Top 10 Best Pool Vacuum Cleaners in 2021


Here comes the summer, a period when most of us want to spend most of the time cooling off in the pool. A period when swimming gear gets the best portion of the budget. Without the proper cleaner, removing dirt and debris from the pool surface is a mission impossible. But with the right vacuum cleaner, you can easily clean the pool in a matter of no time. Although there are some pool vacuum cleaners specially designed for in-ground or above-ground pools, most are versatile hence can be used for any pool. Most pool vacuum cleaners feature robust construction to ensure that they last for years.

Pool vacuum cleaners are perfectly tailored to remove dirt and debris ensuring that you enjoy cooling off in a crystal clear and refreshing pool. But with the bazillion pool vacuum cleaners already flooded in the market, you will find it a little bit challenging and tricky to get the best. Fortunately, we have done lots of research to bring to you the top 10 best pool vacuum cleaners you should consider going for this summer. So, just relax and read on as we take the ride.

Choosing the best pool cleaner

  • Versatility: Some pool cleaners are made for specific pool types. Ensure that you go for one that can be used for all kinds of pools.
  • Materials: consider the material of the vacuum cleaner. Are they durable?
  • Cost: Just like any other product, the prices of pool vacuum cleaners differ depending on the model. Make sure you operate within your budget limits since there are affordable models out there.

Best pool vacuum cleaners in 2021

10. Water Tech, Pool Blaster Pro Commercial Pool Cleaner

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By: Water Tech

Picking the tenth position, this is one of the best pool cleaners especially for those who don’t want to spend much on buying a cleaner. Although budget-friendly, it cleans fast with ease and is equipped with a Hi-flow Vac motor which grants the motor up to 2 times vacuum strengths as compared to most vacuum cleaners out there.

Although it uses one battery, it comes with quick swap rechargeable batteries hence you can use one as the other one charges. The filtration system helps to prolong the life of the cleaner while the 1.5-inch diameter of the intake port allows the cleaner to capture large debris with ease.

Extra features:

  • The cleaning head is 15 inches to give you a crystal clear pool in no time.
  • The filtration system features a reusable mesh which helps to cut the cost of buying a new mesh in the future.

9. Hayward, 2025ADC PoolVac XL Suction Pool Vacuum (Automatic Pool Cleaner)

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By: Hayward

It’s now over 80 years since Hayward doors first swung wide open, and in all these decades, this company has been working tirelessly to give the pool owners full pleasure of pool ownership. This time bringing this amazing pool vacuum cleaner, you can now enjoy every moment you spend in the pool without letting debris to spoil the fun.

It has programmed steering which moves the cleaner in a predetermined order to provide the best results. The filtration system perfectly captures all the debris to keep your pool clean for you and your loved ones to jump in whenever the summer heat becomes unbearably hot.

The wireless design eliminates the hassle of hoses while the silent operation ensures a peaceful pool environment. Its enhanced vacuum wings’ and skirt are perfectly tailored to ensure efficient pickup of debris and constant suction power.

Extra features:

  • It features a unique turbine system to ensure smooth and silent cleaning.
  • It is easy to use and connects in a suction port in less than 10 minutes

8. Intex, Auto Pool Cleaner

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By: Intex

If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner for your above-ground swimming pool, then this is one of the best options you will come across in the market. The cost is friendly and is designed to give professional results.
Its automatic operation eliminates the hassle of manual cleaning and makes pool maintenance easy than ever before.

It works with a filter pump with a flow rate of 1600-3500 gph and is not ideal for the in-ground swimming pools. It comes with a lightweight design which allows for portability and makes storage easy and space efficient.

Extra features:

  • It is made to give the best results, especially for the Intex pool owners.
  • It is easy to use although it comes with a comprehensive manual which gives the setup procedure.

7. Kokido, Telsa 30 Telescopic Rechargeable Electric Pool Vacuum Cleaner EV30CBX

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By: Kokido

Nothing provides a relaxing sensation than cooling off in a pool in the hot summer. However, unless your pool is clean, you may not get the best experience you are after. This is why you should consider going for this outstanding vacuum cleaner which is perfectly designed to clean up the pool in a matter of minutes.

The long telescopic handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable user experience. Besides, the cleaner is made with versatility in mind since it can work with any pool; whether you have an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool, you can now buy with a peace of mind that it will work with your pool. Unlike in most pool cleaners whose motors rely on the filter or flexible casings, the motor of this pool cleaner features an independent operation.

Extra features:

  • The filter is easy to remove making it easy to clean after you are done.
  • It is a rechargeable pool cleaner hence you won’t have to deal with the hassle of wires.

6. Milliard, Sea-Thru Triangle Weighted Pool and Spa Vacuum Head

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By: Milliard

Although most of us enjoy the great fun of pools, when it comes to cleaning, no one wants to do the work. However, with this high-quality pool vacuum cleaner, cleaning becomes fun and super fast. The cleaner features a triangular head to allow you to easily clean the corners of the pool to make it completely clean. Weights ensure that the vacuum head remains at the bottom of the pool where it belongs.

