Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets in 2021


After finally getting that mountain bike that you wanted, the next thing to do is making sure you have all the necessary gear and equipment. One thing that you absolutely can’t forget, is getting a proper helmet. It doesn’t matter how experienced one is. Your safety should always be one of your highest priorities. That is why every rider, from professionals to bike enthusiasts, should always have a helmet on.

Helmet is important for your safety. In case you get into an accident while wearing a helmet, it will help absorb the impact during the fall. This is possible because it is made using polystyrene. Thanks to this, your skull is protected from any injuries. Helmets help boost the confidence while riding. Wearing a helmet will help you feel safer, and as a result you will be able to perform your best. This is important especially when participating in competitions. Stress free riding leads to a great time. Moreover, it is the fact that helmet has padding which can keep us warm. This is great especially when riding when the weather is cold, or in cold seasons as well. Some helmets evem have visors which help us see better under certain conditions. When riding while it’s sunny they help with sun glare.

Helmets are meant to be worn at all times. Today we have compiled a variety of options from you, which are currently the best sellers in the market. These select options are available in different colors and designs as well.

Choosing the mountain bike helmets:

There are a few important factors you should look at:

  • Size: A helmet can only protect you effectively, if it is the right fit. Avoid buying one which may be a bit large or even a size smaller. The most recommended helmets, are those which can be adjusted. The user gets to set the size, to one which will also leave them comfortable as well.
  • Comfort: The best mountain bike helmet, is usually the most comfortable one. When you don’t experience any discomfort, you will never mind putting one on. It should feel just right, and should have just enough padding as well.
  • Ventilation: Helmets can be uncomfortable, if they end up making you feel sweaty and excessively hot. That is why you need to check on how well ventilated it is. With a breathable helmet, you will be able to ride longer since the heat won’t get to you as much. The temperature inside the helmet is more regulated, and you even get to cool off.
  • Construction: A well-constructed helmet, will be able to properly protect you during a fall. This is important, because such a helmet will not compromise you safety. Make sure that the materials used to make it are also of proper standards and quality as well.

The right way to wear a helmet:

  1. The position of cutting-edge should be slightly lower when wear a helmet in order to protect the forehead.
  2. The front and the back of the belt should be at a low position in front of the ear.
  3. Wearing a helmet, you must bring the chin belt tightly. Ensure that sticking with throat position, instead of the front of the chin.

WARN: Make sure the elastic end of lacing must through the “O” type rubber ring. Or lacing will slide, and helmet is easy to fall off during cycling.

10. Crazy Mars, Mountain Bike Helmet

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By: Crazy Mars

Helmets can be shared by different individuals in the same household. Crazy Mars’ helmets are unisex and provide a great fit thanks to their adjustability. They won’t fall off or move to the side, thanks to their side straps and fixed buckle. The company made them able to manage impact by using Integral Molding Technology. This technology combined with Multi-Density EPS construction, makes their performance impeccable.

Odor will not be a problem with this helmet. The lining is breathable and it is also odor free. The best thing about it is that the chin pads can be removed. They are very comfortable and absorb sweat. You can wash them whenever you feel they are unusable.

9. Demon United, Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet

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By: Demon United

Demon United mountain bike helmets are a great fit for people who love to stand out. They are not only awesome but they are also CPSC certified. Having such a certification, indicates that the helmet has met the required crash and impact standards. If you are looking for a full face helmet, you should definitely consider this one. With this kind of helmet you won’t only be protecting you skull and face but even your teeth/ dental work will also be safe.

It was designed to make sure that it fits you perfectly, by using an EPS foam liner. The foam liner is able to conform to the shape of your head, to achieve that purpose. On top of that, you can remove and wash it whenever you want.

8. Lixada, Mountain Bike Helmet

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By: Lixada

A mountain bike helmet’s construction, is something that can’t be emphasized enough on. The way a helmet is constructed, is what separates it from the rest. Lixada used integrated in-mold PC shell and multi-dimensional cone-shape EPS impact foam, to make this helmet. Such a combination is what makes it highly rated.

You will even get a chin guard, which you can remove at your own convenience. The liner used is soft and comfortable, and it also has a Y-S fixing strap. It is such that you can even adjust the fit, using just one hand. This helmet is recommended, for people with a 22.0 – 24.4 inch head circumference.

