Top 10 Best Electric Tillers in 2021


Electric tiller AKA electric cultivator are used to till sizable land for cultivation and that’s one of the primary reasons why they’re an excellent option for any garden enthusiast. The good thing about the electric tiller is that they don’t require fuel to operate and are easy to store than the other tiller versions. This makes routine maintenance easier.

For a small home garden, an electric tiller is a perfect choice since they’re portable and light making it easy to carry around. The electric power motor requires significantly less maintenance and generates less noise than the one that uses gasoline.

In this review, we are going to give you our top pick products that are actually going to transform your tilling experience. Our items are based on research and analysis from our expert and therefore, any product mentioned in this article has been tested and confirmed to work the best. Let’s get started!

Warning: To get through hard clay soil, simply pull the tiller backward. Try not to force when it is jammed but instead of stop and try to check if the bolt is bent or the threads as smashed.

10. The Royal Weeder, Lightweight Electric Tiller and Cultivator

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The royal weeder is a cordless and lightweight tiller that gives you a great experience. It is perfect for anyone with raised beds and tight spaces or any gardener looking for an agile and lightweight tiller. The charged royal weeder is basically used to mix soil amendments, clear weeds and till your garden without trying to kneel or bend down. It is such an appropriate gift for any gardener.

It weighs 3lbs 2 Oz and comes with a rechargeable 10V lithium battery and a charger. It also includes telescopic adjuster for optimum ergonomics. It has an adjustable handle, can also extend comfortably from 38-44 inch, and a hardened steel tiller blade that does not require resharpening.

Key features

  • Rechargeable battery.
  • It comes with an extra battery.
  • Adjustable and easy handle.

9. Sun Joe, TJ601E Tiller

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When looking for a tiller that makes your outdoor looks beautiful, then this model is among the first you should consider. It’s a product from Sun Joe that guarantees no hard work during garden preparation season.

It has a powerful motor of up to 9- amp and can cultivate up 7 deep and 18 wide. It offers maximum performance and durability with its 6 steel tilling blades. Its small motor helps to get through the dirt and enable the air to get in making the idea area for planting easy.

8. Greenworks, 10-inch Cordless Cultivator

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Greenworks 10-inch 40V Cultivator Cordless is a simple electric tiller that features an efficient and powerful engine with 4.8 forward rotating blades. It as well features an adjustable tilling width range of 8.25 – 10 inch for super fast tilling. Its adjustable height makes it easy to till to a depth of up to 5-inch for each cultivation. These features make gardening easy and fun. Besides, its handles fold makes transportation and storage easy.

Key features

  • It’s lightweight makes it easy to carry around and easy to use.
  • It offers a 4-year warranty and includes lithium-ion batteries that are backed up with a 2-year warranty.

7. Mantis, 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller

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When you hear about Mantis, you’ll concur that this company is one among the trusted and is well-known in the garden device industries. Mantis 2-Cycle is perfect for faster weeding basically on the soil found in the greenhouse. It includes a reliable power plug which ensures an efficient machine performance. The motor does not produce unnecessary noise with 3-speed and 540-watt motor. This model basically weighs 21 pounds and it’s among the smallest tiller on the market today. It also features a compact 9 inch with which enables the tiller to reach out to the tight areas which other large models can’t get into. Its curvy tines are unique such that they can till up to 10 inches deep or basically turn the tines to cultivate the top 2 or 3 inches of soil.

Key features

  • It is lightweight making it easy to carry around.
  • Includes fold-down handles.

6. AAVIX, AGT307 10 Amp Electric Tiller/Cultivator

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If you’re looking for a comfortable working and lightweight design, then the AAVIX AGT307 electric tiller is an excellent option to choose. it comes with powerful blades and 10 Amp motor so that it can operate up to 8.7″ depth and 12.6″ in width. The wheels can be easily raised or lowered without using any tools. The AAVIX tiller can work effortlessly in a normal garden without rocks or tough soil.

