Top 10 Best Dimmable LED Ring Lights in 2021


In the past, photographers used to employ traditional lamps to get the right kind of brightness. However, with the advent of this technology, such archaic means have been shunned out with the easy setup of the LED ring light on this list. Thus, you can take your images, just like a pro. The LED ring lights are not restricted to photography and motion picture. Some in the beauty industry have found it useful to get an accurate view of the subject’s skin tone while applying makeup. This is just but one of the many creative uses some have subjected their dimmable LED ring lights.

Good lighting can make or break the quality of the images you want to capture, that’s why the LED ring light is an important tool in a professional photographer’s arsenal. This is photography 101 for those that do not know this. There are many benefits to these types (dimmable). The main one being, how you can use it in multiple scenarios. For example, during the day, you may want to add just a touch amount of LED to the subject. This may give you that sought after perfect picture you may be looking for. Furthermore, you will find many creative uses with adjustable lighting effects.

Choosing a dimmable LED ring light

  • Design: some ring lights are highly customizable in terms of tilt and twist angles. Some people want this kind of feature, more so if they wish to use their LED ring light for multiple scenarios. However, if you want to use your ring light for specific tasks, such as makeup only, then choose a stand with a straightforward design. This will increase stability at the same time lower your cost.
  • Light parameters: choose a LED light that conforms to what you want to do. Usually, a range of adjustability from 10% to 100% is adequate for most scenarios. Whether in pitch darkness or out in the blinding sun, it usually works for us. You can choose one with a higher adjustability spending a little bit more .
  • Accessories: there are many different kinds of devices all geared toward making our lives much easier. In this day and age, of IOT devices, it is not surprising to see LED ring lights manufacturers getting in on the trend. As such, you will find some with features you might find are nice to have.

10. ZoMei, 18 Inch Ring Light Dimmable LED with Stand

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By: ZoMei

ZoMei LED ring light is thinner than other ring light that make it is portable for outdoor use as it is very light weight. It comes in a 18-inch LED light and filters for shooting effect. The detachable and reverse folding light stand is made from 100% aluminium make it durable and light weight. The stand can be adjusted from the mininum of 24ft to max of 79ft. It also comes with 360 degree rotatable smartphone holder for rotating your phone into portrait mode (vertical) or landscape mode (horizontal).

Extra features:

  • Light weight which is perfect for travelling.

9. FOSITAN, LED Dimmable Ring Light Kit for Salon Makeup YouTube Camera Phone Video Shooting

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The price of this dimmable LED ring light is astounding, especially considering all that you get from it. It is lightweight and easy to move around. It is dimmable to a range of 10% to 100% with a low color temperature level compared. When you consider the price, this LED ring light is much closer to the budding professional. It is accessible to most people. FOSITAN even included a holder for smartphones in it for ordinary folk, who want to get the best image quality. This does not take away from it the fact that you will get professional grade quality of images with this complete set. There is even an adjustable tripod stand. Before long, you will see a mass of people being amazed at the quality images you post to your social network sites.

Extra features:

  • It comes with a Bluetooth self-timer for smartphones.
  • The set includes a black bag to carry the different elements.

8. ESDDI, 18inch 100W LED Dimmable Ring Light

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The ESDDI ring light is an exceptional choice for people who want to switch up from photography to videography in a stint. Its tripod stand is highly adjustable offering the user versatility on the applications they want to use it for. As for illumination, they are as bright as you want them to be from the 100 watts LED. You can quickly adjust its brightness settings at the touch of a button when necessary. You will probably use this ring light with an expensive camera mounted on it. You can rest easy knowing that it is secure. The aluminum stand is sturdy, yet light enough to be transported easily.

Extra features:

  • It does not emit ultraviolet or infrared light, making it suitable for the environment.
  • It is easy to carry with a bag provided.

7. MACTREM, 18 inch 58W LED Dimmable Makeup Ring Light

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The stand out features of the MACTREM ring light is how it is applicable to many types of scenarios. You can use it to Vlog, makeup modeling, fill light and much more. It has an eye protection ABS lamp cover that makes the light look more natural. This also gives the light more of a 3D effect, making your images undeniably better. The tripod stand is height adjustable and you can lock its position easily with a dedicated knob. The angle of view is also adjustable to a high degree. At first, it may be hard to set it up. Nevertheless, once you are used to it, it becomes so easy. In the end, all the different ways you can set it up will be a lovely bonus.

