Top 10 Best Gaming Speakers in 2021


During your free times playing computer games can be interesting but not as enjoyable as when you games are accompanied by sounds. The game graphics can be great but with no sounds then definitely you are not getting the beat of the game. The sound in a game will help create the ambiance popular gamers yearn for. Other than the gaming sounds the speakers have LED lights to accompany the gaming sounds.

With the many speakers in the market, it can be difficult identifying the real ones from the show of ones. The review below contains the best available gaming speakers in the market. Potential buyers can use it as a guide for them to reach the best conclusion

Getting the right gaming speaker

  • Room size: The size of your room indicates the type of speaker you should go for. If you live in a small room you need only a speaker that is capable of producing sound higher than the pc speakers.
  • Price: The speakers vary with prices with the 2.1 speakers cheaper than others. The speaker with more features the 5.1 and 7.1 cost more. You should buy the speaker that fits within your budget. You don’t need to spend too much when you can get the speaker at a cheaper price.
  • Computer specifications: You should check to confirm that your computer can handle the system. You have to find out if the PC sound card will be compatible with the device. Without speakers fitting with the system then definitely it will not function.
  • Gaming features: The gaming speakers can give different sounds to indicate the different effects in the game. Some speakers go to an extent of differentiating between the left, back, front and right channels. The different sounds made by a speaker during the game makes a huge difference and you should look the sound effects it has before deciding whether to buy or not.

Why needing gaming speakers?

  • Gaming sounds: When playing your game these speakers will let you listen to your games. The system set up will provide a clear and dynamic audio experience. Some systems have unique sounds to indicate the different situations when gaming.
  • LED lighting: Some systems have LED lighting that accompanies the sounds. The lighting not only does it add to the gaming set up but also gives your computer set up an exciting look.
  • Sound clarity: Other than the gaming sounds the speakers can be used when listening to audio music and watching movies. The technology such as the use of drivers enhances the clarity of the sounds while the subwoofer provides the base required for movies.

10. Creative, Sound BlasterX Kratos S5 2.1 PC Computer Gaming Speaker System

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By: Creative

Extend your daily entertainment with this creative speaker. When you use the dual RCA to the stereo adapter you can connect your speaker to the TV screens. The volume can be easily adjusted at the audio control pod. You can also connect your headphone and microphone easily. Additionally, the virtual 7.1 gives a great sound, clearer cues, and bass boost through the fully customizable blaster x engine pro software. Using your computer or mac you will experience true sounds like you have never experienced before. By the fact that is built on wood entirely this speaker has better resonance than the plastic designs. Finally, we have the aurora lighting system that gives light to when playing your games for better experience.

Extra features:

  • The aurora lighting has 16 million customizable led lighting colors.
  • It’s made of entire wood thus it produces clearer sounds.

9. Trust, GXT Gaming Speakers Illuminated with LED Lights and Subwoofer

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By: Trust

First and foremost, this gaming speaker produces an overwhelming sound. Boasting of its 120 watts this will create unbelievable sound. It produces an amazing base sound that you will definitely feel. Both the speaker and the subwoofer have black finish make it look perfect for a gaming setup. Moreover, the large knob is for adjusting the volume. For connecting your smartphone or laptop it has 3.5mm jack. The other converter cables connect the play station, x box 360 and the computer to the speaker. Furthermore, the speaker power management unit helps to save energy. When left with no action it will switch off automatically after 60 minutes to save energy. It will switch on again once you game begins. For better gaming consider buying this quality speaker.

Extra features:

  • The speaker switches itself off after 60 minutes of inactivity and switches itself on when the game resumes.
  • It is compatible with most of the devices.

8. Genius, 45 Watts RMS Gaming Woofer Speaker System

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By: Genius

The popular gamers who can’t play without game sounds can get these genius speakers. It has clear mid-range to high frequencies that will generate realistic game sounds. The 45 watts RMS audio gives a clear sound for gaming, music or just video experience. You have to monitor the volume via the magnificent audio control so you will not distract your neighbor’s. The two satellite speakers make the sounds vibrant whereas the subwoofer shakes you up. In addition, the backlit blue lights go with the rhythm of the sounds. For connecting it is easy as it comes with the inputs of the stereo RCA, a headphone jack, and a primary microphone jack. All is now for you to order for yours and wait for the best gaming experience.

Extra features:

  • It comes with input devices for TV, PC, DVD and the other gaming devices.
  • The 45 RMS audio sounds give clear sounds.

7. Razer, Full Range Gaming & Sound Immersion

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By: Razer

Experience the full beat of the game with this razer speaker. The 3-inch custom woven glass fiber drivers will ensure the game sounds are clear. It also has the rear-firing bass port for full sound base even when the volume is low. You can easily adjust the controls depending on if you are listening to music, gaming or watching movies. Furthermore, it has an easy to access headphone jack for connecting your device and volume controls to adjust the volume when necessary. The Razor chrome powered speaker has led indicators on the speaker’s base that you can use when you want to adjust its volume and base. For connecting to other devices you can use the 3.5 mm jack or the USB cable but you have to know you can use one connecting at a time. For quality sounds when playing games buy this speaker.

Extra features:

  • The rear-facing brass port ensures you have powerful base even when the volume is low.
  • The 3-inch custom woolen glass fiber enhances sound clarity.

