Top 10 Best Camera Backpacks in 2021


Great camera backpacks shield your stuff from unprecedented elements, organize your things for efficient setup and takedown, and in general, they make photographers and videographers lives a whole lot easier. It is obvious that you could just use your old Jan sport, but if you throw your $900 camera and $300 lenses into a bag that offers no protection and drop it or even bang it against something, then most probably you’re in a real bind. A camera backpack is insurance against your future mistakes and for your future success. For people who value their gear, having the right camera bag is very critical.

Choose the perfect one

  • Durability: first and foremost, you will definitely want a backpack that will stand up to the test of time and weather elements. Thus, you should opt for premium quality backpacks for prolonged and quality service.
  • Space: The backpack you choose should be able to comfortably accommodate your camera, extra lenses, and accessories, in addition to any personal items that you might want to bring along to a photo or video shoot.
  • Weight: You don’t want to be stuck toting a clunky, heavy backpack all over town, so choose something that’s lightweight and manageable, precisely to your advantage.

Why a camera backpack is needed?

  • Comfort: Since most backpacks are designed to be all-day carriers, so you’ll want something that scores high on the comfort scale as well. Most camera backpacks tend to be gentle on your shoulders and back as well, to give you supreme comfort while carrying them.
  • Style: no one wants to tote around an ugly bag. Thankfully, the days of boring backpack bags are over. There are plenty of functional yet attractive options on the market today to complement your groove and presentation whenever you head for a shoot.
  • Protection: the sole purpose of a camera backpack is to protect your expensive camera and lenses from any unprecedented event that might leave you in a real bind. So, for the sake of avoiding costly ordeals you should opt for a camera backpack to secure your camera and lenses.

That’s why we took it upon ourselves to thoroughly research and compile to you this top-notch review of the best camera backpacks. With all that said, lets now take a look into the crème de la crème camera backpacks the market has in store for you at this particular point in time.

10. TARION, Pro PB-01 Camera Backpack

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TARION pro PB-01 camera backpack is one of the most well-respected names in the camera bag industry. And with good reason: They produce high-quality bags by adopting a high density, anti-tear, water-resistant nylon, making it outstandingly durable, while its lightweight features make it gentle at your back and very portable. One of the best example of this is TARION Pro PB-01 backpack is that, it features a unique design. Which features an attached one small single shoulder bag which can comfortably hold and protect 1 camera and 1 short lens. It can also be used as a waist bag or handle bag.

And if that’s not enough, its large capacity design is capable of holding and protecting 2 cameras, 1 laptop, 1 tripod, 7 lenses plus other accessories, it’s with no doubt a great backpack from one of the most trusted names in the business.

Extra features

  • Features an adjustable EPE padded dividers, that makes it easy to customize your current gear.
  • With extra rain cover, it is ideal for outdoor photography shooting, hiking, travelling, etcetera.

9. BAGSMART, Anti-theft Professional Gear Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras

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It’s hard to beat the value of BAGSMART camera backpacks. They might not be at the top of the line, but there’s no doubt they’ll protect your gear. This magnificent anti-theft professional gear backpack bag from BAGSMART is no exception. It opens up from the back, but also features an easy top-access door for times when you need to get to your camera quick. Inside, there’s enough room to store a pair of DSLRs cameras and some lenses.

Additionally, there’s also a set of pockets on the back panel that can store 14” laptops and tablet for safe keeping. Moreover, it can host up to 15” ultra-light notebook like Apple laptop, tablets and more. It also features two front compartments and two side pockets for batteries, cords, mobile phone and other small accessories.

Extra features

  • Features a convenient side holder straps and mesh pockets to hold a tripod.
  • Very comfortable to carry, decreasing fatigue when carrying.

8. DIGIANT, Extra Large DSLR Camera Backpack

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If you want something that doesn’t quite scream “camera bag” to the world, check out DIGIANT’s extra-large DSLR camera backpack. This humble canvas camera bag with an awesome rain cover specifically for cameras was designed for carrying and comfort. With a carrying capacity of 1-2 DSLR cameras, 4-6 lenses, laptop, tablet, flash, batteries and other photo accessories. Priceless to say, this generously spaced large camera bag is a definite must-have for all modern photographers and videographers.

Additionally, its ergonomic shoulder harness and waist belt, provides you with excellent support and an even weight distribution for optimal convenience in all day shooting, while the 3D padded back is perfectly breathable for ultimate comfort in the event of a hot weather.

Extra features

  • Comfortable to wear and allows easy access to gear.
  • Features a superb construction and flexible partitioning.

7. G-raphy, Camera Hiking Backpack Bag Camera Case for all DSLR SLR Cameras

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By: G-raphy

Another side-opener, G-raphy hiking camera backpack main camera zone can be opened up all the way across the front, making it easier for you to organize your gear. Its capacity features two main parts for cameras and is capable of comfortably holding and protecting 4 DSLR, 4-5 lenses and allows for instant access to your DSLR and other accessories. Additionally, it features a multipurpose design, enabling you to remove the inserts to convert the bag into an awesome hiking backpack. You can use the backpack as a travel or leisure backpack that will keep up with your outdoor adventures and trips.
Moreover, the back panel has a side-zipped pocket for a 15” laptop and tablet, and there are two other zones for storing accessories and clothes. It’s designed to be worn for long periods out on a shoot, so the ergonomically padded shoulder straps and hip belt are very useful in guaranteeing your comfort while carrying the backpack.

Extra features

  • Beautifully built with second to none quality.
  • Features very compact proportions.

