Top 10 Best Outdoor Solar Lights in 2021


Outdoor solar lights are eco-friendly, long-lasting, weatherproof, and versatile. Most of them offer a great lighting atmosphere for your outdoor landscaping. They light up yards, driveways, lawns, fences, garages. Some outdoor solar lights upgraded their features such as motion detection and multiple brightness modes for easy customization. They are equipped with powerful rechargeable batteries that deliver long-lasting services for the users.

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There are different materials used in the manufacture of outdoor solar lights. However, we highly recommend eco-friendly and long-lasting BPA-free plastics. Outdoor weather conditions change all the time. For instance, a day could start off being sunny, then suddenly turn and becomes rainy. Therefore, you need an outdoor solar light that easily adapts to all these weather conditions.

let’s check out the best outdoor solar lights in 2021.

10. YINGHAO, [New Upgraded] Solar Outdoor Indoor Spotlight

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The YINGHAO outdoor solar light offers two extremely bright spotlights making it perfect for all your outdoor needs. The two-in-one design makes it quite reliable and effective. Additionally, this is an excellent product for outdoor landscaping, given its elegance and unique brilliance. Each of the spotlights delivers up to 200 lumens for unmatched brightness. The cold white 6500K-7000K lighting provides perfect results. This light reaches up to a range of 20 meters. With the waterproof high-strength plastic materials, this is a safe solar light for all weather conditions.

The durable materials also make it a long-lasting product. The set includes a powerful rechargeable battery that offers a life span of up to 30,000 hours. The solar lights offer two brightness modes for convenient customization of your lighting needs. For the low light option, you only use 100 lumens, while the bright option uses 200 lumens. With the auto-darkness sensor, the light also turns on and off automatically in the dusk and dawn, respectively. That way, you don’t have to monitor its operations continually. The multi-purpose design makes the lights perfect for different places like garden trees, flag poles, house numbers, pathways, driveways.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable design offers easy customization of up to 270 degrees
  • The split design offers easy placement to different places
  • The two-way installation makes it perfect.

9. KUFUNG, KUFUNG Waterproof Motion Sensor Solar Light

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This is a waterproof outdoor solar light from Kufung. It is built with an ultra-quality aluminum alloy shell that offers adequate resistance against water and moisture. The excellent material also resists high temperatures making it ideal for all outdoor conditions. All the covers come with rubber O rings for sealing, making them waterproof. The durability isn’t compromised in different weather conditions.

The product also features an excellent LED light panel indicator for added convenience. It also comes with a battery indicator to keep the user alert at all times. Its advanced remote controller offers perfect working up to a distance of 23 feet. You can even adjust the light brightness to four different levels.

The highly effective and reliable design and polycrystalline solar panel offer an effective conversion of 20% of sunlight to electricity. Therefore, it delivers an effective and quick charging of 5000mAh battery within six to eight hours. The advanced solar panel provides up to 48 hours of illumination when in the induction mode. The two, solar panel and light panel, offer conveni9ent 180-degree adjustment. Lastly, the set includes a 16.4-feet cable.

Key Features:

  • It features up to 1300 lumens.
  • The lights illuminate up to a range of 650 feet.

8. Otdair, 8 LED Outdoor Solar Disk Lights

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By: Otdair

The Otdair outdoor solar light boasts an intelligent and advanced design making it extremely reliable and perfect for your outdoor lighting needs. Each of the lights comes with up to 8 LEDs and an in-built battery cranking up to 600mAh. The solar panel delivers effective and quick charging of between six to eight hours, depending on the weather conditions. Additionally, the battery provides many hours of lighting also depending on the prevailing weather conditions.

This product comes in a simple design. Therefore, it offers easy and quick installations. The product also delivers smooth operations where you just open the switch beneath the cover get everything else working. The lights automatically turn on during the night and off during the day. That way, you don’t have to operate or supervise their operations manually.

These are stylish and elegant outdoor solar lights that spice up the appearance of your home. They are decorative. For that reason, you can use them to light up different places like driveways, stairways, flower beds, and patios.

Key Features:

  • They introduce a pleasing brilliance into the compound
  • The manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

7. Neloodony, 100 LED Waterproof Solar Motion Sensor Light

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By: Neloodony

This is an extremely bright outdoor solar light. It features a convenient size of 10.3 x 3.5 x 2.7 inches. The weight and size make it ideal for quick installations. This outdoor solar light features up to 100 LED beads for perfect lighting results. Additionally, the product also features up to 2000 lumens that deliver super-bright operations. Another thing, the highly-effective white light guarantees ultimate brilliance and elegant lighting results. The lights have a wider detection range for more reliable results. The smart motion detection feature ensures ultimate safety and keeps your home protected at all times. It catches any movements up to 16 feet away and also covers an area of up to 280 square feet. Therefore, the lights keep intruders away from your home even at night. This product also boasts high recharging rates. With the highly effective panel, sunlight is easily converted to electricity. That way, the battery attains a full charge within the shortest time possible. The versatile construction also makes this a perfect light for gardens, backyards, pathways, and fences, among other places.

Key Features:

  • Weatherproof material makes it perfect for outdoors
  • Durable ABS plastics make it long-lasting
  • Easy wireless setup.

