Top 10 Best Picnic Blankets in 2021


Whether you are planning to go on a picnic in grassy, rocky, or sandy terrains, a picnic blanket remains a must-have. Picnic blankets work perfectly to prevent your derriere from picking up sand, grass and insects during your time outdoors. And just in case you are thinking of getting one, you will find it challenging to pick the best from the many models that the market currently holds. However, having dedicated many hours in research and testing, we have hand-picked the ten best picnic blankets that you should never hesitate giving a shot.
But just before we delve into the central business, here are a few tips to guide you when you get to the market.

10. PortableAnd, Sandproof and Waterproof Picnic Blanket Tote

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By: PortableAnd

Just in case you are an aesthetic fan who loves picnicking, sunbathing, camping, or spending time at the beach, this should be an ideal option for you. This picnic blanket comes with stylish design to elevate your trendiness in your time outdoors.

This blanket is made of commercial-grade 600D material that will not disappoint for years. It is also large enough to accommodate up to four people. Moreover, the reinforced leather handle makes it easy to carry the blanket and will not snap for years. For maximum comfort, the soft material of the blanket pairs with the three-layer design to create an outdoor comfort zone.
The waterproof design will keep out moisture so that you remain dry and also make cleaning a piece of cake. After the event is over and it is time to start the journey back to home, this lightweight blanket easily folds making it easy to carry.

Key features:

  • This blanket is waterproof and sand proof.
  • The premium quality material will not tear with time.

9. PortableAnd, Large Waterproof Outdoor Picnic Blanket

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By: PortableAnd

This high-quality picnic blanket has plenty of spectacular features that make it our best pick. It is a spacious picnic blanket that can hold up to four adults. The top side of the blanket is made of a soft material while the back side is of PVC material which is waterproof making cleaning a piece of cake. The middle layer of the blanket has foam padding allowing you to sit and lounge on the blanket for long comfortably. The perfect stitching integrates the three layers into a single anti-slippery piece that will not tear even after years of exposure to harsh outdoor elements.

The picnic blanket comes with white and black striping which makes it attractive to look at. And whether you want it for summer or winter, it is an all-year-round blanket.

Key features:

  • The price of this picnic blanket is pocket-friendly.
  • It is an elegantly-designed high-quality picnic blanket that can last for years to come.

8. yodo, Extra Large Outdoor Waterproof Picnic Blanket

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By: yoDo

What makes this picnic blanket a standout is not just the durability nature, but also the unsurpassed beauty. The extra large blanket will accommodate up to six adults while seated and up to four adults while laying. This feature makes it one of the best options you can opt for if you are looking for an extra large blanket that will not disappoint.

The blanket comes with a soft material at the top. The backside offers maximum resistance to water. Moreover, the 2-layer picnic blanket has foam padding in the middle to provide comfort all day.
The blanket easily folds to a small size for easy transportation and storage. The convenient handle lets you easily carry the blanket to your perfect relaxing spot. And just in case you thought that all these features meant blowing away your budget, that’s not the case since the price is affordable.

Key features:

  • This blanket features top-quality materials for extended durability.
  • It is a versatile picnic blanket that suits almost any outdoor event.

7. VonShef, Large Fleece Picnic Blanket with Faux Leather Carrier Handle

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By: VonShef

There are many things to love about this product. For example, the blanket comes with a stripy design which grants a contemporary feel. Besides, the blanket is large enough to provide plenty of space to hold a maximum of four adults while sitting and still leave enough room for food and drinks and three adults while lounging.
When you talk of versatility, it will is made to suit almost every outdoor setting. Besides, this premium-quality blanket is of best-in-class polyester material that will take on any outdoor challenge. The detachable handles are of leather for maximum durability.

Key feature:

  • The top side of the blanket is soft to provide comfort for long hours.

6. Pratico Outdoors, Premium Extra Large Picnic Blanket

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By: Pratico Outdoors

If you are planning to go on a picnic with your entire family, choosing a large picnic blanket will be cheaper than buying multiple small-sized ones. This picnic blanket provides enough room to accommodate your family and still leave some space for foods and drinks. And just in case you love spending time at the beach or maybe camping, this premium-quality blanket will perfectly suit any outdoor event.
The blanket features a lightweight design hence you can easily carry it anywhere. And because it is for harsh environment, the external environment is purely made of polar fleece while the back is of polyester. Could you be planning to spend nearly the entire day outdoors? No problem, this blanket is super soft hence will keep you and your beloved ones comfortable all day. After use, the blanket easily folds so that you quickly close it with commercial-grade strap.

