Top 10 Best Electric Mosquito Killers in 2020


Mosquitoes are annoying little insects that bite and can cause serious illness to you and your family. When living with small children, it is very important to keep the mosquitoes out as much as possible. This is why you will need an electric mosquito killer to help you get rid of them.

Electric insect killer is a chemical-free device using UV or ultraviolet light bulb that is designed to electrocute mosquitoes to death working in indoor or/and outdoor environments. Electric mosquito killer do not use any chemical and they do not produce any fumes or smell. This aspect makes them safe for use indoors in the kitchen, bedroom living room and outdoors too.

This item is highly effective and reliable than mosquito repellent lotions and ointments. Mosquito killers can kill an infinite number of mosquitoes and can work 24/7. Their grid is non-clogging therefore; it keeps electrocuting mosquitoes over and over again.

What to look the best electric mosquito killers?

When you are out shopping for an electric mosquito killer, you should consider the following factors and features to assist you:

  • Power: Mosquito killer runs on either batteries or electricity. When it comes to electric ones, check out the number of watts as this will gives you knowledge of how much power it consumes. The battery powered ones are quite portable. Ensure that the battery can last for many hours.
  • Portability: A mosquito killer should be lightweight and portable. This helps you to carry it from one room to another especially if you want to get rid of mosquitoes from all over the house. When you want to go camping, choose one that is not only portable but compact too.
  • Durability: This is probably the most important factor to consider. When looking for the best electric mosquito killer to use outdoors, find one that is able to withstand different weather conditions. Ensure it is sturdy and features a rugged design. It should also be waterproof. All these qualities make your electric mosquito killer durable.
  • Material: Most electric mosquito killers are made with metal grids that electrocute mosquitoes when they get in contact with them. Ensure that you choose ones that are made of rust-resistant metal or high-grade plastic grid that is durable and will be reliable to be used for a long time.
  • Safety features: As much as electric mosquito killers help you eliminate insect by electrocution, they can be hazardous to you and your little ones. Check out for safety features that may prevent electric shock to you and keep it out of your kid’s way as far as possible.

10. Aspectek, 40W Electronic Bug Zapper

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By: Aspectek

The Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer is one of the best indoor electric mosquito killers on the market. It works by easily attracting mosquitoes and other flying pets, and eliminating them effectively. The removable washable tray allows you to collect the dead insects.

Once they are all in the tray just switch off the device and dispose the insects and then clean and replace. It features a protective mesh that prevents your family from accidentally coming in contact with the electrical grid. Additionally, it is simple to set up, clean and maintain.

9. NuoYo, Electronic Mosquito Killer

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By: NuoYo

The NuoYo electric mosquito killer has been designed to help you get rid of mosquitoes in your home garage or basement. Designed for only used indoors, it uses UV lights to attract mosquitoes and small flying insects and eliminate unwanted bugs in a safe way. It also has a large coverage area of 200ft that will perfectly protect you and your family from any insect and bug.

8. iSiLER, Indoor Electric Insect Killer

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By: iSiLER

This is another effective electric mosquito killer by iSiLER. It uses high-intensity 20 watt ultra-violet bulb that efficiently attracts mosquitoes and other flying insects over a large area of 6000 sq.ft. Once the insects make contact with the metal grid, they are killed instantly as a result of high- voltage electrocution. This chemical and odor free mosquito killer is easy to maintain and use.

In addition, it comes with a hanging chain that you use in mounting it on the wall far away from your children’s reach. The dead insects are collected in the bottom tray which can be simply be removed and cleaned after insect disposal. Just plug it and its ready to kill all annoying and pesky flies.

7. Babigo, Electronic Mosquito Zapper

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By: Babigo

The compact Babigo mosquito killer is easy to use and carry around in every room at home, hotel or even in travel trailers. Their compact nature makes it easy for storage too. It kills insects fast and without harmful chemicals by way of electrocution while each one of this electronic insect killer can cover up to 200 sq.ft.

It features 3 UV lights that attracts mosquitoes and other flying insects and makes a low noise when they get electrocuted so your sleep is not disturbed. Once the mosquitoes are dead, clean up is easy, just unplug it from the power source, remove the lid and get rid of the dead insects with a small brush or tissue. Additionally, this product is accompanied by a refund guarantee in case of dissatisfaction or defect.

