Top 10 Best DJ Controllers in 2021


DJ controller is a musical device used by DJs while mixing music. The devices play a pivotal role in a DJ’s career. Of course, they have several components. For instance, DJ controllers have jog wheels, faders, knobs, backlit buttons, and touch strips. Being a DJ isn’t an easy task, it requires the right tools. Besides having the best controller, you also need experience.

Different DJ controller offers different features and functionalities. If you are a starter, get something with basic functions. However, for experts, go for more advanced features and functions.

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Always consider the software that comes with the DJ controller before purchase. It is more important than the software you buy. As a best practice, first, download a trial and then see how it goes. Afterward, you can decide which one works best for you.

Best DJ Controllers in 2021

10. PS, Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 Compact DJ Controllers

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By: PS

Equipped with simple components, this PS DJ controller works perfectly for amateurs. Besides learners, the device also works perfectly for professionals. In a jiffy, it works perfectly for everyone.
The intuitive and compact design makes it portable. The product works with DJUCED DJ software, included in the package. Therefore, you won’t be buying anything else from other sellers. The dual-deck design offers better operation. To enhance its performance, the controller comes with touch-sensitive jog wheels.

For track browsing or vinyl-style cueing, this is the perfect tool. Besides the design and easy use, this device comes with Intelligent Music Assist, (IMA). With (IMA), DJUCED suggests suitable tracks for different events. This is an upper stratum DJ controller equipped with the latest features for seamless operations. The Intelligent Music Assist directs the user on the proper selection of appropriate music.

Key Features:

  • It comes with 8 multi-colored pads
  • The product offers FX, rolls, hot-cues, and samplers
  • The onboard light guides offer less glancing
  • It is equipped with tempo guides

9. Gemini, GV Series G4V Professional Audio 4-Channels MIDI Mappable Virtual DJ Controller

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By: Gemini

The Gemini DJ controller offers a 4-channel control. With premium features, like four virtual software decks and 16 high-performance pads, this is a great product. It also comes with numerous assignable encoders and pre-mapped controls.

The device offers endless mixing options. For instance, you enjoy a 4-channel construction. With a 3-band EQ and excellent filter controls, this is a perfect harvest. You also experience hotkeys, perfect for auto-loops, hot cues, sampler and manual loop. Unlike most flops, this DJ controller boasts some of the best and most advanced features. For instance, it comes with leading RCA & XLR master outputs for ultimate performances

Key Features:

  • It comes with sensitive key pads
  • The responsive jog wheels offer better performance
  • The LED features offer visual feedback
  • It is equipped with an AUX RCA input
  • The dedicated volume control offers better operation.

8. Numark, Mixtrack Pro 3 All In One 2 Deck DJ Controller

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By: Numark

This Numark DJ controller is a complete pack of excellent components. For portability, it comes in a small and compact size. The dual-deck design makes it more advanced. It works with Serato DJ Intro, which is included. Whether using Mac or PC, the controller works perfectly. It also comes with 5-inch high-resolution jog wheels.

The product features an ultra-quality audio interface. The audio outputs, including one main and two for headphones, offer seamless connectivity to mixers and PA systems. The crossfader, fitted on the two decks, offers easier control. The two decks feature several other components for better performances. For instance, they come with filter controls, excellent jog wheels, dedicated browsing, and transport controls. All these tools seamlessly blend with your fingertips.

Key Features:

  • It comes with backlit pads
  • The multiple pad modes offer total control
  • Offers manual and auto-looping
  • The sample playback enhances performance
  • The multi-functional touch strip offers advanced FX control.

7. Numark, NV II Professional DJ Controller for Serato DJ

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By: Numark

Numark is an upper-echelon manufacturer of DJ controllers. Equipped with two decks, this device delivers excellent mixing. It is an elixir to perfect DJ mixes. First, it offers seamless control, thanks to its perfect design. The low-profile construction enhances its appearance. With its unique displays, it catches DJ’s attention for ultimate concentration.

With its unique gridlines fitted on the screen assist, the product delivers ultimate results. It features double 5-inch metal jog wheels, which is extremely responsive and highly reliable. It also features RGB backlit keys for easy operations.

In a jiffy, the component comes with everything you need as a DJ. The top-grade crossfader guarantees ultimate results. Thanks to the built-in USB audio interface, the device delivers seamless music. The balanced Mic inputs, zone outputs and balanced XLR offer a perfect club mixing.

Key Features:

  • It comes with ToolRoom remix packs.
  • It offers search and scratch modes
  • The 16 velocity-sensitive pads offer convenient operations.

6. Reloop, 236534 Controller

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By: Reloop

The Reloop DJ controller boasts a hybrid design. With SeratoDJ and DJAY functions, already enabled, this is an ideal product. Thanks to its versatile construction, the device works with all operating systems. With its unique first docking mount, the controller holds most musical devices for easy selection of music.

