Top 10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in 2021


We all agree that no one wants to sit inside a dirty, dusty or unkempt car. However, the vehicle will accumulate dirt, dust, food cramps, pet hair, dead bugs, and other debris over time. Not only does this make the interior dirty and unconducive but is also a health hazard. Your little one may innocently put the food leftovers and dirt particles in his/her month leading to a stomach upset, diarrhea, vomiting and so on. Someone may accidentally sit on a pin, paper clip, toothpick, and other things and get injured. Such things are best avoided by regularly vacuuming the car. However, with the high cost of taking the car to an auto detailing shop or carwash, people are opting to do it themselves. In this review, we will briefly go through the top 10 best car vacuum cleaners.

10. ThisWorx for, TWC-01 Car Vacuum

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ThisWorx for car vacuum comes in 3 different nozzles (long elastic hose) with the 16ft long power cord for reaching any spot of the vehicle. It can suck both wet and dry dirt and even gets your ashtray with ease. The suction eliminates both wet and dry garbage and conveniently stores it in the transparent trash container.

The vacuum helps get rid of a range of dirt and debris including cigarette ash, pet fur, human hair, dust, crumbs, and bugs and so on. For easy cleaning, the vacuum cleaner features a small cleaning brush so that you can clean the HEPA filter easily. The main positives include easy to use, simple design, decent suction and easy to maintain.

9. ZIGLINT, Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Next, we have the ZIGLINT vacuum cleaner. It’s suitable for car and home cleaning thanks to its versatile design. The slender profile allows it to fit even in limited spaces whereas the 6Kpa suction offers decent performance. And because it’s cordless and lightweight, the piece can be used virtually anywhere since it’s not limited by a cord and doesn’t need it to be near a power source.

It comes in a handheld design for easy operation whereas the 2000mah rechargeable battery powers the unit. It’s available in a white color and has 4 head tools. Consumers like the lightweight, portability, and small design. However, some claim it’s not super powerful.

8. WELIKERA, Handheld Cordless Vacuum

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Coming in a black color, the WELIKERA vacuum cleaner will improve car cleaning. It features a b builtin 12-volt 100-watt electric motor that delivers 5KPA cyclonic suction. The unit is made of tough materials to endure the suction, vibration, impact, falls and more. It comprises a stainless steel filter for keeping the air clean whereas the cordless design allows it to operate almost anywhere.

On a full charge, the accessory can run for up to 25 minutes while maintaining the performance. It’s appropriate for removing pet hair, fine dust, food remnants, hair and more. Its key advantages include good suction power, lightweight and cordless, and easy to clean. The main disadvantage is the LED light is placed in an odd position.

7. Homasy, Upgraded Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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With the Homasy vacuum cleaner, cleaning the interior of the car should be easier. It’s effective on the upholstery, carpet, trunk, glove compartment and other areas. The unit’s fine copper motor generates suction up to 6.5Kpa and will pick up food particles, fur, hair, fine dust, crumbs, moisture and more.

And with a top speed of 2400rpm, it will work relatively fast. The handheld piece feels nice on the hand thanks to the smooth finish and lightweight. It will work continuously for about 30 minutes courtesy of the 14.8 V rechargeable lithium battery. Consumers give it a nod for good suction power, easy operation, and speedy performance. However, some say that installing the filter isn’t very easy.

6. HOTOR, High Power Car Vacuum Cleaner

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If you fancy a colorful and trendy car vacuum cleaner, then this piece by HOTOR should appeal to you. It comes in a stylish red and black color and boosts of a modern look. The 12V unit runs via the car is electrical (connects to the cigarette lighter socket) and will work in most vehicles. It’s smaller than most of the close competitors but still, provide good suction power.

For effective performance, the accessory relies on HOTOR’s innovative technology and upgraded stainless steel HEPA filter. And to provide good visibility even in dimly lit situations, it features a minimalistic LED lamp. Lightweight, seamless separation, easy operation, and easy cleanup are its main selling points. The drawback is that it is not super powerful.

5. LIBERRWAY, High Power Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

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This unit by LIBERRWAY will make vacuuming the car’s interior easy and time-saving. The 12V DC unit works via the cigarette lither socket and has a cord for convenient reach to different areas. With a 5.0Kpa suction power, it eliminates dust, dirt, stains, hair, fur, moisture and other things from the seat, carpet, trunk, glove compartment and other places. It’s ideal for both wet and dry situations and runs moderately silent. The handheld piece is lightweight and has a simple handle for good handling. Its main positives include small, lightweight, portable and easy to use.

