Top 10 Best Patio Umbrellas in 2020


Summer is approaching, a period when the sun is at its best; a season when we all crave for that cool shade. While staying indoors may not provide the perfect solution, getting a patio umbrella seems the best available option. Patio umbrellas are made to enhance your outdoor experience in the summer, keeping you and your friends safe from the scorching heat and the harmful UV rays of the sun.

The sun’s UV rays can cause serious damages to the skin. This is why you need a patio umbrella to keep the UV rays away and protect from harmful UV rays. Patio umbrellas won’t just work to keep the UV rays from penetrating through; they also offer resistance to rainwater keeping you dry during rain. Patio umbrellas are ideal for garden, yard, coffee shop, café, among other applications.

Patio umbrellas vary not only in sizes and color but also quality. This means unless you are very keen on the selection, there are higher chances of ending up with one of inferior quality. Luckily, today we are going to apply our extensive knowledge in patio umbrellas to uncover the top 10 best patio umbrellas for you this summer. Is that what are looking for? If yes, why not join us as we commence the walk?

Special Features of the Products

  • Size: Patio umbrellas can accommodate a different number of chairs. Choose the perfect size depending on your needs.
  • Price: Just like the ordinary umbrellas, patio umbrellas go at different prices. This means that you have to choose depending on the size of your pocket. However, it is also important to consider the quality.
  • Color: Patio umbrellas come in different colors. Consider the color that best fits your style.
  • Material: Here, I mean the material of the pole and the fabric. Consider going for the ones made of an aluminum pole and high-quality polyester material.

Top 10 Best Patio Umbrellas in 2020 Reviews

10. Mr-Direct, Offset Hanging Umbrella

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By: Mr-Direct

If you are still sitting on the fence about the patio umbrella you should go for this summer, this is among the few best options. The umbrella has a diameter of 10 inches to provide you with more shade when compared to the market table umbrella. The steel pole is coated with powder to protect it from rust, chipping, corrosion and peeling.

Just in case stability is a point of concern, it is still catered for; it features a sturdy steel cross base. If that is yet not enough to give you the stability you want, you can still add a heavy base like a sandbag or fix the base on the ground. The elegant offset hanging design makes it easy to raise and put down. Moreover, the umbrella easily slides locks at different shade angles.

Extra features:

  • It has a wing vent at the top to allow for free air supply and to reduce wind pressure to keep the umbrella more stable.
  • The pole is made of steel material for durability.

9. FARLAND, Offset Cantilever Patio Umbrella

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A bright and sunny day can make your outdoor space unbearably hot. Luckily, this patio umbrella brings you the perfect solution that cannot be derived from an ordinary umbrella. The high-quality umbrella is large enough to provide a shade that is large enough for not only you and your allies but also your patio furniture. The tilt and crank system allows for easy customization of the umbrella-height. Angle adjustments have never been this easy before!

Having been made with versatility in mind, it can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. To keep you enjoying the cool shade whole day, it features a single wind vent that allows the hot air to escape and allow the supply of cool fresh air.

Extra features:

  • The water-resistant polyester material renders it an all-year-round umbrella keeping you safe from UV rays and rain.
  • The aluminum pole is powder-coated to prevent rust and corrosion.

8. Masvis, Offset Umbrella Cantilever Patio Umbrella

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By: Masvis

This patio umbrella comes with a generous 10 ft. diameter to provide you with more shade for your outdoor activities. Whether you intend it to serve a residential or commercial purpose, it is perfectly tailored to bring out the best in whichever application.

The high-quality polyester won’t only protect you and your patio furniture from UV rays; it is still water-repellent to keep you safe come the rainy season. For increased convenience, the umbrella gives you the freedom to adjust it to the perfect height from the available 6 heights.
The umbrella is reinforced by 8 heavy-duty ribs and painted with an anti-oxidation spray to guarantee you with years of service.

Extra features:

  • The polyester material is fade resistant hence it will maintain its color for a good number of years.

7. Best Choice Products, Deluxe Patio Umbrella With Solar LED Lights

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By: Best Choice Products

If you are looking for that light-up model, this is among the best we have on the market. It comes from a reputable manufacturer on grounds of quality and durability. The 24 LED lights are solar powered and run up to 7 hours-Outdoor dinners and family get-togethers have never been illuminated this way before! To keep you and your loved ones extra cool, the umbrella features a wind vent for free supply of cool air. The detachable pole makes set-up and storage hassle-free while the easy-tilt system guarantees you with flexible shade coverage.
Having been made with durability in mind, the high-quality fabric offers resistance to water, fade and UV rays.

Extra features:

  • The umbrella has a diameter of 9 feet. This means that it can shield you and your friends from the harmful sun rays at once.
  • The crank and tilt mechanism allows you to adjust the height and to block the sun from any angle.