Extra features:

  • It comes with a hot shoe adapter that is compatible with most cameras and smartphones.
  • MACTREM provides free replacement of parts within 2 years from purchase date.

6. CRAPHY, 18’’ 48W Bi-Color Dimmable Ring Light

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It refreshing to know some manufacturers know that motion picture sometimes needs to be done in remote areas. The images do not have to be average, or you have to carry a whole generator, and probably want to film for a short while. Sometimes power outages do happen in the middle of a conference call. It is best to avoid the embarrassment of your audience getting pitch darkness on your live video log. Thus, CRAPHY incorporated a 2400 mAh battery into their dimmable LED ring light to tackle this common problem. This does not take away from it the fact that it is still a wonderful ring light to have, and gets the job done, as it should.

Extra features:

  • On its tripod, it can rotate 180 degrees for you to find the perfect angle.
  • It has vents on the back of the ring for better temperature reduction.

5. Neewer, Dimmable LED Ring Light

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By: Neewer

This list would be incomplete without the Newer LED ring light. From this respectable manufacturer, you can rest assured that you are getting quality from your device. It is easy to set it up to start getting those vivid images from your phone. They have a dedicated software from their website to hook up to the Bluetooth dongle provided. With this, you can access even more functions like timing your shot, on your phone. With this set, budding pro and amateurs will find it is a good addition to their needs.

Extra features:

  • Neewer has brilliant customer service.
  • It has a long extension cord on the stand.

4. Fstop Labs, 18 inch Photo Video Bi-Color LED Selfie Ring Beauty Light with Stand

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By: Fstop Labs

The light ambiance you choose can make or break a photo. It is vital to get the right intensity of light to your images. The Fstop Labs ring light does just that for you. What we love most about this kit is how they incorporated a white gel diffuser on the lights. What this does, in essence, is to spread the light, mitigating harshness that comes from focused light. Thus, your light will be even throughout. We have come across many people employing this to their makeup setup. Moreover, the light is adjustable from 1% to 100%. This makes it ideal for many types of situations. Come day or night, your images will look amazing.

Extra features:

  • It comes with a nice carrying case.
  • It is lightweight and portable.

3. SAMTIAN, 18 Inch Adjustable 2700-5500K Color Temperature Ring Light

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Versatility is what comes to mind when we talk about the SAMTIAN dimmable LED ring lights. You can apply it for your photography or Vlogging needs. Additionally, with a dimmable range of 1% to 100% brightness, it is ideal for make-up. It is not surprising to find one in a salon, to get the perfect amount of lighting, to show you the truth of the matter. After getting used to this set, most people convert it from an easily portable bag to a full flung ring light in under a minute. It also has a good diffuser to reduce the harshness of the light radiated from it.

Extra features:

  • It comes with a smartphone holder.
  • It comes with a 1-year worry free warranty.

2. VILTROX, VL-600T 18″ LED Dimmable Fluorescent Ring Light

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45 watts of LED light combine to ensure you get crisp clear images. Additionally, the light is not harsh; therefore, shadows are kept at bay considerably. The light complements the subject’s features. This makes this ring light ideal for those in the beauty industry. Whether you want to get the perfect amount of skin tone or capture the perfect shot, this is what you need. Furthermore, it has a unique shape on the LED light, making the eyes look like they are sparkling. Additionally, this set can be powered using batteries provided straight from your homes power supply.

Extra features:

  • Brightness and color are adjustable accordingly with this ring light.
  • It comes with a wireless remote control system to tweak it.

1. Photo Doctor, LED Video Ring Light with Mirror

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By: Photo Doctor

We finish off our review with the Photo Doctor dimmable LED ring lights. On top of it having all the equipment you need, it is reasonably priced for all its features. We would spend a whole page talking about how customizable it is, how you can adjust its settings to suit your setup, or how it is of excellent build quality. If all of this fails, why not take advantage of the 100 % money back guarantee. If you do not like it, you may as well return it, and they will give you a full refund. We doubt you are ever going to do this, however.

Extra features:

  • It has a mirror attachment on it.
  • A travel case is included.

Final Thoughts!

Finding a good dimmable LED ring light is no mean feat. This is especially true when you find cheap imports flooding the market. They more often than not spoil easily, in the long run, the buyer ruing their decisions. However, in this list, we have selected only manufacturers we trust, have used their products, and stay true to the art.

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