Top 10 Best Car Air Beds in 2021 Review


Getting yourself a place to sleep while on the road, is easier said than done. This can be quite frustrating, especially when you have to be somewhere up and early. That is why you always need to be prepared for the worst case scenario, this is where car air beds come in.

We cannot reiterate enough that sleeping in your car seat is not as good or healthy as doing so in a car air bed. Your back will be gratified when rested on a flat surface among other benefits. With a little bit of creativity, you can use car air beds for different situations like your home, in the outdoors or as a seat. The car air beds can be quickly deflated, winded, and packed. They are lightweight and compact in size when folded. With this design, you can be on the move with your ‘bed’ and whip it out when required.

A good car air beds will make you feel as if you have your very own rolling bedroom. Buying one will be a decision you will always be grateful to have made. The price of car air beds is mostly gauged by features included.

How to choose the car air bed

  • Size: cars come in different shapes and sizes, of course, so does the car air beds. Measure the size of your back seat and ensure you get a car air bed that fits your car comfortably. Better yet, choose one from our review that has a universal design. This means the car air bed has different compartments, up to 10 that can be filled up differently to fit up to 90 percent of vehicles.
  • Weight carrying capacity: consider the number of people you see being supported in the car air bed. This has been highlighted in some of the products in this list. Moreover, we have a wide range to choose from regarding the weight.
  • Durability: in the current market, car air beds are many. Moreover, some are bound to be of substandard quality. In this review you are sure to get air beds that will not tear easily.

Let’s have look into the best of best car air beds in the market at this point in time.

10. Ancheer, Multifunctional Inflatable Car Mattress

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Starting our review is this comfortable car air bed from Ancheer. With a weight carrying capacity of 330 lbs., two average sized adults can nestle up easily in the back seat. Setting it up is easy, all you have to do is connect the electric pump to the cars lighter. In two minutes, you have a place to spend a comfortable night. Disassembly is just as effortless; just open its leak-proof cap to let the air out.
The best thing about this car air bed is its versatility. You can use it as an outdoor recliner. It will fold easily with its two compartments. These two compartments can be filled to different air pressures. With a little bit of adjusting, you can create a place to sit on in the outdoors.

Extra features

  • This Ancheer car air bed comes with a convenient carrying bag.
  • It does not contain chemical scents, and will not cause skin allergies.

9. FBSPORT, BSport Car Travel Inflatable Mattress

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At number nine, we is a must have car air bed for people that travel far and wide in big cars. With its flat panel, it is ideal for SUV type vehicles. Kids can have a nap on this air bed and be cushioned from bumps as you drive on the road. Families will particularly love this feature. At only 3 kilograms in weight, carrying it with you in your travel will never be a nuisance. To add to that, your purchase will also include a storage bag as well.

Extra features

  • The FBSPORT car air bed comes with two inflatable pillows in random colors.
  • An electric inflator pump to fill up the mattress and pillows is included.

8. HAITRAL, Car Bed Back Seat Inflatable Air Mattress

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We do make mistakes from time to time. If you are not able to take the accurate dimensions to fit your car air bed, then the HAITRAL car air bed may be the best choice for you. You can take advantage of their 30-day money back or replacement offer when you purchase their car air bed. You will pay for return shipping, which is a small price to pay, considering some get car air beds that do not conform to their car back seat sizes.HAIRTAL pride themselves in excellent customer service that is responsive to client’s needs.

None of this takes away from it, the fact that this is an excellent car air bed for many. Just inflate it with its 12-volt DC power electric pump, and in under a minute, you have a place to rest easy.

Extra features

  • HAITRAL provides a 6-month guarantee from time of purchase.
  • In the package, you also get a patch repair kit.

7. Drive Travel, Heavy Duty Car Travel Inflatable Mattress

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By: Drive Travel

Create a space in your car to get long comfortable sleep for you and others with this heavy-duty Drive Travel car air bed. This car air bed has a weight carrying capacity of 800lbs. This is by far the highest carrying capacity we have come across. The air bed’s design also lets you fill up the separate partitions to suit your setting. The material on this car bed does not contain chemical scents and is not allergic to the skin.