5. PicniKing, Extra Large Waterproof Picnic Blanket

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By: PicniKing

Taking the ninth place on the list, this is yet another great option you can opt for if you want to have a comfortable time outdoors. The top of the blanket has premium-quality polar fleece material which is super-soft, friendly to your skin so that you can spend as much time as you intended. The blanket measures 78×59 inches hence will serve as a great option just in case you are hunting up a large picnic blanket.
Moreover, this high-quality picnic blanket comes with an improved backing which is 100% waterproof to keep you dry when on wet grass. The great sewing at the top gives the product the slip-proof design for prolonged durability. This design also ensures your safety and those of your loved ones.

Key features:

  • It is a lightweight blanket hence can be carried with ease.
  • This blanket is highly durable to offer outdoor comfort for years to come.

4. Scuddles, Dual Layers Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket

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By: Scuddles

Whether you want it for use during the summer or winter, this blanket will suit any outdoor event no matter what time of the year. The blanket comes with an attractive design that not only adds style but also makes it a perfect gift to a friend who loves picnics.

The PEVA backing is strong enough allowing the blanket to take on any challenge. Moreover, the two-layer design means that it will not slide ensuring your family’s safety. A special coating between the two layers will not let water penetrate which makes the blanket waterproof. And because it won’t get soaked up in water, it is easy to clean up after use.

The versatility nature of the blanket means that it can lounge in any setting whether in the park, beach, or any other outdoor setting. The blanket easily folds after use for easy carrying with the aid of the handy strap.

Key features:

  • This polyester material of the blanket is durable.
  • The blanket measures 59 x 76 inches.

3. ONIVA, Picnic Time Brand, Outdoor Picnic Blanket Tote XL

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This blanket measures 70×80 inches to give enough space to comfortably accommodate you and a couple of your friends when outdoors. The top side of the blanket is made of a soft material that can gently interact with your skin for more extended hours. The back side of the blanket will offer resistance to water so that you and your dear ones remain dry from the wet grass.

This waterproof design makes cleaning quicker than ever before. But in case you want to avoid the hassle associated with washing, the blanket is machine washable! Although large, the blanket easily folds to a small size for easy carrying wherever you go with the aid of the shoulder strap.

Key features:

  • The blanket comes in a pretty Carnaby Street colour.
  • The price of the blanket is fantastic compared to its size and the quality.

2. Beckworth & Co., FlexTote Outdoor Picnic & Beach Blanket

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By: Beckworth & Core

Everyone needs something quality that can last for years to come, right? Well, when you talk about Beckworth & Core blanket, it won’t miss the mark. The blanket features a water-resistant design making it a perfect option to lounge on the beach, pack, or on wet grass. The soft top allows you to comfortably sit or lounge for as long as you would want. The unit measures 56 x 70 inches providing plenty of space for more than two people to lay on. Plus, the four corner loops helps to secure the unit on the ground.

The handy small pocket securely holds items such as the car keys, snacks, and mobile phone so that they remain safe in the time you spent in the outdoor sceneries. After use, it is easy to wipe off grass, mud, or small stains. But just in case washing isn’t your thing, the blanket is machine washable to keep it ready to take on any challenge.

Key feature:

  • It comes with four plastic stakes that make it easy to set up the blanket.

1. Wild in Bloom, Oversized Beach/Picnic Blanket

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By: Wild in Bloom

This picnic blanket should be an excellent option for anyone who is in need of something premium. The immaculate stitching means that the blanket will not tear so that you use it for years. Moreover, unlike the standard picnic blankets that come with double layer, Wild in bloom picnic blanket comes with a triple layer to offer exceptional protection from grass, water, and rocks.

The bottom side comes with a waterproof material that prevents water from seeping through keeping you dry even when relaxing on wet grass. The lightweight nature of the blanket means that will not hold you back.

Key features:

  • The blanket easily folds for easy mobility.
  • The leather straps are highly durable.

Factors You Should Consider When Choosing a Picnic Blanket

  • Style: Picnic blankets come decorated with different patterns, colours, and designs. Choose the style that suits you best.
  • Size: If you need a picnic blanket to accommodate the entire family, ensure that you go for extra-large-sized.
    Why You Need a Picnic Blanket:
  • Durability: Picnic blankets are made of premium-quality materials to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Comfort: Picnic blankets come with soft materials that keep you comfortable throughout the time spent outdoors.
  • Portable: Picnic blankets feature a lightweight design that will allow you for easy carrying.

Final Thoughts

Just in case you are looking for a dependable picnic blanket, there are a few options on the market you can opt for. However, since it isn’t easy to sift through the many available options to choose the best picnic blanket, we have done the homework for you. Be sure to add your perfect choice to the shopping cart.

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