Top 10 Best Pop Up Tents in 2020


Walking around with traditional tents is hard to imagine, therefore, pop up tent comes in handy. The pop up tents are portable and they are easy to set up. With these tents, it will take you 1 to 5 minutes to set up. With the best pop up tent, you can get all the shade you need. You will even forget how scorching the sun is.

How to choose the best pop up tents:

How many people can the tent accommodate? When buying the pop-up tent, you should have a rough idea about the capacity you will need. Some can only shelter two people, while others can accommodate up to 4.

  • Material: The material of the tent enables it to have certain capabilities. For example; if the material is water resistant, you will be safer when it rains
  • Design: pop up tents come in different designs. Some come with floors, others pockets and such. Choose what you will find to be more useful.

10. e-joy, Automatic Pop Up Instant Portable Outdoors Beach Tent

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By: e-joy

A patented pop-up tent like this was designed to give you the easiest time possible. Popping it up and back down again, will literally take you seconds. No assembly whatsoever will be necessary. It has quite the upscale appearance. This is also partly because of the double type B dense interwoven mesh. The mesh also ensures that there is proper ventilation inside the tent. The entire design of this tent makes it worth every penny.

It is also very wind comprehensive. You will be confident in using it when the weather gets windy. This also applies to areas which tend to be gusty. Reason being, this tent can hold its own even when there are strong winds. It has four fixed bands and 2 built-in sand pockets for that. You will be able to use it for 2 to 4 adults. The headroom provided is more than enough.

9. Ylovetoys, Instant Beach Tent Easy Pop Up Tent

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By: Ylovetoys

This is the largest version of Ylovetoys pop up tents. It has been designed to provide extra shelter. This was done by making it with an extended dome. You appreciate this, even more, when you are taking shade under it. When opened it measures about 86.6(L)*49.2(W)*47.2(H). The tent is very spacious for 2 to 3 people. You can even use two beach chairs comfortably inside it. What’s more is that carrying it won’t strain you at all. It weighs a mere 5lbs.

It is an improvement from ordinary beach tents. This is because this pop-up tent has an easy up hub system, which was specially designed. The system ensures that the tent opens much faster and in an easier way. It entails an auto spring and poles, in order to carry that out. All you will need to open it is pull the drawstrings behind it. If you want to close it, make sure you fold the fabric and poles toward the hub.

8. KingCamp, Easy Set Up Instant UV Protection Beach Tent

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By: KingCamp

KingCamp decided to use a pre-assembled fiberglass poles system. This is how their pop-up tent is able to set up quickly. The tent is quite innovative and can accommodate 3 to 4 individuals. You could even say it’s oversized. With dimensions of 95″x55″x51″, this tent is 30% bigger than its competitors. I would recommend it for family use if you have a small family.

You can use it for almost any outdoor activity. It was built to last and can withstand rain, windfall, and UV. In fact, it will offer you UPF 50+ sun protection. The tent was made using PU coating fabric and 190T breathable polyester. It also has 3 large windows, to provide you with proper ventilation. It will still stand firm even when the winds come. The pop-up tent has 4 sand pockets, 8 steel nails, and Strength fiberglass easy-up scaffolds to deal with such situations.

7. Easthills Outdoors, Easy Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter

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By: Easthills Outdoors

When it comes to harmful UV rays, this tent will protect you with a 97.5% success rate. This is because the 185T polyester used to make it was coated with UPF 50+ protection. You can use it all day without such worries. Even if there were to be light showers, this tent is water resistant too. It is very spacious and even has a PE floor. The floor provides added comfort since you will be shielded from the damp ground. Its design adds an additional 43” porch, which can accommodate 2 adults and children or pets.

The windows on this tent, are better designed than most. Not only do they provide air circulation, but they also offer a great view. If you roll them up, you will be able to get a 360-degree view of your location. This is especially handy if you were in a place with different events simultaneously taking place. You could switch up and look at whichever one you wanted, without moving an inch.

