell adjusts from 10 to 50 pounds by simply moving the adjustment knob to fit the weight that is favorable.

4. Omnie, Adjustable Dumbbells with Gloss Finish and Secure Fit Collars

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By: Omnie

The dumbbell has adjustable weights that vary from 5 pounds to 32.5 pounds. This helps to avoid the need for many dumbbells hence maximizing your space for fitness work. This product has high-quality durable plates that are cast with iron to prevent rusting and also oil proof. The great importance of this dumbbell is that it helps the body with weight loss and fitness.

Extra features

  • It works as many dumbbells rolled in one.
  • It has a warranty of two years.
  • When purchased it comes up with one free chrome.

3. egymcom, Chrome Adjustable Dumbbell Set with Storage Case

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By: egymcom

If one is interested to begin his/her training at home then this is the wonderful dumbbell to purchase. It is easy and favorable for home and commercial use. The product has a premium quality chrome weights and often regarded to have no safety problems. It is easier in this dumbbell to choose 33lb and 66 lb. two weights.

Extra features

  • It has a chrome dumbbell that is expandable.
  • Contains chrome weights which are compact and easy to assemble.

2. Feotol, Adjustable Dumbbells

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By: Feotol

This product has a warranty of two years on parts problem and the dumbbells weight plates. It is easy to take off the weights since it has an adjustable button. And, the comfortable handle and the silent operations will ensure that you undertake your exercise with unrivaled ease and comfort. Something else, this set is fairly priced and it features adjustable weight plates of varied masses for convenience.

Extra features

Feotol has a handle that is 8.7 inches making it compact and steady to hold during exercise.

1. Bowflex, SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

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By: Bowflex

This dumbbell is shipped into Kenya and it has a special dial system that enables one to add up to fifteen sets of weights into one. This product helps one to abolish the want for different dumbbells that mess up with your fitness space. When purchased this item has a duration warranty of two years on weight plates and parts. Each of the dumbbells is convertible from 5 to 52.5 pounds with an increment up to 25 pounds. These dumbbells allow you to easily change from one exercise to another without straining a lot.

In many of the fitness facility, this product is preferred to be the best since it is adjustable and it works faster unlike other. Finally, the product has a six weeks’ fitness results guarantee in which if there is no change then your money is guaranteed back.

Final point!

It is ideal to know what is best for your fitness routine to make up the correct choice of dumbbells. Although we have listed the best products, their price and quality may vary. However, the brands in this review have proven worth a purchase and are highly recommended. Be sure to add one to your cart.

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