7. Base Camp, NEO Mountain Bike Helmet

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By: Base Camp

We all love modernized designs, regardless of the product. This helmet is feature packed and great for off-road adventures. It was made for trail riding and offers optimal cranial coverage. You will be more secure than ever. The mountain bike helmet has been designed to cradle the occipital bone. As a result, it provides the fullest protection. Technical and rough terrain will no longer worry you, whenever you wear this. You will be confident all through the ride.

Your purchase comes with a visor, which can be worn when needed and adjusted if necessary. The head circumference recommended is from 22 to 24.5 inches. However, thanks to the SH-18 Fit System, it fits a majority of adults.

6. GoMax, Aero Adult Safety Helmet

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By: GoMax

GoMax has outdone itself with this mountain bike helmet. It has one of the most innovative aerodynamic designs available. If you are looking to own a cutting edge helmet, this is your chance. It was made using American Gray EPS Liner and in-mold polycarbonate shell with PC. No shock absorption related issues will come up. It has been made adhering to the highest safety standards.
It has been designed with a dual fit adjustable & rear led tail light system. You will be visible to other motorists, whenever it’s dark while you are riding out. The rear LED tail light even has 3 modes. This is part of what makes it unique.

5. LIVALL, BH51M Smart bike helmet

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LIVALL is a smart bike helmet that combines style, functionality with the latest technology you should not miss out this year. It receives the design award in 2021 “Product of the year” as well as Eurobike Winner Award 2017, and IFA Product Innovation Award 2017.

It features the smart turn signals which is wireless turn signals for left or right signals and the 270° LEDs adds greatly to your road presence. The built-in Bluetooth speaker equipped with the high quality stereo sound effect allows you to enjoy your favorite music while riding. Furthermore, it is also well designed for Walkie-talkie. The helmet also has the SOS alert in case of any accident occurs. LIVALL smart bike helmet has the utility model patent certificate and design patent certificate, that will boost the confident to use.

4. POC, Tectal Bike Helmet

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The POC Tectal Bike Helmet, has topped the Top 10 best mountain bike helmets list. As far as durability goes, the helmet’s Aramid fiber grid places it steps ahead of the competition. The grid also offers additional protection, for the rider. Its overall design, prioritizes the safety of the user. The back of your head and your temples will get more than enough coverage.
It has an outer PC shell, and a Unibody shell construction. This helmet comes in a Uranium Black color, but you can also get it in ten other colors.

3. Gonex, Adult Bike Helmet

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By: Gonex

Gonex mountain bike helmet is great for diverse households. It has an adjustable rotary internal regulator at the back of the helmet, so that you can adjust it to fit your head provided they share the same size.

Gonex helmet is designed with 24 integrated flow vents to reduce the resistance and take away the excess heat and water vapor while riding. Meanwhile, it can ensure that the head is breathable and comfortable.

A small built-in rear light is solid red or blinking red helps with visibility. It also has a 3-modes LED cautious light at the back featuring steady, slow flashing and fast flashing. This light will keep you visible and safe from the on-coming traffic.

2. Fox Print, Metah Mountain Bike Helmet

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By: Fox Print

One can never have too much protection. This Fox mountain bike helmet, offers a design which provides you additional protection. The back of your head will be covered, thanks to the helmet’s lower coverage design. It even has a Fox Varizorb multi-density, impact reduction system. You will be in great hands, whenever you use it.
To increase your comfort level, the helmet has moisture management capabilities. This is mainly thanks to its premium liner and its sealed edges. A Fixed anchor Y-Strap system, will ensure that it can fit you properly.

1. Team Obsidian, Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet

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By: Team Obsidian

Having a great looking helmet can give one a confidence boost too. The company loves to brag about their achievement, of creating one of the safest and sleekest looking helmets. This mountain bike helmet was made using Team Obsidian’s advanced IN-MOULD Technique. This technique is one of the reasons why it’s more durable than most options in the market.
It was designed to provide sufficient shock absorption, and offer maximum protection for your head.

The helmet’s construction is solid and it was even made using reinforced skeleton. You will find it to be comfortable, and very light when you put it on. It has 22 massive air vents which contribute to that. The airflow provided is definitely outstanding and will cool you effectively. The company also offers a lifetime manufacturer warranty and a perfect fit guarantee.

Wrapping it up!

Having fun, doesn’t necessarily need to be reckless. The best mountain bike helmets enable us to have fun in a much more responsible manner. Even if you are working with financial constraints, you shouldn’t readily opt for cheaply made helmets. This could cost you dearly, and even endanger your life.

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