Top 10 Best Electric Indoor Grills in 2021 reviews


In the world of preparing a decent meal, electric indoor grills are becoming the best heat sources for cooking. They are pocket-friendly, long lasting, fast in cooking and easy to maintain their sanitary conditions. They are abundant, vast different sizes and variety to choose from.

The modern way of living, environmental reason, budget and social ways of most us in society has cut the old ways of preparing a decent meal. Electricity has now become our major source of energy be it fuel, light or running machines. It is cheap and environmentally friendly.

Factors to consider before buying electric indoor grills:

  • Electricity: Check out the wattage to ensure that you are comfortable with that level of electric consumption. Option with adjustable temperature levels ensures energy is conserved by regulating just the right amount of energy.
  • Size: some electric grills are small, designed to fit countertops or tables usually able to feed 2 -6 people at a go. Some are a little larger for outdoor or patio designed to fit on balconies, porches, in our apartment suites or humble dwellings. Depending on the number of people you intend to serve, look out for a size that is convenient. The amount of space one has plays into consideration. Whether it’s a tiny apartment, condo, balcony, porches or the rooftop of your building, determine the type of electric grill based on the comparison between its dimensions with the space you have.
  • Design: consider choosing non-stick surfaces for ease of cleaning and improved flavor. If you don’t have a kitchen timer, opt for a model with inbuilt timers to keep track of the cooking. Other design features include a reasonable cord length, a floating hinge
  • Maintenance: Consider removing the removable parts that are easy to clean. A dishwasher safe option will make your work even simpler.

Why you need an electric grill:

  • They are versatile: Since electricity is the most readily available energy source in this day and age, we expect everyone to be able to use these gadgets. Any type of housing is suitable for an electric grill as long as there is an availability of electricity. Electric grills can be used to prepare virtually almost every meal making it multi-functional and convenient.
  • They are environmentally friendly: Temperature control means energy conservation while deadly fuel emission (carbon monoxide) is eliminated with electric grills as compared to the gas and charcoal grill. This makes it an environmentally friendly option.

With the countless electric indoor grills available in the market, it should be a daunting task to choose the best. That is why we have outlined the top options available to assist buyers who seek to purchase the best electric indoor grills.

10. Elite Platinum, Gourmet EMG-980B Maxi-Matic Electric Indoor Grill

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By: Elite Platinum

This is a next-generation type of grill. With its 5 temperature control settings, it is perfect for an indoor setting. From the 1400 watts it uses, this thing heats up to 450 degrees so there is no need to wait for summer while this gadget brings all the fun of an outdoor grill into your kitchen with no smoke. The 14” nonstick grilling surface is large hence perfect for family size cook. Designed with domed lids cooking plates that prevents one from splashing grease or oil when cooking and a has drip tray that drains unwanted oil and fat thus easy and convenient disposal and cleaning.

A glass lid holds the pan water and makes sure the meal is super juicy. He grill pan is removable and fully immiscible in water hence easy to clean. We were impressed that the components are dishwasher safe meaning they’re easy to clean. There is a 1-year warranty to back a good job. For those with busy lifestyles this is the perfect grill, saves time and money and gets to eat what you want.

9. George Foreman, 6-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill

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By: George Foreman

This is truly an upgrade from other grills from the old days. It’s built to specifically prepare different kinds of foods, a transformation in making fast and simple foods especially those that need a flat surface. An easy to use temperature knob is fitted to adjust for a procedural cooking, with six functions; grill, broil, Panini press and top melt. It is probably the amazing characteristic of this grill. The manufacturer employs the use of a nonstick coating on the bake plates; this makes it more durable free from PFOA apart from being resistant to sticky oil and food hence long lasting.

Additionally, the plates are removable, a crucial feature that ensures they are easy to clean. To clean the heating surface, just toss it inside a dishwasher and it will be looking all clean and new. The compact size definitely makes it suitable for indoor use, probably in any room if you´d ask us.

8. Gotham Steel, 1619 Smokeless Electric Grill

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This grill captures the concept of an indoor grill. It’s created in an ingenious simple style that makes it feel like an original copy of others in the lot. It is definitely made for indoor purposes since produces zero smoke. The size is perfectly normal with a regular cooking surface, therefore, can easily cook a family meal. Its simple temperature settings of warm, low, medium and high make it user-friendly and easy to control even for the average user.

It has a ceramic grease catcher that ensures food residue doesn’t burn and so reduces the smoke produced. It is portable and detachable hence easy to clean up and store. The simplicity of this grill makes it one that I’d recommend a must-have.

7. Hamilton Beach, 25360 Indoor Flavour/Searing Grill

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By: Hamilton Beach

This really is a step-up when it comes to grills. This simple but stylish grill makes you just to want to use it. Smoke is an issue of the past since it virtually emits none; just the appealing aroma of the food one is preparing will fill the room. It has temperature controls so you should be able to adjust the temperature to your liking depending on the different varieties being prepared and has a high heat searing capability. This countertop grille is awesome for all type of meat, veggies, and snacks with ample dimensions making quite enough to cook for a family.

