Top 10 Best Knife Blocks in 2021


Knife blocks keep our kitchens organized. They ensure safety for your knives and also reduce clutter in the kitchen. Most knife blocks come with many slots, which determine the type and how many knives the block can hold. There are different materials used in the construction of knife blocks. For instance, stainless steel, wood, and bamboo, etc. For durable material, consider high-quality bamboo or stainless steel.

Knife blocks boast a versatile design making them ideal for all your commonly used knives. They are durable and stylish. The top-echelon brands come with non-slip feet that offer extra safety for all your knives. Some of them also provide additional slots of scissors and sharpening tools.

Top Pick

10. KITCHENDAO, XL Universal Knife Block with Slots for Scissors and Sharpening Rod

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The KITCHENDAO knife block boasts an elegant design. It is a cut above the average knife holder. It is made using a natural bamboo wood that gives it that natural and attractive look. It is fully functional and stylish. For that reason, it will spice up your kitchen. This is a naturally durable and long-lasting knife block. Despite the elegant look, the robust bamboo holder delivers years of service. The material also offers easy cleaning. It is coated with a waterproof layer making it perfect for use in the kitchen.

The knife block features an anti-slip base that keeps it stable and offers safety for your knives. It is also fitted with excellent anti-skid pads that make it ideal for all surfaces, including slippery countertops. If you are tired of using those slippery and wobbly knife blocks, consider purchasing this knife block. The block is fitted with enhanced magnets that pull the metal part of your knives when inserted to keep them in place.

Key Features:

  • The stylish design complements your kitchen.
  • A lifetime warranty backs it.

9. Cook N Home, NC-00326 Bamboo Knife Storage Block

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By: Cook N Home

Cook N Home knife block boasts an attractive natural bamboo construction making it durable and attractive. It offers up to 19 slots making it spacious enough for up to 19 knives. The block features a versatile construction and design, making it ideal for all commonly used knives. It is ideal for knives of heights up to 9-inches.

The knife block is also equipped with an excellent magnet that draws the metallic end of your knife for easy and safer placement. It also offers several width options making it perfect for knives of different widths. For instance, it is perfect for wide, long, and steak knives. The sturdy, stain-resistant, and long-lasting material makes it ideal for use in the kitchen. There are wide slots that hold other things like sharpening steel and scissors.

Key Features:

  • The product offers easy cleaning by wiping with a clean cloth.
  • The size makes it ideal for kitchens.

8. Styled Settings, Magnetic Knife Holders and Wood Utensil Caddy 2 in 1

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By: Styled Settings

The Styled Settings is a two-in-one knife holder. It features a universal design making it ideal for all your knives. The ultra-quality non-rustic material guarantees years of service too. This knife holder features styled settings that guarantee ultimate safety for your knives. The brown wooden finish makes it stylish and attractive. Additionally, the knife block features a powerful magnetic function that pulls the knives to their respective locations. It also has some spaces for your utensils.

The double-sided design makes it better and more appropriate for wall setups. This sturdy magnetic knife block delivers unrivaled strength with its unique and advanced design. It also features embedded magnets and an excellent size. That way, the block offers enough space for different knives. For instance, it is perfect for chef knives, large knives, and santokus. The inner and outer sections of the knife block offer space for your knives, thus increasing the capacity of the knives held at any given time.

Key Feature:

  • The compact and sleek design makes it perfect.

7. Kitchen Seven, Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Holder

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By: Kitchen Seven

This is a superior-grade product made using a sturdy and durable material. Unlike most brands, this is a complete set that comes with all the necessary items. The design guarantees safety and offers enough space for all types of knives. For instance, it holds wide, chef, and long knives. The knives feature high-grade stainless steel blades that deliver ultimate durability. With these high-precision blades, you enjoy better and more convenient operations.

Additionally, the set includes strong and durable bolsters that deliver added stability and perfect control. Each of the knives boasts a lightweight construction offering quicker chopping and slicing of veggies and fruits. The knives also feature ergonomic handles that offer easy and convenient operations. Most importantly, this block boasts a compact and space-saving design, making it ideal for use on small countertops and squeezed kitchens. The stainless steel material used in the construction makes this a perfect kitchen tool. It comes with a small drainage hold that prevents dirt build-up and water accumulation.

Key Features:

  • The excellent appealing aesthetics make it a great décor
  • It even includes 12 knives
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.

6. Wusthof, 25-Slots “Mega Block”

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By: Wusthof

The Wusthof 25-slot knife block boasts a sturdy and durable construction making it a long-lasting masterpiece. The elegant and eco-friendly Acacia finish makes it stylish and attractive. For that reason, it enhances the appearance of your kitchen. What’s more, this knife block boasts a bacterial-resistant construction making it better and safe to use. However, the block doesn’t come with the knives. Therefore, you get the knives separately. This is a versatile product too. It offers enough space for all your knives.