It is equipped with 8 high-performance modes. The modes include Makro FX, combined with other filters, for a great musical experience. Thanks to its unique loop control, the device offers perfect length determination. It also comes with larger jog wheels for easy operations. With its excellent LED illumination, you enjoy reliable visuals. While this controller offers effective performances, it also goes at a fair price. Some of its advanced features guarantee the best experience.

Key Features:

  • The independent channel strip offers easy operation
  • It is equipped with advanced powerhouse interface
  • The device offers multiple input and output interfaces
  • It comes with ultra-retention connection ports.

5. Roland, DJ-202

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By: Roland

Roland DJ controller is a two-channel device equipped with four decks for ultimate musical experience. It works with Serato DJ Lite, with a free upgrade. One of its great features includes things like its larger platters. What is the advantage of large platters? Well, they offer low latency and optimized scratching. This device comes with a built-in drum kit, which offers advanced patterns for a better musical experience. The next-generation technology ensures that you deliver the ultimate mixes for parties and clubs.

With its eight sounds per TR kit, you can enjoy bass, closed hat, tom, rim, clap and ride. It also offers a snare drum sound for better experiences. Besides the sounds, you also enjoy an onboard sequencer for on-board beat creation. This is, basically, one of the best mid-professional options out there.

Key Features:

  • It comes with Serato DJ’s sampler
  • The rugged, compact design makes it portable
  • It comes with handles for easy carrying
  • The MIDI output offers proper synchronization with external devices.

4. Pioneer DJ, DJ Controller (DDJ-SB3)

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By: Pioneer DJ

Are you tired of low-quality DJ controllers? This Pioneer DJ is a second-generation device. Equipped with an intuitive layout, the product delivers easier operations. Every component perfectly fits into its location. You enjoy various functions like scratch effects and many more with this product.

Adding scratches to cued or currently playing song hasn’t always been easy. Important to note, you won’t need a turntable for all these excellent functions. The product features excellent scratch pads for that duty. Thanks to the premium-quality construction, this product offers years of service. It features excellent audio circuitry for advanced mixes. The device boasts a convenient size. Additionally, it comes with large, low-latency jog wheels for perfect responses.

Key Features:

  • The aluminum jog wheels offer long-lasting performance.
  • It comes with large wheels as well
  • It offers great scratch accuracy
  • The low-latency jog wheels deliver reliable responses.

3. ADJ Products, VMS5 Midi Controller

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By: ADJ Products

This is an excellent stand-alone controller, perfect for different events. It boasts a compact design for easy moving. With two microphone inputs, the device serves perfectly in clubs and parties. It also includes 4 USBs with an analog selectable MIDILOG.

With its illuminated rubber knobs, you enjoy comfort and durability. Illumination makes it perfect for lowly-illuminated places as well. Besides the automated functions, the device also offers full analog control. This way, you still operate the device when the computer crashes.

If you are looking for a device, ready for use everywhere, this is it. It features a compact size, which makes it a perfect tool for parties and outdoors. Thanks to its dual microphone channels, and illuminated switches, this is a worthy purchase.

Key Features:

  • Split cueing offers better mixing
  • Rotary mix control creates a seamless performance
  • Offers perfect visuals

2. Pioneer, DJ Systems (XDJ-RX2)

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By: Pioneer

Equipped with a larger touch screen, this is one of the best products out there. First, it boasts a large 7-inch screen for easy operations. It also borrows other unique features from the CDJ-2000NXS2. The low-profile layout offers easy operations as well. So, for the layout, it borrows from DJM-900NXS2.

The device comes with multi-colored pads for excellent visual effects. The effects keep one glued to the main action. With the compact and sleek design, this is a perfect product on the go. As a DJ, you need something responsive and ergonomic. This controller offers the two and many more. The design guarantees easy operation.

Key Features:

  • It features an excellent USB connection
  • It includes Rekordkox DJ license
  • It offers a 112dB noise rating.

1. Pioneer DJ, Professional Multi Player (CDJ-2000NXS2)

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By: Pioneer DJ

Given its professional-grade construction, this is the perfect club device. It boasts several excellent features. For instance, it supports SD, CD, USB, and DJ software. So, it works with everything you have. If you are looking for responsiveness, this device still fits the bills.

The large colored screen offers better operation, for quick operations. The other noticeable feature, perfect for most DJs, is the fast track selection capability. This is a professional-grade multi-player unit. It offers fast operations and better control for DJs.

Key Features:

  • The eight coded hot cues offer fast operation
  • It comes with a 96kHz/24-bit sound card
  • Rekordkox feature makes it better.

Final Thoughts!

Being a DJ is tough enough, but without the right tools, it becomes something else. So, having the best DJ controller, somehow, makes things better. Grab one of our suggestions and expect great results.

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