Moreover, it is equipped with rubber bumpers at the sides which keep the vinyl pool cleaners safe from scratches and scraping. It also features nylon bristles at the bottom side which gently cleans the pool. The ABS plastic material of the head means that the pool cleaner is made to clean your pool for years to come.

Extra features:

  • The vacuum port is made to fit 1.5-inch and 1.25-inch standard vacuum hoses.
  • The translucent material allows you to easily target dirt and ensures that the cleaner is doing what it is supposed to do.

5. Zodiac, Automatic In-Ground Pool Cleaner MX6

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By: Zodiac

Taking the fourth spot, just as the name suggests, this is an automatic pool cleaner that works perfectly for the in-ground pools. It comes with a low-flow design which makes it a perfect addition for any pool with 2-speed or variable speed pumps.

When it comes to efficiency, the cleaner is made to consume less energy compared to most pool cleaners of its caliber. The cyclonic suction ensures powerful vacuuming to keep your in-ground pool cleaner than ever before. The swiveling hoses feature a quick-connect style to make cleaning easy and super quick. The top quality materials ensure years of use but just in case you still doubt the performance, the pool is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Extra features:

  • The flow regulator helps to control the flow.
  • The articulating turbine blade ensures aggressive wall climbing.

4. VINGLI, Automatic Pool Cleaner

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By: Vingli

This high-quality vacuum cleaner is easy to set up hence perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to go through the complex assembling procedure. Most vacuum cleaners out there produce hammering noise. However, VINGLI automatic pool cleaner operates super quietly hence won’t irritate your ears.

It is perfectly designed to eliminate dirt, leaves, pebbles, debris, bugs, and short twigs. The wheel deflector means that the cleaner can clean the tight corners of the swimming pool while the great suction power delivers perfection when it comes to cleaning.

And because it is made to save you on cost for years, it comes with 10 replacement hoses. The cleaner easily attaches to an existing filtration system. The ability to clean quickly gives you and your loved ones more time to enjoy in the pool.

Extra features:

  • The cleaner doesn’t produce noise making it perfect for anyone who wants a quiet environment.

3. Dolphin, Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

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By: Dolphin

This reliable vacuum cleaner is equipped with 2 scrubbing brushes which help to remove the tough dirt at the bottom of the pool. Unlike most cleaners that move around the bottom of the pool in a random pattern, this amazing cleaner uses a programmed 2-hour cycle and the Clever Clean Technology to scan and make your pool floor completely clean.

The Dolphin Swivel Technology eliminates tangling and ensures complete pool coverage. Besides, the single button operation means that the cleaner is easy to use hence perfect for the new pool owners. The exceptional cleaning power gives you the best results. The extra-large filter system features 2 sets of filter cartridges which filter both small and large debris.

Extra features:

  • The 24-months warranty allows for worry-free purchasing since you have the peace of mind when it comes to quality.
  • Its operation is not dependent on the pool’s pump and filter hence you can clean your pool using less energy as compared to most vacuum cleaners.

2. Poolvergnuengen, Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000-013 The Pool Automatic Suction Pool Vacuum

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By: Poolvergnuengen

This pool cleaner can be available in 2 or 4-drive to suit all kinds of pools. The turbine vanes adjust automatically to ensure effortless debris management and maximum power at any flow rate. Moreover, the adjustable skirt and tire treads pair with the programmed steering for effortless wall climbing and maximized wall coverage to give you a clean pool surface.

The flexible turbine vanes capture large debris to deliver complete cleaning with a peace of mind. Moreover, the robust tire treads grant it unsurpassed climbing ability. The five variable programmable turns make the cleaner not just perfect for the deep end, but also the shallow end.

Extra features:

  • The front tires of the cleaner have raised treads to easily overcome obstacles such as uneven pool surfaces and the main drain. This makes the cleaner perfect for all pool surfaces and shapes.
  • The self-adjusting turbine vanes maximize the power from the water flow.

1. Zodiac, BARACUDA G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

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By: Zodiac

After dedicating some hours to research, we finally discovered this to be the best pool vacuum cleaner for it. Although it is a powerful suction cleaner, it operates quietly unlike most pool vacuum cleaners of the same class. Having been made with efficiency in mind, it works with low-speed pumps.

Moreover, whether your pool is invaded with large or small debris, this amazing cleaner is perfectly designed to devour both alike. The wheel deflector allows you to easily move the cleaner around the corner to remove dirt that settles at the corners of your pool. The long-life hoses won’t kink or tangle.

Extra features:

  • The diaphragm is durable and reliable.
  • It features a 36-Fin Disc which increases adhesion to pool surface and prevents the cleaner from getting hung-up on drains, lights, and other pool features.

Final thought

The fact is that a pool cleaner is a must-have tool for any pool owner. However, this doesn’t mean that you should go for any vacuum cleaner out there since not all are made to give you the kind of results you want. Well, with this review, we have narrowed down the options for you by examining the features of the best pool vacuum cleaners. Be sure to grab one from the list which seems to have the features you are after.

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