Top 10 Best Pepper Grinders in 2021


Pepper has many medicinal qualities and is at times used as a preservative. Fresh ground pepper is tasty and the best kind to use if you want all the benefits that pepper has to offer.

As mentioned earlier, the fresh ground pepper has a lot of health advantages and has more flavors. it helps enhance the taste of the food. Due to the demand for freshly ground pepper in every recipe, pepper grinders have become a must-have appliance. Some grinders are manual while others are electric. Each type has its own advantage, so you should assess them well before purchase. The pepper grinders are available in different sizes. If you want one for a small household, then a small one will due. The materials used to make grinders range from stainless steel, wood, and even acrylic.

The pepper grinders are available in different shapes, sizes, and even prices. This review offers a guide to help you get the right one for you.

10. Wolbert, Salt Mill Grinder Prefilled with Pink Himalayan Salt Coarse

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By: Wolbert

Wolbert offers a pepper grinder which comes pre-filled. The grinder will come containing premium pink Himalayan salt. The coarse salt is great for seasoning and will last you for some time before you refill it again. This salt is known as the purest natural salt and is not prone to deliquescence. The grinder is 6oz in size and a great fit for anyone seeking a large capacity option. This grinder does not crush the course directly. Instead, it has a very different ceramic grinding mechanism. It strips down the substance in individual layers while it grinds. As a result, the maximum flavor is released.

The pepper grinder is multi-purpose and works with whole seasoning, different salts, peppercorns, and a few other spices. It has a ceramic rotor which can be easily adjusted. Adjusting it enables you to control how fine or coarse you want the pepper. The grinder has a thick body made of glass. It is 7.5 x 2.5 inches in size, to fit people’s hands perfectly. You will also find it very easy to grip.

Extra features:

  • The grinder weighs 6.5oz.
  • It can also be used with garlic and cloves.

9. COLE & MASON, Capstan Wood Pepper Grinder

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By: Cole & Mason

When you use this grinder, each turn is smooth and even. This is thanks to the machine cut carbon steel precision mechanism. Re-filling this grinder will also be easy. All you have to do is remove its top and you are set. This type of pepper grinder comes in three different sizes. There is a 5 inch, a 6.5inch, and a 12.5inch grinder. The one we are currently reviewing is 12.5 inches in size. I would recommend this for people who are looking for a traditional type of feel. Its tall wooden design is eye-catching and it has a premium balance to it.
The knob at the top is meant to offer the kind of granules you need. You will just adjust it to select between fine or coarse granules. The pepper grinder is made from solid stained beech wood. It has hardened carbon steel millworks which will keep working for years to come. Its performance will be professional throughout.

Extra features:

  • The pepper grinder can be used professionally and at home as well.

8. OXO, Good Grips Lewis Pepper Mill

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OXO offers a more advanced pepper grinder option. The company has established itself as a market leader when it comes to kitchen appliances and gadgets. You can rest assured that you are buying a high-quality pepper grinder. Using this type of grinder is easier because it has a long arm. Your hands won’t slip because of its oversized knob. That is what also makes it easy to get the grinder started.
The knob offers excellent grip and turns effortlessly. The grinder has a captivating look and will be sure to grab attention. Refilling it will not frustrate you. It has a clear door which you can open whenever you want to do so. There is also a matching base which prevents any pepper trails from escaping.

Extra features:

  • Its ceramic mechanism can be adjusted for a fine or coarse grind.

7. Home EC, Premium Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set of 2

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By: Home EC

Home EC offers you the popular salt and pepper combination. When you make this purchase, you will get a pepper grinder and a ceramic sea salt grinder. Both grinders are adjustable and of good quality. They were made using high-quality glass. They are not as brittle as some of those available in the market. Additionally, the glass bottles are BPA free as well. The grinder tops were made using brushed Stainless Steel. This is what makes them non-corrosive. The set has a modern type of feel and is excellent for gourmet meals.

The salt and pepper shakers have some of the biggest heavy duty ceramic rotors. They work great with a variety of components such as; herbs, Himalayan sea salt, peppercorn medley, and spices. You won’t have to worry about them retaining their freshness. The lid caps are sealed tightly, and there will be no exposure to moisture. Your purchase will include a free funnel and a chef e-book for recipe ideas.

Extra features:

  • The purchase comes with a lifetime guarantee.