6. G4Free, Large Pop Up Beach Tent

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By: G4Free

The fifth tent in our review is another great fit for people looking for versatility. You can use this tent at the beach, sporting event, park, or just relaxing in the backyard. You will be satisfied with the all-day shade it will give you. The pop-up tent won’t feel stuffy or hot, while you use it. It was designed with two large doors, which will help prevent that. More ventilation will also be provided by its 2 side mesh windows.

The company adhered to international standards when making it. All the materials used to make it are non-toxic. So you can rest assured that it will not cause you or your family any harm. The entire structure is very stable and it comes with 8 sandbags.

5. SpringBuds, Waterproof Anti UV Pop Up Beach Tent

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By: SpringBuds

SpringBuds’ pop up tent has a very practical design. The tent has a pair of internal pockets which you can use to store some of your personal items. You can temporarily put your keys, phone or even pocket change. Finding them, later on, will be much easier, since you had already organized them. For its set up and closure, it uses a three-pole pin and ring frame system. The process also includes shock-corded fiberglass poles.

When you make this purchase, you will get; 3 fiberglass poles, 4 ground stakes, and a carry bag with shoulder strap. The company will also offer you customer support and a 1-year warranty.

4. Meinstilin, Pop Up Sun Shelter

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By: Meinstilin

Meinstilin outdid themselves with this pop-up tent. They designed it such that, it can be pitched in a multitude of configurations. The simple construction makes this quite possible. When using it outdoors, you can support the tent with trees, alpenstock, and upright sticks. You have a wide variety of options to choose from. Its versatility enables it to compete with some of the biggest brand names available.

I would recommend this to people who want a large tent. The area it covers is about 7 ft. and it is also 7ft in height. You will be able to get cozy with 3 other people. This is the newest triangular tarp design available and incorporates innovative tech. The fine workmanship employed, will not leave you with any doubts about the structure.

3. ALPHA CAMP, Beach Tent Easy Up 2 Person Sun Shelter

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If you enjoy having a 360-degree view, this is another option you should consider. With Alpha Camp’s pop up tent, nothing will come at you unawares. You get to take in your surroundings properly, especially in a natural setting. It makes you appreciate everything around you, twice as much. The company used polyester taffeta fabric to make the tent. It was then coated with silver PU coating, which is eco-friendly. That is how the tent is able to provide 100% UV protection.

The tent measures about 102″L x 55″W x 52″H. With this size, it can properly accommodate three children or two adults. It will come with 3 sandbags and a carry bag. The company also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, on this purchase. You will also be able to get after sales services. The tent weighs about 5.5lbs, so you won’t strain yourself when carrying it.

2. Odoland, Large Size Easy Up Beach Tent

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By: Odoland

If you want an industry leading design, then this is the pop-up tent for you. It features an EasyUp Hub System, which is specially made. What makes it more unique is the French window, which was incorporated into its design. The French window works great when you are lying inside or sitting down. It is not the sole source of ventilation for the tent though. The tent has 3 mesh windows which maximize the air circulation.

The windows have shades, which provide additional protection from the sun. You will also get a great view from the tent. You’ll be impressed with its quick operation and how durable it is. It won’t get worn out easily like the competitions. Your purchase will also include 5 sand pockets and 4 stakes.

1. Gazelle, Pop Up Portable Camping Tent

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By: OutdoorsmanLab

We all fall prey to trying to carry everything we need at once. No one likes making trips back and forth. Thanks to OutdoorsmanLab, you no longer have to. Their pop up tent comes with a multifunctional carry bag. It is very unique and will allow you to transport other items as well. It has large pockets, for the extra accommodation.

The tent’s carry bag has both hand and back straps. For windy situations, the company provided 3 extra sand pockets and pegs. There will also be enough ventilation since it has a large mesh opening with cover.

Wrapping it up!

The kind of pop up tent you buy should also be influenced by the location where you are going to use it. At times you may need to set up in an area, which requires you to be aware of your surroundings. The best option to go with for such a scenario is one with a 360-degree view. You should at least make sure that the tent you have at the time, will offer you as great a view as possible.

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