The cooking plates are removable and nonstick. Most components are dishwasher safe making them easy for cleaning. The power consumed is minimal and is installed with preheating lights and indicator lights that notify the user of temp variations when cooking hence one able to regulate the temperature as desired, talk about convenience in cooking.

6. Zojirushi, EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill

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By: Zojirushi

This might as well be the top choice when it comes to indoor grilling. You need 1300 watts to power this device and keep it at temperatures between 176 – 410 ͦ F.. The adjustments of variable temperature conditions work perfectly, providing accurate temperatures for grilling your favorite dish. As we’d all wish, the extensive grilling surface is ceramic and nonstick. Whether grilling, frying, broiling or braising, you have a catalytic filter installed to maintain the aroma inside of the food. The material is heavy duty and not only gives an attractive look of wealth and style to the product but also withstands intense use over years.

You will like the measurements, decent for cooking while it is assembled in such a way that to power the contrivance the metal drip tray and cooking grid plates have to be in place. Other notable inclusions are cool-touch handles for comfortable handling and an included user manual for easy setup and use. Before placing the dish tray in a dishwasher, you are required to pull it apart for more convenience. This grill is truly an improvement to the quality of life through technology and innovation.

5. Philips, Smoke-less Indoor Grill HD6371/94

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By: Philips

This grill gives an excellent definition of revolution in your kitchen. At 1660 watts of power consumption, it uses advanced infrared technology element to heat the grill up to 446°F. A short pre-heat duration means that it is a matter of a few minutes for one to get grilling. An effective designed ensure that all excess fat channeled to the XL grease tray at the bottom, ensuring absolutely zero losses.

We were impressed that there is practically no smoke and the splattering is to a minimal. The manufacturer assures easy to set up in no more than minute. The parts are also detachable and dishwasher safe for easy maintenance. You also get a handy free recipe book with useful recipes for newbies. This is a product that exemplifies ease and affluence.

4. T-fal, GC702 OptiGrill Stainless Steel Indoor Electric Grill

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By: T-fal

This grill offers flexibility and satisfaction for any type of grill meal. It can identify the no of food items on its surface adapting its grilling cycles to the chunkiness and bulkiness of the food. Installed with organized indicator lights and perceptible beeps for rare, medium and cooked, you get undemanding monitoring of the grilling process. The technology behind it allows for an automatic mode where it regulates the temperature depending on the thickness and size of the food.
The two cooking modes also allow for a manual mode for those whose love to take control and make one feels. Made from die-cast aluminum plates with removable plates with nonstick coating allow for smooth food release, not to mention the ease cleaning. Its heating element requires 1800 watts hence less power consumption than most gadgets we own. This is one impressive piece of kitchen gear.

3. George Foreman, 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

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By: George Foreman

This George Foreman grill seldom disappoints. It covers all the bases, for outdoor and indoor uses hence no excuses for not being able to grill. This unit is large, around 240 sq. inches circular hence suitable for a large group serving of about 15 people while still allowing neat arrangement of food on the grill. The best part is the removable stand that lets you use it from the balcony or even outdoors, rather than the conventional countertop or kitchen table.

It features an adjustable temp knob that customizes grilling of different kind of food and a domed lid with an adjustable steam vent. It has a removable nonstick grill plate with cool touch safety handles. A power demand of 1600 watts means it is used basically in any home, provided that is connected to electricity. This is a definite recommend for the social person.

2. Cuisinart, GR-300WS Griddler Elite Grill

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By: Cuisinart

If you love to grill this is one of a hell of a griller for you. It is designed with two-zone temperature control meaning one can cook two different foods at a time and controlled by a single temp control. This compact machine boasts of six impressive cooking functions including the ability to grill to panni press. Its construction is very sturdy designed with an adjustable height to allow one to custom set the top grill. This piece comes installed with LCD display and LED indicator lights which give a nice touch.

You’ll also enjoy the service of a 60 min counter timer. With a fluctuation of 2 min at the time of the sear function can reach temperatures of 550 ͦ F. An adjustable top for lock and easy storage can even open up to create a larger grill surface. The housing is stainless steel, this point to superb durability and also makes it easy to clean since the parts are detachable

1. Cuisinart, GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler

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By: Cuisinart

This is a stylish and affluent appealing kind of grill. The parts and features are one of a kind. It is the self-adjusting cover that makes it multifunctional since it can open up to form a larger surface making the 5 in 1 girdler exceptional at offering services like a contact grill etc. It has simple controls, with a selector knows that lets you manipulate the temperature for a different variety of food. This ensures that the griddle function selection is of your choice.

Detachable and reversible cooking plates promote easy cleaning and care, especially with its scraping tool. A dual temp control and indicator lights make it a technological spectacle and very easy to use. Did we mention that it produces virtually no smoke but the aroma of good food on the grill? This grill really brings the good life to your home.

Final thoughts!

The world is changing and heading into a day and age where an environmental source of fuel such as charcoal are being prohibited, natural fuel sources are being conserved and other friendlier means energy sources embraced. We strongly recommend to that you get yourself one of the mentioned electric indoor grilles since this will be a positive step in environment conservation, innovation, and technology while maintaining our culture of preparing food and enjoyment and sharing it in whatever confined space we are in. It is cheap and improves the quality of life.

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