6. SUNBRANO, Outdoor Aluminum Market Table Umbrella

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This patio umbrella is large enough to provide a large shade coverage that can accommodate 4-6 chairs and a table. The 1.5” aluminum pole is coated with powder to grant you the confidence you need when it comes to durability. For stronger support, the canopy is reinforced by 8 heavy-duty ribs.
To guarantee you with maximum safety, the 100% polyester material will not only prevent the UV-rays from penetrating, it will also keep you dry during light rains. The air-vent design keeps you enjoying the cool shade for longer and promotes stability and comfort during windy days.

Extra features:

  • This umbrella comes at a pocket-friendly price.
  • The center pole is 1.5 inches thick to keep the umbrella sturdy even during the windy days.

5. Yeshom, Outdoor Solar Powered LED Umbrella

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By: Yeshom

This umbrella is made to add style to your backyard party. The 4 LED lights on each rib give you enough light even on the darkest nights. The most interesting part is that no electricity is required since the umbrella contains a solar panel-you now enjoy a cool shade on sunniest days and energy-efficient lighting when darkness sets in!
Moreover, this high-quality patio umbrella has 8 sturdy ribs and a sturdy frame to keep it stable; you now have a peace of mind as you read that interesting novel or as you enjoy a relaxing meal. It is versatile since it can be used for garden, yard, café, market, coffee shop, among other applications.

Extra features:

  • It is easy to install and to mount on existing stands or at the middle of the tables where holes are available.
  • The solar panel at the top of the umbrella has batteries that can run for a couple of hours.

4. Le Papillon, Cantilever Umbrella Outdoor Offset Patio Umbrella

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By: Le Papillon

If you want an all-day-shade umbrella, then, this could be the perfect one for you. The 360 degrees rotation allows you to rotate the umbrella depending on the position of the sun-you won’t need to keep following the shade, all you need is to rotate the hub to maintain the position of the shade! The easy-open lift mechanism makes it easy to open and extend the cantilever in a single motion.
Also coming with a 10-inch diameter, you now get more shade than when using a market table umbrella. Besides, the powder-coated finish makes it not just weather resistant, but also a durable selection. Moreover, the wind vent at the top allows free air flow and enhances stability by reducing the wind pressure.

Extra features:

  • The crank opening system makes it easy to raise and lower the canopy by just turning a handle.
  • The metallic frame ensures sturdiness.

3. C-Hopetree, 11′ Patio Outdoor Market Umbrella

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Taking the top position on the list, this umbrella has been made to withstand even the harshest elements the Mother Nature brings. Besides being resistant to UV rays and water, the solution-dyed polyester material also inhibits mold growth; a common problem that affects most outdoor patio umbrellas.
When it comes to operation, it is easy; the crank winder allows for super easy opening and closing of the umbrella. To adjust the angle of the canopy, all you need to do is use the handy push button! Moreover, its shade is large enough to accommodate 6-8 chairs.
When not in use, you can extend the life of the umbrella by using a protective cover that helps to reduce the fading effects caused by prolonged exposure to UV.

Extra features:

  • The umbrella only weighs 16 lbs allowing for portability.
  • The umbrella comes with unsurpassed beauty to add more beauty to your home.

2. Grand patio, Deluxe Suset Aluminum Patio Offset Umbrella

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By: Grand Patio

Have you ever known that suns UV rays can cause serious health issues such as skin cancer? Well, just in case you didn’t, now you do. This is why you and your family need to stay safe from these dangerous UV rays. While umbrellas may offer resistance, some are of inferior quality and allow some UV lights to find their way through. Luckily, this high-quality patio umbrella is made with high-quality fabric that offers up to 98% protection from UV rays. Not just that; the 360 degrees rotation means that although the sun moves, you can still adjust the umbrella to retain that cool spot!
Whether you intend it for commercial or residential locations, you won’t easily get such versatility in most umbrellas in its category.

Extra features:

  • The solution-dyed polyester is made to provide a cool shade for coming years.
  • It is easy to clean hence you can keep the umbrella is the perfect condition.

1. Domi Outdoor Living, Cantilever Umbrella Outdoor Patio Tilt & Crank Umbrella

By: Domi Outdoor Living

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Coming second, this high-quality patio umbrella comes at a reasonable price. It is made using top class materials to keep you and your family safe from UV rays for years to come. Besides, unlike other material that easily fades with exposure to UV, the 100% polyester material maintains its color for long.

The pole is made of sturdy powder-coated aluminum material and it comes in a unique antique color finish to guarantee you with maximum durability. For convenience, the umbrella can be rotated 360 degrees to shade different areas you have ever thought of shading.

Extra features:

  • It is a stylish patio umbrella that fits to be used for both commercial and residential purpose.
  • The 2-inch powder coated finish is sturdy for maximum durability.

Final thoughts

Patio umbrellas are a perfect addition to any outdoor setting. However, unless you get the best on the market, ending up with that cool shade remains a gamble. However, you can rely on this guide to finally get the patio umbrella you have long-wished to add to your backyard.

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