Top 10 Best Camping Backpacks in 2021


Camping accessories need to be sturdy and durable as they need to witstand the outdoor environment. Camping backpack is important for storing all your essential. Therefore, the foremost element of the camping backpack is waterproof. Most of the camping backpacks are equipped with a waterproof and well-ventilated cover which guarantees freshness and safety for your items.

In this buyers’ guide, we are going to walk you through the best camping backpacks in 2021. Of course, we shall be looking at companies like Lucien Hanna, Black diamond, Gonex and several others who are leading in the manufacture of high-quality backpacks for camping enthusiasts. We hope one of them will suit your requirements!

Factors to consider before buying any camping backpack:

  • Size: The size of the luggage you need to carry will determine the size of the pack you will purchase. Of course, you are not relocating so you don’t need to carry everything. You will just require a few essentials, so you don’t need to get a bag which is too large. However, don’t go for the smallest as well. Just take a medium size.
  • Material: The material is always vital. A camping backpack has to be made using durable and waterproof material. Check that keenly when making a purchase.
  • Price: The price has to be fair and reasonable at all times. Never go for the cheapest or the most expensive items without considering their quality. In fact, it’s advisable that you a high-quality product which is fairly priced than a flop which is super-cheap. Cheap is expensive, but you don’t need to spend a fortune one on a backpack. Just compare the quality and the price before making a decision.

Why you need a camping backpack:

  • Comfort: Imagine carrying your camping kit on the normal bags which are not well-padded? It would be such an inconvenience! That’s why you need a camping backpack. They are designed to offer comfort and convenience for camping enthusiasts.
  • Durable: Camping backpacks are designed for the purpose. So, most of them are made using a tough material which guarantees ultimate performance and ensures that you have a long-term service.

10. Bago, 25L Collapsible Foldable Lightweight Backpack

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By: Bago

Bago lightweight camping backpack is designed to offer years of service. This is an ultra-grade masterpiece which is made from tough waterproof material to ensure that your items safe at all times. The product isn’t just perfect for camping; it can also be used fishing or hunting. The large capacity offers enough space for your entire luggage. The backpack also comes with multiple pockets which can be used to store other items like water and personal items. The two side pockets are ideal for water bottles. There’s an additional zippered pocket which can be used to store accessories. What makes this backpack even better is the convertible design which changes it into a handy pouch for increased portability. And yes, the lightweight construction makes it easy to transport.

Key features:

  • The polyester construction guarantees top-quality
  • The price is fair and reasonable

9. Everest, Hiking Pack

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By: Everest

This is another camping backpack worth a purchase. It comes with excellent features like a snap buckle main compartment. The main compartment is large enough to accommodate much of your items. Also, this backpack is fitted with a plethora of zippered side pockets which offer more storage space for other accessories like phone and some cash. The rugged bottom enhances its durability while the front bungee organizer ensures that everything is easily accessible.

Key features:

  • The adjustable waist strap offers more comfort and safety
  • There’s a key ring to ensure you don’t lose your keys

8. MarsBro, 1000D PVC Waterproof Dry Backpack

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By: MarsBro

As we move closer to the top position, the quality keeps improving. This MarsBro camping backpack isn’t the typical flops flooding the market. In fact, this backpack is designed to ensure that you have the best experience for decades. The tough 1000D nylon with an excellent PVC combination guarantees years of service. This is also a multi-purpose masterpiece which can be used for various activities.

Also, the material is tear and wear resistant. Of course, this backpack is also waterproofed, so your luggage is secure in all weather. You can use this bag while kayaking, canoeing, spelunking, hiking, SUP, bike commuting or snowboarding. Another thing, the product comes with excellent bungee cords on the front side which can be used to hang flip-flops or wet towel. The roll-top buckle design offers convenient opening and closure while the reinforced straps make it comfortable.

Key features:

  • The side pockets offer extra storage space
  • The backpack comes with ergonomic air vents to keep your items fresh.

7. Black Diamond, Onyx 55 Camping Backpack

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By: Black Diamond

This camping backpack boasts a 400-denier polyester construction which gives it unparalleled durability. Although the bag looks lady-like, I don’t think it’d hurt if a man carried it as well. The ErgoACTIV XP suspension feature makes it more comfortable and offers increased stability as you walk over rough surfaces. And yes, this bag comes with enough space for one to carry all the requirements comfortably and conveniently. The swing-arm straps make it more comfortable while the top-loading offers convenience for the user.

Key features:

  • The hip belt pockets offer extra storage for the items you need to access easily
  • The zippered and waterproof construction makes it safe.

6. Watershed, Animas Backpack

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By: Watershed

This is one of the best options we have on the market. It boasts some unique features such as a durable top handle which makes it convenient and portable. The padded and removable shoulder straps make it even better. This is because they enhance comfort thus allowing you to travel longer distances without feeling tired. Furthermore, there’s a removable waist belt which holds it in place even when you’re traversing uneven terrain and rough surfaces.