6. Hoont, Standing Mosquito Killer

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By: Hoont

If you want to kill the mosquitos both indoor and outdoor, this standing mosquito killer from Hoont would be another best option. It uses 10 bright UV LED bulbs to draw in all flying insects with the effective area of up to 600sq.ft. The insects are then sucked instantly inside the fan.

It is easy to use and offers a clean, non-toxic way of getting rid of all mosquitoes and annoying insects. Additionally, this zapper can be used 24/7 without clogging in homes, hospitals, schools, hotels, yards etc. Lastly, the bulb can be replaced and it comes with 4ft power input cord.

5. Ever Pest, Mosquito Ultrasonic Pest Repellent 2018

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By: Ever Pest

If you don’t want to collect the dead body of the insects and many other pests, then the mosquito pest repellent from Ever Pest is your choice. Just plug the Ever Pest repellent, it will drive away all the pests instead of killing them.

It works with 110/220 Voltage that can cover up to 1800sq.ft. This product is safe for use at home and even hospitals because it is natural, non-toxic, chemical-free pest control.

4. S SAVHOME, Electric Indoor Bug Zapper [2018 UPGRADED]

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This electric mosquito killer zaps insects from all directions thanks to the 360°all-round UV rays that work efficiently. The high-voltage grid electrocutes mosquitoes immediately when they reach it. Once it is powered by 120v power outlets it is ready to work. The collecting tray gathers dead insects so that they can be disposed later and the tray can be cleaned effortlessly.

This zapper was made with safety in mind. It features a fire-retardant plastic shell that keeps you and your family safe from electrocution caused by accidental contact. It offers a wide range of service and can lure mosquitoes within 500 sq.ft. of its surrounding. The manufacturer offers 60 days money guarantee which means you can buy it risk-free.

3. Hoont, Mosquito Killer and Gnat Fly Trap Killer

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By: Hoont

The Hoont Mosquito Killer Trap also uses a bright UV bulb to decoy the mosquitoes into the fly trap consequently sucking them in and preventing any means of escape. It safely It gets rid of them quietly without producing any zapping sound. It is safe to use and easy to operate. Additionally, it is durable and will serve you for a long time. This mosquito killer can be used both indoors and outdoors because it is weatherproof and waterproof. Furthermore, it works effectively for areas up to 1000sq feet.

2. Flowtron, BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer

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By: Flowtron

You will agree with me that you have come across this brand of mosquito’s killers in your search. This popular lantern gets rid of mosquitoes easily and fast. It uses non-toxic light to eradicate, mosquitoes and other biting flies over ½ acre area. The attracted insects make contact with the high voltage grid and die immediately. Additionally, the grid is non-clogging and is protected with an outer cover to prevent your family members, pets and animals from contacting the electric grid. This mosquito killer also doubles as a security light outside. Last but not least, it comes with a two-year limited warranty.

1. Kapas, Outdoor Bug Killer Lantern for Mosquitoes

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By: Kapas

The Kapas insect killer uses the black light to draw insects such as mosquitoes, moths and other pesky flies. Once drawn, the electrically charged, high voltage grid kills them instantly. This lantern shaped electric mosquito killer has a thin, contemporary style and is non-clogging, non-rustic and highly durable. In addition, it features ultra-violet rays that are completely harmless and outer mesh that prevents contact with the grid, thus protecting your family and pets from electric shocks. It is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. The bottom holder collects dead insects and can be detached for disposal and easy cleanup. Last but not least, this mosquito killer comes with a 3-year warranty for the bulb.

Wrapping it up!

The electric mosquito killer is perfect for use in your home and environment as well because it is chemical-free and non-toxic making it very safe for your family, pregnant women and even babies to use. Some are only used indoor while others can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Protecting your family is paramount by creating a safe haven for them. So when you notice mosquitoes around your home, ensure that you install the best device to get rid of them. The above electric mosquito killers are indisputably inventive devices that will reduce your family’s risk of being infected with severe diseases caused by insect’s bites. We hope that you will choose one of the best electric mosquito killers to offer your family all-rounded protection with the help of this comprehensive article.

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