Extra features

  • All the compartments can be easily deflated using a one-way valve.
  • This car air bed folds to a volume of 25cm by 22cm by 10cm only.

6. Back to 20s, Heavy Duty Inflatable Car Mattress Bed for SUV Minivan Back Seat Extended Mattress

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By: Back to 20s

If you love camping or taking a long night on the road, then Back to 20s have got you covered. When you get tired or need a place to relax in your car, quickly lash out this well-designed car air bed, recline the back seat of your car, pump it up and you are good to go. In addition, its sides are extended to the edges to fit the sides of your car.

You will always be enclosed in comfort with this design. You will not have to worry about falling off from the sides. This car air bed is so good some have tried to imitate their design. To counter this problem, this car air bed is only sold by Back to 20s.

Extra features

  • Has a three folding design, meaning you can use the bottom side as a backrest when you need to.
  • Back to 20s gives you a certificate of authenticity when you purchase their car air bed.

5. TOUGHAGE, PF3205 Travel Inflatable Car Bed

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By: Toughage

This TOUGHAGE PF3205 air bed has ten different compartments that can be filled up how you want. Each compartment has its own valve that will not let out air out as you fill up individual compartments. By using its 12v pump, all ten compartments will be ready in under 2 minutes. Deflating this car air bed is just as easy by just pressing the bleeder valve on each compartment. In a short time, you have a lightweight, foldable car air bed that you can carry around with you easily.

Extra features

  • The air bed fits numerous car models.
  • It is made of heavy-duty PVC.

4. LeiMin, Mobile Inflation Travel Thicker Back Seat Cushion Air Bed for SUV

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By: LeiMin

If you are looking for a universally designed car air bed, then LeiMin has got you covered. The company has focused on outdoor and sports products for many years. In their car air bed, they offer good quality at a very reasonable price, as with other products from them. The surface material is made of breathable fabric that offers a plush feeling to the touch. Most users find its ultra-thin design and streamline feature very appealing.

Extra features

  • From the time of purchase, you get a 3-month warranty on this car air bed.
  • The air bed has cold resistant features.

3. Hooke Road, Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Inflatable Bed

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By: Hooke Road

Taking the number one spot is this well-designed car air bed from Hooke Road. A lot has been taken into consideration, before making this selection. The fabric used to make it is resistant to friction and moisture-proof as well. The company ensured that the air bed is shock resistant by ensuring the material was thick enough. You won’t feel any vehicle noises, since they will be able to reduce vibration even when the driving is bumpy.

Extra features

  • Two inflatable pillows are included in the purchase.
  • Repair patch and glue kits are included as well.

2. Shelterin, Inflatable Car Air Mattress Camping Travel Car Air Bed

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By: Shelterin

Shelterin made this air bed out of high quality TPU. When compared to the PVC on most air beds, this is a sure step up. Since this material is tougher, your air bed is guaranteed to last longer than others. It can even serve you for more than two years. In addition, TPU is waterproof and you won’t be troubled by water leaking.
Up to three average-sized adults can be supported. It is surprising how much little space this car air bed takes up when folded. You will find that it is the strongest out of all the models. This is because this air bed is made from nanometer oxford cloth.

Extra features

  • This car air bed supports kids much better with its safety baffle.
  • Shelterin provides you with a nice carrying bag to store the car air bed when not in use.

1. BHMOTORUS, Mobile Inflation Travel Thicker Back Seat Cushion Air Bed for SUV

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This car air bed is a great addition for those who want a convenience of an extra mattress for your guests at home or use for your car to sleep in. this is made possible by its stable base, which will not allow your bed to slide easily. No worrying about differently elevated patches with this car air bed, since its weave design keeps the surface uniform. If your family is a fan of outdoor activities, then you definitely need one as well.

Extra features

  • This car air bed can be inflated or deflated quickly.
  • It comes with a patch repair kit, which you can use to seal dents.

To wrap it up!

It is understandable for the air bed to lose a bit of air when in use after some time. Normally, after 10 hours of inflation, a natural leak is normal phenomenon, please inflate the air bed again for a comfortable use. You can now rest easily and conveniently in your car using the car air bed for a long and calm night.

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