4. ANTEQI, Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Coming in a Wood Grain finish, the ANTEQI vacuum cleaner ranks amongst the elegant pieces on the market. Its also one of the lightest in its class and this enhances usability and portability. The 12V DC unit is useful in the car and the home as well and comes in a handheld design.

The handle is also flexible and comes with multiple suction nozzles for use in various situations. To reach the different spots, it features a 16.4 feet (5 meters) power cord. Its strong points include eco-friendly, ergonomic design, lightweight, portable and reliable suction. However, it’s not very effective for heavy-duty applications.

3. BLACK+DECKER, CHV1410L Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum

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With the CHV1410L handhelds vacuum by BLACK+DECKER, getting rid of dirt, dust, other debris from inside the car should be more achievable. The handheld piece has a simple design and is also lightweight. This allows the user to use it for a longer period.

The 15.2 AW unit comprises a rechargeable lithium battery that can keep its charge for as many as 18 months. Similar to leading products, this piece is also based on Cyclonic technology which is more effective and more energy efficient. The unit’s main merits are lightweight, long-lasting battery and efficient. However, the battery doesn’t recharge very fast.

2. Holife, 6KPA Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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Cleaning the car’s interior shouldn’t be a challenge. Capable of generating up to 6KPA suction, the Holife vacuum cleaner should get rid of dust, dirt, fur, hair, crumbs, and so on. The handheld piece is lighter than other alternatives and is made of tough and durable materials to handle the vibrations, impact, falls and more. The cyclonic suction is effective in both dry and wet situations whereas the multi-layer filter keeps the surrounding clean. For extra versatility, it features 3 serviceable attachments. Being cordless, you don’t need to worry about a power outlet or getting inconvenienced by the wire/ cord. Its main advantages are lightweight, easy to use, cordless, and portable. The disadvantage is that it requires frequent recharging.

1. Dyson, V7 Trigger Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson V7 vacuum cleaner targets people who want to conveniently and easily clean the car’s interior. It comes in a handheld design and is also lightweight. This makes carrying or using it for a long time easy since it causes minimal fatigue. The built-in lithium-ion battery will last for as many as 30 minutes without the performance fading. The digital motor is effective and energy efficient at the same time. It eliminates the fine dust as small as 0.5 microns and is ergonomically designed for convenience and comfort. Reasons that make it among the best car vacuum cleaners include easy to clean, powerful suction, hygienically designed, and durable. You, however, should not let it stay on the charger for too long since it may damage the rechargeable battery.

How we choose the car vacuum cleaners

As earlier stated, there are many types of products in the market. Nevertheless, the top choices share many similarities. To come up with the above reviews, we focused on the critical aspects, which are as follows:

  • Suction Power: the right item delivers good suction in order to suck out the dirt, dust, pet fur, human hair, food particles, and other things. The more the suction the better the unit will perform.
  • Portability: We went for vacuum cleaners that are easy to carry and move around with. They are lightweight, compact and won’t bog you down because of too much weight. We also discovered that cordless types are more portable than their corded counterparts are.
  • Tank Capacity: the above pieces have decent capacity to cater for most everyday needs. A small capacity means frequent emptying whereas a very large capacity adds more weight and bulkiness to the unit. From experience, a unit with a 20-ounce tank is okay.
  • Noise Level: A good piece will be powerful but at the same time produces minimal noise. This makes it okay even in silent environments such as at the night when most people are sleeping.
  • Battery Life: Other than having a high capacity battery to offer a longer duration, the best car vacuum cleaners also have a fast-charging battery. This allows you to get back to the task sooner-rather-than-later.
  • Operation Ease: It’s paramount to choose a unit that is easy to operate. The buttons will be within reach and very responsive, the nozzle or head is slim to fit in tight spots, and the battery LED indicators will be positioned in an easy-to-see location.

Final Words

When searching for a vacuum cleaner for the car, you will most likely be overwhelmed by the so many readily available options. The accessories come in all manner of sizes, brands, shapes, colors, and capacity. Each will have its unique strengths and weaknesses, something many prospective buyers may not are very familiar with. Finding a piece that will serve you right is a challenge particularity if you aren’t very experienced in this sector.

Fortunate for you, we dug deep into the market and unearthed the top products. We concentrated on the key aspects such as power, suction, weight, noise level, capacity, reliability, desirability, and portability among other features. And as you can see, the above accessories boast of overwhelming reviews from both consumers and analysts. They also have many 4-5 star ratings and rank high in the market. By picking any of the units listed in the top 10 best car vacuum cleaners reviews, your car won’t just be cleaner but also more hygienic.

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