Top 10 Best Clay Pigeon Throwers in 2020


With each clay having a unique shot and performance of their own. The users will find it difficult to judge on their specialties and thereby end up making different decisions. For the beginners, the throwers can help you practice the hunting skills by throwing at different directions and angles. A regulation trap target flight is between 8 and 12 feet high at a point 10 yards from the trap, and the horizontal distance is between 48 and 52 yards.

The ease of use ensures you can aim to hit the target each and every time. The highly skilled persons are able to enhance their shooting skills. Composed of various targets and champion trap the player is able to gauge his or her shooting prowess.

If you are looking for one for your use you won’t find it easier with the many throwers in the market. However, with the review below containing the best pigeon throwers in the market together with their functionalities. This should make it easier for you.

Pick of the Bunch

What to consider when buying clay pigeon throwers

  • Powerful launching: This is the distance that the clay can be thrown. The adjustable launching distance can be used when you are practicing at different levels. The throwers that can be able to launch a distance of 50 to 80 yards can be great for use.
  • Size and portability: This is necessary if you will be traveling with your launcher more often. You should look for a lightweight and small size to make mobility easier. More so it should have wheels to make mobility very smooth.
  • Cartridge capacity: The cartridges can hold a different number of clay stones at a time. It is important to look for one that can hold more cartridges at a time for you to have more launching. The best cartridges should be able to accommodate the standard clays as well.
  • Thrower cycle time: The recycle time determines the distances between launches. Getting a faster one means you will not have to wait for long before launching another one. Getting one with 2 seconds cycle time can be great for use.

10. WingOne, W1-L Hand-Held Clay Pigeon Thrower

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By: WingOne

First on the list is this clay thrower that is very excellent. It gives the user a different and better experience. It’s better compared to other clay pigeons in the category. Besides this, the clay thrower doesn’t break easily. On the other hand, it can be used by anybody as it’s very simple to use it. You can throw the clay target the way that you want it. It performs like the game bird with a changing trajectory. When compared to the clay machines that launch clays at the same trajectory this is definitely awesome. Perhaps it’s the innovative design that makes this thrower a great a good acquisition.

Extra features:

  • It throws at changing trajectory which is better than those that throw at the same.
  • The clay thrower is well made so it doesn’t break easily.

9. Allen Company, Claymaster Target Thrower

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By: Allen Company

If you are looking for the thrower that will enable you to hit the target easily this clay master is all that you need. With the solid steel frame, durability shouldn’t be any of your concerns. Besides this, you can either use the stake or tire mount options. The arm springs can be adjusted to accommodate different clay sizes. Much more is the cushion on the pad that serves to prevent clay breakages. Furthermore, this can be great for practice as it’s capable of throwing both singles and doubles. Likewise, doubles travel at different speeds and in different directions. Both the assembly and use is very easy and it also comes with a book with the set instructions that you can use. Finally, at just affair price you can experience great skills with this thrower.

Extra features:

  • It is able to throw both singles and doubles at the same time.
  • The arm is fitted with a cushion pad to prevent the clay from breaking.

8. Gunpowder Gear, Blue Quail Auto Skeet Thrower Trap with 25 Clay Stack

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By: Gunpowder Gear

For beginners and experienced shooter, this can be great for use. All you need to do is be serious about the session. With a great 55 yards of throwing distance, this can be great for practice. Besides the throwing ranges are adjustable. It performs well in both standard bio clays and the standardly sized clays. Additionally, it uses the foot pedal to release the cord. For your information, this trap comes with 25 pigeons. This trap has also been well constructed to withstand the use. The steel frame has a powder coating to prevent it from rust. All is now for you to get this thrower trap for the best uses.

Extra features:

  • It comes with an additional 25 clays for use.
  • It can throw both standard and bio clays.

7. Champion Traps and Targets, WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap

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By: Champion Traps and Targets

Yet another trap from champion products. It’s due to the quality that it has from the quality materials used in making it that makes it excellent for use. With this, you can throw at any angle with a further 30 degrees elevation distance. It’s also equipped with a 25 feet pedal cord that will enable you to shoot from various positions. This one fits around 50 clays and the magazine can also be removed for easy transportation. Other features that make transportation easy is its lightweight nature. Moreover, the trap fits the standardly sized clays only. This trap also uses less power as you can experience over 3000 throws from a full 12 volts battery. Furthermore, the traps are safe for use as it includes the release switch. With this, you can experience over 55 yards of throwing practice.

Extra features:

  • You can throw it at adjustable angles of up to 30 degrees.
  • It’s energy efficient as you can experience more throws with 12 volts battery.