6. LITOM, 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights

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The LITOM outdoor solar light delivers a cool white illumination. It boasts up to 12 extra-bright LEDs. Additionally, this product boasts an adjustable angle of up to 120-degrees. The powerful battery delivers longer working hours and easy charging. What’s more, the light boasts a waterproof material making it ideal for different outdoor conditions.

With the powerful and long-lasting rechargeable battery, you enjoy unrivaled services with this product. This is a fashionable and elegant solar light that makes your compound look beautiful. It is perfect for landscape lighting. The two brightness options make it ideal for all your lighting needs. What’s more, the product boasts a smart motion detection function.

Key Features:

  • The smart feature allows for automated on/off at night and in the morning, respectively.
  • The excellent IP67 waterproof technology makes it excellent.

5. FURANDE, Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor Light

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The FURANDE outdoor solar light boasts up to 70 highly effective and efficient LEDs that deliver excellent lighting for your garden, fences, lawns, and yards, among other places. The PET laminated design provides a 20% conversion of sunlight to electricity for effective and more reliable charging results. This set includes solar lights and solar panels. The set also includes a powerful and long-lasting 2200mAh battery that delivers hours of operation. The stable features offer excellent brightness and reasonable heat dissipation.

It features smart and highly sensitive motion detectors that keep the home safe and free of intruders. The built-in motion detectors offer a quick detection of movements up to 26 feet away. The lights last for about 30 seconds without motion to save power. The 270-degree adjustable angle makes these outdoor solar lights even better. With the upgraded construction, you get a wider angle of illumination. The three adjustable headlights allow for customized lighting at different angles. The sensor also detects movements at 32 feet while operating at an angle of 120-degree.

Key Features:

  • It is IP65 waterproof
  • The simple design offers a breezy installation.

4. Lemontec, Motion Sensor Security Lighting Nightlight

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By: Lemontec

The Lemontec outdoor solar light offers up to three modes of operation. We have a strong light mode, the dim sensor mode, and the strong sensor mode. All three lighting options allow one to easily customize the appearance of their compounds, lawns, streets, and yards. This is a durable and weather-resistant product featuring tough and long-lasting materials. The heatproof plastic materials deliver unrivaled durability while the powerful 1900mAh battery guarantees ultimate durability. The lights also feature an advanced on/off function for convenient operations.

The dim light with no motion sensor creates a perfect scene for romantic dates. Additionally, the bright lights activate with a motion for adequate safety and security. This product also boasts an eco-friendly construction. The solar charging makes it perfect for the environment since it is safe. The powerful battery delivers up to 12 hours of continuous lighting with a single charge. What’s more, the battery also attains a full charge within just seven hours. This outdoor solar light features up to 62 LEDs that deliver brighter and more reliable services.

Key Features:

  • Smart motion sensors offer automated operations.
  • It detects up to 26 feet.

3. Hikeren, IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Solar Lights

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By: Hikeren

The Hikeren outdoor solar light is a totally waterproof outdoor solar light that delivers great outdoor results. The high-impact ABS plastic material provides unmatched durability. Therefore, this is an ideal product for all your outdoor lighting needs. Additionally, this product also boasts an upgraded detachable design.

The powerful 4500mAh battery attains a full charge within 6.5 hours and delivers up to 18 hours of lighting without failing. The set also includes a long 16.4-feet cable for convenience and quick operations. With the 180-degree adjustable design, you get customized lighting for your yard, lawn, compound, or fences.

Key Features:

  • The adjustable design offers unlimited installation options
  • The 30 ultra-bright LEDs deliver excellent illumination
  • It is FCC, and UL certified.

2. URPOWER, 2-in-1 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Spotlight

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URPOWER is another upgraded outdoor solar light. The powerful and rechargeable battery offers long-lasting lighting. Additionally, the simple design delivers easy installations. This is a fully-adjustable outdoor solar light that offers customized lighting for different places. You can easily change the angle to suit your different needs.

The elegant brilliance offers beautiful lighting making this a decorative masterpiece. With the two-in-one feature, the lights provide easy installation to the ground or on the wall. It is a unique solution to your outdoor landscape needs. The battery offers easy and quick charging too.

Key Features:

  • The lumens deliver bright lighting
  • The two brightness modes make it ideal for different places.

1. SEZAC, Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Lights

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The SEZAC outdoor solar light boasts an upgraded design making it more reliable. It features two outdoor working modes. The two-hour timing mode offers scheduled lighting while the motion sensing mode provides security at all times, including at night.

The three intelligent operation modes make this a powerful and effective solar light for your different outdoor needs. For instance, the dim mode allows for a peaceful rest. The strong mode allows for excellent night vision while the motion sensor mode keeps intruders way. The lights detect motion up to 16 feet away. With the powerful 2000mAh battery, you enjoy convenient and reliable services.

Key Features:

  • The light is perfect for garages, driveways, yards, gardens, driveways, and many more.
  • The powerful LEDs deliver excellent lighting.

Final Thoughts!

Outdoor solar lights offer an eco-friendly solution and deliver great brightness to your landscaping needs. They deliver excellent brilliance and spice up the appearance of your garden and yard. Most of these lights boast a simple design for quick and easy installations.

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