6. Cyber Acoustics, Gaming 2.1 Subwoofer Speaker System (CA-SP34BT)

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By: Cyber Acoustics

Enjoy your game like never before with this Bluetooth speakers. The 2.1 dynamic sounds are too powerful that they will fill your room. It has the color selected led drivers that enables you to select the type of color that you want to accompany your music. For connecting, it has the Bluetooth properties that make it easy to connect other devices. These gaming lights are ideal for home theater systems dorm rooms and living rooms. Moreover, all the controls are centrally located so yours is to adjust the button to select your preference. You shouldn’t have any worries purchasing this product as it further comes with a 1-year quality guarantee.

Extra features:

  • It uses the blue tooth technology for easy pairing.
  • The color selectable led drivers deliver your music with flair.

5. AVerMedia, Ballista Trinity Gaming PC Speakers

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By: AVerMedia

This speaker is specifically designed for gaming audio. Boasting of 77 watts peak power this will produce a crystal clear sound with a rich bass that is free from distortion. Besides having a tweeter for stunning audio production it has twin dual channel 2.75 satellite drivers. If you like the base sounds the front facing 6.5’’ subwoofer produces a dynamic bass.

Additionally, it has a control box that makes it easy for you when you need to adjust the volume or anything. The speakers are mountable and can be placed on different locations for better sound distribution. With these speakers, you can listen to high frequencies, dynamic bass, and mid tones clearly. It also comes with a inputs stereo RCA and 3.5 millimeters auxiliary input and microphone jack. This device maintains the sharpness and details of the volume even at very low tones. You should not have any doubts about the quality of this product as it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Extra features:

  • The speakers can be mounted easily on the walls or on top of shelves.
  • The 75 watts peak power produces a rich and clear sound.
  • It has 1 tweeter for stunning audio sounds.

4. Logitech, G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speakers with Game Driven RGB Lighting

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By: Logitech

Want intense sound? Try this speaker and all your problems will be solved. Besides its brilliant reaction to gaming, it also performs well in music. It has a built-in LIGHT SYNC RGB lighting that accompanies your games with lighting and color effects. The 240 watts peak power combined with the unique driver design will deliver a huge sound. Furthermore, you can hear your gaming sounds from any angle this is because of the DTS: X ultrasounds that render 3 dimensions positional audio. Your speakers’ lighting zones can be easily customized with the fronts and rear lights projection. In terms of connecting with other devices it works with windows PCS and Bluetooth enabled devices. The G560 is able to connect to multiple sources.

Extra features:

  • The 240 watts will produce explosive sounds.
  • The DTS: X ultra makes the audio clear in every angle.
  • The front and rear lighting can be easily customized with the family software.

3. GOgroove, 2MX LED Computer Speakers with Passive Subwoofer

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By: GOgroove

Save your space and get the best of sounds with this passive sub-woofer. Buoyed by the dual drivers this will provide a clear sound audio and a full bass. The blue led glowing base will bring a dynamic bright light in your gaming room. The volume can be easily adjusted by controlling the on and off switch. Furthermore, it connects easily via USB and the AC powered outlets. It comes with a built-in audio input that can use a smartphone. These speakers will save you a lot of space and yes, if you have a small room this will fit you.

Extra features:

  • It saves space as it covers only a small area on your desktop.
  • The dual drivers enhance the clarity of the sound audio.

2. Cyber Acoustics, CA-3602FFP 2.1 Gaming Speaker Sound System

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By: Cyber Acoustics

Ensure your room is filled with sounds when gaming with this Cyber Acoustics speaker. It delivers 62 watts power peak and 30 watts RMS this will produce great sound and will even distract the neighbors if the volume is high. It’s pretty easy to use as the control pod has all you require controlling the sound system. It can connect to a variety of devices including the phone, tablet, and mp3 player. Moreover, the 5.25 subwoofer will deliver a very powerful base and when combined with the satellites using the twin 2 drivers it will lead to a clear sound. Besides its great sound, the piano finish makes it blend with the flat panel monitors. For better sound quality when playing games buy this speaker.

Extra features:

  • The 5.25 subwoofer will produce an amazing base.
  • It delivers 62 watts power and a 30 RMS.

1. ENHANCE, Gaming LED Computer Speakers with Subwoofer

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Looking for the perfect speaker to complement your game? Try this enhance products and all you need will be solved. It has green and accent lights that will give your computer room an exciting look. The presence of built-in drivers enhances the clarity of the sound audio. The subwoofer, on the other hand, provides the loud base sounds needed. Just like others, the USB powered with the 3.5mm jack connects to other devices like the PC. Moreover, the inline volume controls are there for easy volume adjustments when needed. With just 20 watts the speaker will provide the best sound for movie or gaming. This product is further backed by a 3-year manufacturing warranty.

Extra features:

  • The green and accent light give your computer room an exciting look.
  • The built-in drivers and subwoofer enhance sound clarity.

To wrap up

Sound clarity is a very important attribute in speakers. All the speakers are of good quality and will produce the desired sounds. For gaming, music and watching movies you can choose any of the ones listed here. Choose the one that fits your budget and you will hear the quality sound you have been yearning for.

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