Top 10 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers in 2021


Cordless leaf blowers keep your yard, deck, and driveways clean. Most of them boast a compact and lightweight construction that makes them perfect for cleaning different areas of the house. These gadgets also come with long-life batteries and advanced motors for efficient and reliable operations.

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Some notable factors you need to know

Motor and the battery: The motor and the battery of any specific cordless leaf blower affect a lot of things. For instance, powerful motors deliver faster blowing while a long-life battery guarantees continuous operation.

Size and weight: The size also determines how effective your leaf lower operates. Since they are cordless, you need a brand that offers smooth movement. That way, you should settle for a compact and lightweight product.

The cordless leaf blowers below guarantee the perfect cleaning of your home and garden.

10. Greenworks, 40V 185 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower/Vacuum

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By: Greenworks

The Greenworks cordless leaf blower boasts a brushless motor that makes it quite effective. The long-life battery offers very convenient operation. The motor also delivers more power and torque. Furthermore, the design leads to less tear and wear. That way, the product lasts longer due to less friction. The Greenworks leaf blower also boasts a variable speed that delivers up to 185 mph. That way, it offers faster and more reliable cleaning results. It clears debris with ease and efficiency.

The speed makes it perfect for all your cleaning needs. Additionally, this leaf blower also features an advanced VAC capability that makes it versatile and convenient for its users. Its versatile construction makes it ideal for use with multiple tools. Therefore, it is a multi-purpose gadget that works perfectly for all your leaf blowing needs. Its ergonomic handle also offers convenient operations.

Key Features:

  • It is compatible with G-MAX 40V batteries
  • The powerful battery makes it excellent.
  • It requires no loading speed.
  • It is ideal for blowing dry and wet leaves.

9. Husqvarna, 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 425 CFM 170 MPH Handheld Leaf Blower/Vacuum

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By: Husqvarna

This is another powerful cordless leaf blower from Husqvarna. The handheld leaf blower boasts a sturdy construction making it ideal for all operations. It delivers high volumes and excellent velocity, which makes it a powerful product leaf blower that offers 425CFM performances.

The great 170Mph air velocity makes it perfect for blowing and keeping your home clean. With its unique 16:1 mulching capability, this is a must-have handheld leaf blower. It offers unique mulching using advanced VAC capabilities. It also features some superior mulching knives that increase bag capacity and also reduce the material.

This cordless leaf blower boasts an excellent smart start that is convenient for all your needs. The leaf blower also works with minimum effort making it an excellent product for your blowing needs. What’s more, the product also comes with an advanced auto-return switch that offers quick resetting to the ON position at all times for quick and easy restarting.

Key Features:

  • The variable speed throttle offers convenient operations
  • It delivers an equivalent vibration for convenient handling
  • Provide quick operation.

8. Remington, RM2BV Ambush 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Leaf Blower with Vacuum Accessory

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By: Remington

Remington is a two-in-one cordless leaf blower. Its versatile construction makes it perfect for vacuuming and blowing. Additionally, this is a versatile product that works at different locations. Furthermore, it clears debris and any leaves from your yard and compound. Likewise, the product also features a robust two-cycle gas engine that delivers impressive speed and performance. The high-velocity engine offers air speeds of up to 205 mph and keeps a constant volume of 450CFM.

Remington is a top-tier leaf blower that guarantees ultimate performance. It is ideal for yard work, lawn work, and other outdoor projects. It does more work within a short while compared to most of its competitors. With its excellent 10-to-1 reduction ration, this leaf blower reduces the size of the leaves and other debris so that the storage bag accommodates large volumes. Therefore, you don’t need regular emptying of the storage bag like other brands. With the quick-start technology, this cordless leaf blower offers faster operations and gets works done within a short span.

Key Features:

  • Its variable throttle control offers faster and more convenient operations
  • The comfortable handle provides convenient operations.

7. Kobalt, 40-Volt Lithium-Ion 480-CFM 110-MPH Medium-Duty Bare tool Cordless Electric Leaf Blower

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By: Kobalt

Kobalt leaf blower is an ergonomic cordless leaf blower that offers convenient performance. It doesn’t contain a charger or a battery. This is the tool designed to provide supplements for your Kobalt charger and battery. The sturdy and durable material makes it a long-lasting product too.

On the other hand, this product also delivers a variable speed operation that makes it perfect for blowing wet and dry leaves. Of course, the varying speeds also offer customization of the power required in the process. With its unique and advanced turbo button, you are free to pump up the power when the need arises.

Additionally, the leaf blower also features a unique cruise control function that offers a convenient selection of the constant potential for extended stretches. What’s more, this product delivers an impressive 480CFM, which makes it excellent for your blowing needs. The 110 mph speed clears all the debris and leaves from your yard, leaving it looking amazing.

Key Features:

  • The handle offers easy and convenient operations
  • It comes with an axial fan for excellent operation
  • Battery/Charger Not Included

6. BLACK+DECKER, 20V Max Lithium Sweeper (LSW221)

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This BLACK+DECKER cordless leaf blower offers easy cleaning of leaves and debris from your decks, garages, and driveways. It features a compact construction that makes it ideal for all your outdoor blowing needs. It is also perfect for use on hard and soft surfaces. Furthermore, the design and its advanced features make it effective and highly reliable. The top-speed performance delivers up to 130 mph operations. This way, you are assured of faster and more reliable results.