The 25 slots boast different sizes and widths too. With its angled design, this knife block provides safe storage for your knives. The angled design ensures that the knives don’t fall off. This elegant knife block also features non-skid feet that stick it on the ground and guarantee ultimate safety. It won’t slide off the countertop as some low-quality models do. This is also a versatile product designed to hold different knife types.

Key Features:

  • This is a high-quality knife block.
  • The stylish and attractive design makes elegant.

5. Secura, Magnetic Universal Knives Holder Bamboo Knife Stand

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By: Shenzhen Knives

Shenzhen Knives is a 20-slot universal knife block designed to keep your knives safe and easily accessible. It holds 19 knives and has an extra slot for your scissors. The large scissor slot holds your sharpening rods too. Additionally, the elegant design offers easy arrangements for your knives.

This beautifully crafted knife block offers convenience and quick access to the different knife types. It is versatile and perfect for all your knives. The product also boasts an angled design making it better and safer for the knives. The knife block is a durable and long-lasting knife block. It features a sturdy construction making it perfect for holding many knives. The robust and attractive bamboo veneer finish gives it that naturally beautiful look. This block also offers easy and convenient cleaning by wiping. With the antimicrobial material, your safety is assured. The sturdy non-skid feet make this product even better and more reliable. With the low-profile non-skid construction, you enjoy ultimate safety and stability.

Key Features:

  • The compact size makes it perfect for all kitchen countertops.
  • There are two size options.

4. Boker, 30402 Wood Magnetic Knife Block

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By: Boker

The Boker knife block features a sturdy and long-lasting construction making it better and more convenient for its users. The sturdy and attractive wooden finish makes it an elegant kitchen masterpiece. Additionally, this knife block also features a convenient design for easy and quick access to your knives. The compact size makes it ideal for most kitchens too. With the versatile product, the block holds all the knife types. It weighs around 2.9 pounds, making it perfect. This is an ideal knife block for small kitchens too.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • The stylish display makes it perfect for kitchens

3. DALSTRONG, Gladiator Series Colossal Knife Set

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DALSTRONG knife block set boasts outstanding craftsmanship making it attractive and elegant. The premium-quality materials make it quite durable and stylish. This is a versatile knife block designed to hold all your different commonly used knives. For instance, the knife block is perfect for long, short and chef’s knives. This knife block also goes at a fair price making it quite economical. This is a complete set that includes knives and other accessories. Its unique and versatile design makes it perfect for all your kitchen knives and other knife accessories.

The product also features a famed design making it quite attractive. The tough high-carbon German steel material coupled with polished edges makes this an ideal kitchen tool. The block also boasts an angled design making it safer and more convenient for your knives. The precisely tempered and perfectly stain-resistant design offers easy cleaning.

Key Features:

  • The handmade design makes it perfect for kiritsuke, bread, boning / filet, carving and serrated knives.
  • The product offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee

2. Bellemain, 100% Pure Bamboo in Drawer Knife Block

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By: Bellemain

This is a beautiful, durable and long-lasting bamboo knife block designed to keep your knives safe at all times. The extraordinarily strong and durable material makes this a perfect product for holding all the different knife types. The product also boasts a versatile design making it ideal for other items besides your knives. For instance, the block also offers space for your scissors and sharpening tools. It fits up to 16 knives of different sizes. What’s more, this product offers convenient organization and access of your knives and other accessories.

The different slots offer enough space for different knives. It also boasts a compact size making it perfect for all your countertops. With the non-skid feet, this product guarantees ultimate safety. It also offers easy cleaning thanks to its water-resistant construction. For that reason, this knife block keeps your kitchen organized and attractive.

Key Features:

  • The compact 17″ long x 5.29″ wide x 2″ high size makes it perfect
  • It is made using eco-friendly bamboo material.

1. Cooks Standard, Knife Storage Block

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By: Cooks Standard

Cooks Standard is a tough and attractive natural bamboo knife block designed to hold up to 25 knives. It looks great. The stylish design makes it perfect for your kitchen. This durable knife block holds all he commonly used knives too.

The knife block features a versatile and multi-purpose construction making it ideal for all your needs. It doesn’t just hold the knives but also has enough space for other knife accessories as well. The knife block also offers space for knives of different widths. For instance, it holds wide, steak, cleaver and chef’s knives.

Key Feature:

  • The wider slots offer space for your sharpening knives and scissors.

Final Thoughts!

Knife blocks are compact and versatile units designed to keep your kitchen organized. They also offer quick access to all your commonly used kitchen knives. When buying knife blocks, ensure you settle for a compact size and stylish look. The options above guarantee perfect services and protection for your knives.

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