6. Trius, 10201 One Step Trap

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By: Trius

Lastly in this review is this trap that can be easy to use whether you are an experienced skill thrower. Just one cock and the trap will release the target without much effort. Its ease of use ensures only one person is enough to use it. Besides this one is capable of throwing singles and doubles at ago. Although for double clays the placement will require practice. Even the kids can use it as it doesn’t require a lot of pressure. Furthermore, it throws very fast but then you have to keep adjusting the angle and direction. Available at just affordable prices this great thrower will help you develop your shooting skills.

Extra features:

  • One person is enough to shoot so it’s easy to use.
  • It is capable of throwing singles and piggy doubles.

5. Trius, 2 Birdshooter Trap

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By: Trius

In the classification of the best thrower, the Trius trap is a-must-have one. This is due to the incredible shooting range prowess that it has. The Trius birdshooter has great quality and performance. It has 3 adjustable angles: flat; medium and high. This trap shooter is an easy to assemble design that shoots regulation singles and piggyback doubles which makes it an excellent choice for beginners and/or experienced clay shooters.

*Click here to find the Instruction of this item.

Extra features:

  • It is lighter than the original TRIUS Trap.
  • It is fully and easily adjustable.

4. Do-All Outdoors, Raven Automatic Clay Pigeon Skeet Thrower with Wheels

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By: Do-All Outdoors

For all your outdoor shooting sessions this thrower will fit your boasts of the aluminum made an arm that can throw at 5-35 adjustable angles. The smooth feeder tray will transfer the pigeons directly on to the throwing arm. Moreover, the safety pin is there to prevent the arm from firing accidentally. It also contains an adjustable 25-foot cord with the pedal release. For easy mobility, it has both the wheels and handles for pulling. With this, it can throw an incredible distance of 50 to 80 yards and has recycled time of around 2, 5 seconds. In terms of operation, it’s easy as for one man to launch both the standard and bio clays. There is no doubt this thrower gives you the best way of practicing your duck hunting skills.

Extra features:

  • It is safe for use by a single person.
  • It can throw an incredible distance of 80 yards.

3. Champion Traps and Targets, Champion Wheelybird 2.0 Automatic Trap


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By: Champion Traps and Targets

The WheelyBird 2.0 is improved from the ground up, starting with the included Wireless Remote. Boasting of the quality materials used in construction this trap will last for a lengthy period. The presence of the two wheels makes the trap more versatile. On the other hand, its magazine can be removed to make transporting it an easier task. The quick motor allows for ultra-fast 1.75-Second cycle time. This can be great for shooting practice anywhere. Even the affordable pricing should make it a great acquisition.

Extra features:

  • The 2 wheels facilitate mobility ensuring the trap can be used anywhere.

2. Atlas, Trap Company AT 250 Clay Target Thrower


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By: Atlas

The Altas AT 250 clay pigeon thrower is the best choice for those who are looking for a commercial-grade quality with a very reasonable price. This fully automatic trap features a dual-articulating roller setup that allows for the feeding of different brands of standard size clays.

The AT-250 clay pigeon thrower comes standard with a 75’ push-button release cord, a control panel integrated into the rear panel of the trap. It is very portable and light-weight which is easy for use in any outdoor activity.

Extra features:

  • The AT250 is compatible with Altas wireless release system
  • 5-year limited warranty

1. Promatic Pigeon, Clay Target Thrower Automatic Trap Machine Skeet

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By: Promatic Pigeon

Find it easy to hit the target with this automatic trap. It operates better than you actually expect it. For portability reasons it has wheels and it small in size. If that it’s not enough then the trap is very lightweight. With the remote key fob, it will make control convenient. Much more is the elevated platform that ensures it can throw at different angles. For standardly sized clay there is no need of fine tuning the tensions which hold the clay before transferring it to the launch pad. Besides this, there is no breakage of clays in the process. Even though it’s much slower compared to the other targets it can be great for a beginner as it will enable him to reach his set targets. It’s also well engineered with strong metal that is also coated for durability purposes. For better throwing of the standard clays hurry and grab you while this product lasts.

Extra features:

  • The elevated platform ensures it can throw at different angle positions.
  • With the remote, you can control the thrower.

To wrap up

After going through the review that contains the best 10 with their features, now you can have an easy time choosing one. The traps are well constructed and are extremely durable. In terms of performance, they deliver great results compared to the lower priced ones. Whether you are a beginner or professional you can choose one that best fit you in this list best on the operation, functionalities, and design.

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