Another thing, the long-life battery makes it perfect for its users. It operates at a 20V performance that guarantees quicker and more energy saving. The battery delivers a longer life with a single charge. It lasts for up to 18 months with a charge when not in use. Of course, this BLACK+DECKER cordless leaf blower features a lightweight construction that makes it quite portable. The noiseless design also makes it quite reliable and effective. It won’t disturb your neighbors as you use it.

Key Features:

  • This is an affordable and high-quality product
  • The excellent airspeed offers long-lasting cordless operations
  • It comes with all the necessary accessories.

5. LiTHELi, 40V Leaf Blower 480CFM 92MPH with Brushless Motor

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The LiTHELi is another powerful and effective cordless leaf blower. It features an effective and powerful brushless motor that delivers a 40V performance. The long-life 2.5aH lithium battery provides long-lasting performance. With its excellent motor, this product offers an 85% better conversion or even more compared to other brands. This cordless leaf blower boasts a noiseless operation making it ideal for use at homes and other places.

Something else, this is a versatile product that works perfectly in different locations like decks, garages, grass, driveways. This leaf blower delivers a variable speed operation that makes it reliable and perfect for all your blowing needs. It provides an impressive speed of between 72 to 122 km/h. Of course, with a lower speed, you enjoy lower battery consumptions and lesser noise. Higher speeds, on the other hand, offer increased power for quick removal of stubborn debris. Additionally, we have the turbo mode that delivers even faster and more reliable results.

Key Features:

  • The lightweight and compact construction make it ideal for use in different places.
  • Its long-life battery makes it long-lasting.

4. Makita, XBU02PT1 18V X2 (36V) Blower Kit with 4 Batteries

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By: Makita

Using two 18V batteries that make it long-lasting and reliable, Makita blower kit can deliver up to 28 minutes of continuous blowing with just a single charge. The mid-speed operation delivers 15 800 RPM making this one of the most powerful and reliable cordless leaf blowers on the market.

Furthermore, the Makita leaf blower features an ultra-quality brushless motor that offers up to 120 mph velocity for quicker and more reliable services. The 473 CFM air volume guarantees quicker and efficient results. This product also features a compact construction that offers easy movement from one place to the other. Most importantly, this is an ultra-silent product that operates at a noise level of 61dba.

The leaf blower also beats all the safety precautions and standards that make it quite reliable and safe for its users. With its dual-port charging system, you can power the battery within a short while. The batteries attain a full charge within just 45 minutes. Of course, this is also a great cordless leaf blower that is safe for the environment which it releases no emissions at all.

Key Features:

  • It offers a variable speed of between 11, 400 to 21, 500 RPM
  • It doesn’t require oil or gas
  • The six-stage air volume and velocity selection dial makes it perfect for use.

3. WORX, WG545.4 Cordless Hi-Capacity Blower

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The WORX cordless leaf blower features a compact construction that makes it ideal for sidewalks, driveways, patios, decks, and many more. Another thing, this leaf blower features a cordless convenience for quick clearing of debris and other things.

Additionally, the leaf blower boasts variable speeds that offer quick removal of all debris, including the stubborn ones. And yes, it also works on all surfaces, including the hard ones. Its impressive speed of 120 mph and excellent airflow of 80cfm make this a perfect cordless leaf blower for your home. Again, this is a lightweight product that weighs just four pounds. Its unique eight attachments offer a perfect cleaning zone.

Key Features:

  • It is affordable
  • The long-life battery makes it ideal for its users
  • Battery Included

2. DEWALT, DCBL720P1 Lithium-Ion XR Brushless Blower

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The DEWALT cordless leaf blower comes with a brushless motor that offers maximum performance. It also features a powerful motor that guarantees effective and reliable results. Basically, the leaf blower features a compact design that makes it ideal for use in different places. It also offers easy movement to different places. With the innovative axial fan design, the product delivers excellent air output.

This Dewalt brushless blower also comes with a long-life battery that guarantees reliable results. This cordless leaf blower offers a constant air velocity of 400 CFM and speeds of 90 mph for effective performances and removal of even the most stubborn debris.

Key Features:

  • The variable speed trigger offers convenient operations.
  • Its ergonomic handle makes it convenient to use

1. Hitachi, RB24EAP Handheld Gas Powered Leaf Blower

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By: Hitachi

This is the best cordless leaf blower. It features a next-generation construction that makes it perfect for broadleaf blowing. Furthermore, the excellent air volume of 441 CFM delivers excellent removal of debris, including the most stubborn ones. Another thing, this product weighs just 8.6 pounds.

The well-balanced weight also offers added comfort and less fatigue. The 23.9cc dual-stroke engine also provides outstanding performance and longer life. And yes, the product boasts an impressive velocity of 170 mph that makes it extremely reliable and effective.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a 7-year warranty
  • The large dual-finger throttle delivers faster operations

Final Thoughts!

Cordless leaf blowers offer easy and convenient cleaning of your yard, garden and the outdoor area. Most of them come in a compact size that provides easy and convenient movements and operations. Additionally, top-grade models boast a noiseless operation for reliable results.

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