Key features:

  • The tough fabric can stand years of use.
  • The backpack is completely airtight.

5. Cotopaxi, Tarak 20L Climbing Pack

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By: Cotopaxi

Just like the backpack on the 9th position, this product boasts a tough 210D nylon construction which makes it incredibly durable. Given its tough construction, this backpack guarantees years of dependable services. Furthermore, the bag boasts a streamlined design which makes it convenient when being carried. Also, the product comes with configurable lash points and compressions for your convenience and comfort. Something else, you will find a removable frame sheet for easy cleaning. Unfortunately, hardboard isn’t included, but that shouldn’t be a deal breaker. There are zippered pockets and a hydration sleeve for your comfort as you traverse those harsh camping environments.

Key features:

  • The backpack is fairly priced
  • The zippered top lid secures your items

4. Kelty, Redwing 50 Backpack

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By: Kelty

In the 5th position, we have the Kelty camping backpack. This is a top-quality product which is designed using a tough 420D polyester material. The material guarantees years of service and ensures that you have the best camping results. Of course, this backpack is designed to stand tough uses. Being a real multi-purpose masterpiece, the backpack can be used for other activities like hunting or fishing. It boasts an ideal suspension for customized comfort and support. And yes, the bag is equipped with adjustable features which make it perfect for all body sizes.

There are three steps for an excellent pack fitting success. Something else, the product features a top-loading design which makes loading and off-loading easy. Again, there are zippered pockets which offer extra storage space for other accessories. Furthermore, the front organizer ensures that each item is placed strategically for quick access. Lastly, the product is equipped with a nice HDPE frame sheet and excellent ventilation features to keep your items fresh and in good condition at all times.

Key features:

  • The unique reinforcement fabric makes it a must-have backpack.
  • The side compression straps make it convenient for people of different sizes.

3. Gonex, 55L Hiking Trekking Camping Backpack

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By: Gonex

I had mentioned Gonex earlier on if you were keen. This is because the backpack is designed to offer years of service. It can crank several decades without a glitch. Why do I say that? Well, backpack boasts a tough 420D and 210D nylon fabric construction which gives it second-to-none durability. The material is tear and wear resistant.

Furthermore, the camping backpack boasts a 3D bearing system which comes with an aluminum rod support for an excellent outdoor experience. Again, this is a versatile product which can be used for several other activities besides camping. The super lightweight design makes it ideal for carrying around while the large capacity ensures that all your items are safe.

Key features:

  • The backpack is fitted with two double-decker pockets
  • Rain cover included
  • The water-repellent cover offers safety for your items.

2. Lucien Hanna, 30L Lightweight Waterproof Climbing Day Daypack

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By: Lucien Hanna

This is the pick of the bunch. The Lucien Hanna camping backpack is the best option available on the market as per our research. This backpack is built to last thanks to its tough and tear resistant nylon fabric. The material is also waterproofed, so your items stay safe at all times regardless of the weather conditions. Also, this product boasts a stretchy design which makes loading and off-loading easy and convenient. The ultra-grade two-way zippers which are also backed with a pull rope ensure that your items are safe.

Additionally, this backpack is roomy, so you don’t need to worry about leaving some luggage behind. It boasts a 30-liter capacity which makes it enough for all the items you wish to carry along. Again, this backpack comes with side pockets which offer extra storage so that you can store the items you wish to access easily like water. Again, the straps are adequately padded to offer comfort for the user, so you don’t need to worry at all.

Key features:

  • This is a stylish and multi-purpose bag
  • There’s adequate ventilation to keep your items fresh.

1. Såk Gear, BackSåk Waterproof Backpack

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By: Såk Gear

On the 3rd position, we have the Såk Gear waterproof camping, hunting, and fishing backpack. This is a versatile product which can be used for various activities. Of course, the bag boasts a tough 500D PVC construction which makes it tough and highly durable. Also, it offers a large capacity which creates enough space for all your items. The watertight welded seams keep water off your luggage thus keeping them fresh even when there’s precipitation. For comfort and convenience, the product comes with a padded back section. This way, your load won’t press so hard on your back so you won’t get exhausted fast.

Another thing, the backpack comes with cushioned straps which also reduce pressure on your shoulders thus leaving you feeling comfortable. The handy D-rings located on the sides offer convenient storage for water bottles as well as other items. There are two easy-close ways; you can either decide to fold the roll-down three times then click on the clip to close. On the other hand, you can just use the side clips for a firmer fit. Whichever way you choose, the results will all be excellent. And, there are different colors so you can choose the one which best suits your needs.

Key features:

  • The zippered design guarantees protection for your luggage
  • There are two options when it comes to size; 25 and 35 liters.

Final Thoughts

Having read this review, you are now ready to make an informed choice. Each of the items listed above is tested, so we guarantee quality. However, you have to consider the factors we had addressed earlier including the material used in the construction, the size you require as well as the price. Armed with this knowledge, you can’t go wrong. All the best!

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