6. OXO, Good Grips Pepper Grinder

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It is not a surprise to have another OXO product find its way on our review. The OXO Good Grips Pepper Grinder is a much simpler product compared to the one we first came across. You can get this type of grinder in three different colors. The colors are; copper, stainless steel, and black stainless steel. When deciding on the color to pick, make sure you check your décor and setting first. It is a very functional option and can be used both in the kitchen and dining room areas. The grinder can rest flat upside down. This makes the re-filling process easy.
The pepper’s acrylic body is beneficial because you will be aware of the available quantity at all times. You won’t be caught off guard when you are all set to partake in your meals. You will always be prepared and able to avoid such mishaps. The ceramic grinder is positioned at the top. This helps to avoid any messes that may occur on the table or counter. It also does not absorb any odor or flavors. This helps to avoid any unnecessary mixing that may interfere with your seasoning process.

Extra features:

  • The ceramic grinder is non-corrosive.
  • The pepper grinders have a 4-ounce capacity.

5. Pro Kitchen Life, Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Electric Grinder Set

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By: Pro Kitchen Life

This is one of my favorite purchases on this review. First of all, it caters to anyone looking for a salt and pepper grinder set. What makes it one of my favorites is the fact that the set is electric. Yes, you don’t have to do anything manually. If you like getting things done with immediately, then this is the best fit for you. Before being released to the market, both grinders were thoroughly tested. They were only released for sale after certification. The purchase even includes a stand holder tray. This helps in organizing the kitchen and you will always know where the grinders are.

The salt and pepper grinders have silicon caps at the bottom. They also have an LED light feature. The light helps you see the amount you are putting in your food. Their ceramic motor is easy to clean and adjust as per your needs. They are battery operated, so you shouldn’t worry about things like cords. You can operate either of them using one hand. Just make sure you properly install 4AA batteries first. This is a risk-free purchase, which has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Extra features:

  • You will get a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • The company also offers 1-year free replacement warranty.

4. Willow & Everett, Original Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set With Stand

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By: Willow & Everett

Willow & Everett have one of the best salt and pepper grinder sets in the market. The grinders have been bought by close to three thousand customers. With close to a perfect rating and positive reviews, you can understand why it features among our top 5 choices. They come in a very elegant design and will fit perfectly in any modern household or kitchen. They have a large capacity which is highly convenient. It will take you some time before you will need to refill them again. They are great for a large serving of people as well.
They were made with wide openings, to provide more than enough room for refills. This kind of opening ensures little or no spills. So the refills will not be messy as with other grinders.

Extra features:

  • The salt and pepper grinders are durable.
  • Part of the company profits goes to Wounded Warrior Project.
  • The company also supports healthcare and education needs in Uganda’s impoverished areas.

3. Johnny Bellson, Premium Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

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By: Johnny Bellson

Johnny Bellson pepper grinder offers a professional level set. They are manual grinder, yet you can effortlessly crush the peppercorns and salt. The grinder is made from top grade stainless steel that is rust proof and the ceremic blades ensure for food safety. The transparent design using the acrylic window allows you to see the process of the grinding. It comes with sleek, modern design, which is perfect match for any kitchen’s décor and also a great gift idea.

Extra features:

  • 100% lifetime guarantee.
  • Includes special eBook written by a Chef!

2. COLE & MASON, Derwent Pepper Grinder

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By: Cole & Mason

Cole & Mason’s pepper grinder is an Amazon’s choice product with exceptional ratings. Not only is it a modern type of grinder, but it also has a very unique look to it. This pepper grinder has 6 precise grinding levels. It was made such that it is easy to adjust thanks to its new durable top design. The maximum flavor derived when using it is thanks to how it grinds the peppercorn. It doesn’t crash but instead strips down layer by layer.

Extra features:

  • The grinder has a Lifetime Mechanism Guarantee.
  • It is easy to refill.

1. Unicorn, Magnum Pepper Mill

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By: Unicorn

This 6inch pepper grinder comes in a very sleek black finish. This is one of Unicorn’s fastest grinding mills ever manufactured. His is because it uses the company’s “Superiore” steel mechanism. The grinder was built using USA and Italy made parts. Using the parts it is made on Nantucket Island. It has a side mounted loading ring for refilling purposes. You will just need to slide it whenever you want to add more pepper. The grinder also has a thumbscrew at the bottom. The thumbscrew is what you will use to adjust the grind size.

Extra features:

  • The grind size will not change during filling.
  • Its peppercorn storage chamber is quite large.

To wrap it up

As the above list, we mostly came across the electric type of grinder. This, however, doesn’t suggest that manual grinders are far better than electric pepper grinders. Our review list is only based on the top 10 best options the market has to offer at this time. If you have no specific preference you could try both kinds, and then decide on which suits you best.

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