Key features

  • The risks of damaging the blades are minimal due to the safety cut out feature.
  • It weights about 27lbs.

5. Schiller Grounds Care, Mantis 4-Cycle Tiller Cultivator 7940

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This model is known for its lowest price. It is powerful as the gas-powered Mantis version and weighs up to 24 pounds. It uses a powerful Honda 4-cycle 25cc engine that spins the tines twice faster compared to other tillers.

It can till up to 10 inches and is flexible enough to till more inches when the tines get adjusted. It as well includes a folding feature that enables easy storage and transportation. It also provides a three-speed 540-watt motor and instant starting that makes it easy to use.

Key features

  • It is lightweight hence easy to maneuver around.
  • It has detachable and reversible tines.
  • It has a powerful motor that makes work easier.
  • It has excellent speed control and auto-off function.

  • Heavy vibration in the handles can cause muscle fatigue.

4. Earthwise, TC70016 16-Inch 13.5 Amp Corded Electric Tiller

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When choosing a tiller, you should consider the one designed for maximum durability and performance. For that matter, Earthwise TC70016 is designed in such a way that it can work perfectly in areas close to the fences, walls and any other small area.

The most outstanding thing about it is that it features 6 robust adjustable tines. It is a feature that enables you to change the width of the tilling from 11-16 inch and a depth of 8-inch allowing faster preparation of the garden. It includes an ergonomic strong grip handle that allows you to work at an angle. It is easy to assemble and offer smooth startups. You only need to press the power button and leave the rest to the strong 13.5 Amp motor.

Key features

  • It is perfect to use in small areas.
  • It has a powerful motor system for faster performance.
  • Its folded handle makes it easy to store.
  • It offers an accurate tilling no matter the width and depth.

3. Farmer Helper, 48″ Tiller (FH-TL125)

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This tiller is kind of a tractor that is best suited for seedbed preparation, landscaping, small nurseries, garden, small farms, etc. It uses chain-driven tillers that are easy to reach out to both manual and automatic adjustments. It features a cat 1 3-point 6-spline slip clutch. It also has a heavy oil bath chain drive containing auto chain tension. Besides, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

2. Troy-Bilt, 4-Cycle Cultivator TB146 EC 29cc with JumpStart Technology

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When looking for an electric tiller for the first time, it is wise to select Troy-Bilt 4-Cycle TB146. It has easy to control features and ergonomic construction. It can be used as a tiller as well as a cultivator.

It can work well in an area that has never been touched before. You might struggle using it in hard soil because of the electric cord but what it offers is good enough. It is equipped with a strong engine of up to 29cc 4-cycle that does not require mixing of gas and oil. It also has an adjustable tilling width of 6-12 inch. It also features a folding handle that makes it easy to store.

Key features

  • It works using electricity.
  • It can till and cultivate.
  • It is light and therefore, easy to carry.

1. Sun Joe, TJ604E 13.5 AMP 16-Inch Electric Tiller/Cultivator

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There are very electric tillers out there that can create a wide cut, deep, and handle river rocks clay soil, and pebbles but to your surprise, Sun Joe TJ604E has the capacity to do all that. It is corded and easy to store.

It is lightweight and adjustable so that anyone can use it at ease. It includes a powerful motor of up to 13.5 Amp which can till or cultivate up to 16-inch. It features fold handles for convenient storage and transport. Besides, it has adjustable wheels that can be adjusted up to 3 positions.

Key features

  • It has six durable steel angled tines for maximum performance and durability.
  • It is easy to store and transport.

Final word

The above electric tillers can help in clearing all the mess in your garden. The prices of these tillers vary depending on the quality and performance. Just go on and select the one that suits your needs. Remember, the more feature a certain tiller provides, the more you’ll pay. Now we hope that you’ve got the information you were looking for. It is up to you to select and purchase one to have an amazing tiller experience.

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