6. Endurax, Extra Large Camera DSLR / SLR Backpack For Outdoor Hiking Trekking

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By: Endurax

Despite there being some great backpack out there, no-one has yet produced a decent curved-back backpack for high-grade hiking that also stores features an Endurax hiker camera backpack which is large enough to fit two pro sized mirrorless cameras, 6-8 lenses, 2-3 flashes and tons of small pockets to pack photography equipment. Additionally, it entails a tablet and 15.6” laptop case, which can be stuffed into the backpack or slung over a shoulder while out on the trail.
Inside there’s a ‘hammock system’ halfway down for cradling and securing your lens, while the sides also have pockets for accessories and memory cards. Solid and good in value, the Endurax Extra-large backpack impresses.

Extra features

  • Provide great carrying comfort, featuring contoured shoulder straps, ventilated back padding and torso length adjustment to let you travel comfortably with any weight load.
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee plus a 1-year warranty, making it a fair deal.

5. lovelifejoy, Waterproof DSLR Camera Backpack Bag

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By: lovelifejoy

Live and explore’ is the motto of this startup which set out to design not only something new but to create something that feels truly different. The waterproof DSLR camera backpack is one of a few similarly styled adventure travel backpacks in the lovelifejoy range, which is styled for the wanderlust fueled Instagram generation. It comes with 3 color option, which is black, blue or red and is large enough to hold and comfortably protect 2 DSLR cameras, 8 lenses, a laptop, tripod amongst other shootout accessories.

What is even more, it is compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax and other photographic equipment, behind is a computer bag which can comfortably accommodate a 17” laptop.

Extra features

  • Its external material is crafted using a waterproof nylon.
  • Features a small waist bag whose color is the same as the color of the backpack.

4. Peak Design, Everyday Backpack 20L

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By: Peak Design

Peak Design is better known for its bike messenger bags, so it might not be the first company you think of when you hear camera bags, but don’t count it out. Peak Design makes quite the impression with its everyday backpack 20L.

Designed and crafted with Peak’s signature street-style aesthetics, this everyday backpack can safely hold full frame DSLR & 3-4 lenses, which are protected from unprecedented external features. The camera bag also features a huge external carry capacity made possible by a versatile tuck-away strap system and 2 expandable external side pockets. It also has a protected laptop pocket with tablet/document sleeve that is accessible without opening main bag compartment.

Extra features

  • Features an exterior and subdivided interior pockets.
  • Entails within it a dedicated 15” Macbook Pro Retina

3. Portage Supply Co., The Kenora Backpack

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By: Portage Supply Co.

Ideal for professional photographers or anyone flying off on a landscape photography expedition, a safari or an eclipse-chase, this TSA-approved Kenora Backpack features a gear silk interior lining, with an adjustable camera divider that offers a perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility. In addition, it entails a fully padded leather base, with ample padding throughout and the double stitching on primary seams assures you of excellent durability.

Moreover, it features plenty of pouches for accessories, including a 15-inch laptop compartment, memory card storage slots in slim front organizer pocket with a zipper to keep your smaller items like wallet, phone, memory cards and other personal items securely stored.

Extra features

  • Carry on compatible.
  • Rigid, durable and completely waterproof.

2. BAGSMART, Camera Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras

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BAGSMART has made impressive inroads into the camera backpack market in the past few years, and this capable offering shows off many of the features that have earned this brand’s packs their considerable reputation. Roomy and comfortable, this magnificent camera backpack can accommodate everything that a pro DSLR photographer needs for an average field shoot, including tripod, extra lenses, flashes, and extra accessories. Plus, you’ll have room for snacks and water bottles! With the BAGSMART, you can access all your gear from the side of the pack, which means less time pulling it off your back to grab a new battery pack.

It’s versatile, too. Removable accessory pouches, waist-belt, and support straps allow you to customize the pack for optimum comfort and functionality on the go. All these features add up to a pack that’s absolutely perfect for wildlife or portrait shoots.

Extra features

  • Easy to access and comfortable to wear, with enough room to accommodate your cameras and their accompanying gear.
  • Includes a rain cover, concealed in the bottom zippered bag for unexpected weather.

1. K&F Concept, DSLR Camera Backpack Multifunctional Waterproof Nylon Bag

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By: K&F Concept

Finally, topping the list is the K&F Concept camera backpack. Designed and crafted with waterproof and tear resistant nylon material, this backpack is the perfect definition of sturdiness and durability. Moreover, it features dedicated pockets for carrying laptops of up to 14”, while the upper compartment can comfortably accommodate your clothes. And if that’s not enough the backpack has a reasonable capacity that can accommodate and protect 1 DSLR camera, 2 lenses and other photography essentials.

And if that’s not enough, it features thickened outer walls and removable inner dividers that can stabilize your gear and protect it from shock or strike.

Extra features

  • It features an in-built protective cotton board, to improve your loading space and also add protection for your gear.
  • Features a tripod strap design to help you while carrying and offer you with a more effective balance weight of the backpack.

To wrap up

With the current emergence Instagram, youtube, amongst other social media platforms, that are adored amongst teenagers, photography, and videography have become an essential part of today’s social set up. Thus, the demand for high-quality photographic gear has risen up over a couple of years. Priceless to say these gears are not cheap at all and need to be carefully handled and protected lest you find yourself in an unpleasant bind.

That’s why we have looked at many factors amongst the camera backpacks and the above-mentioned ones offer you with the best solutions for your next buy. Moreover, you rest assured that you are in safe hands with any of the products in this review.

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