Top 10 Best Portable Essential Oil Diffusers in 2021


Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oil diffusers to create a soothing environment. It helps purify the air and atmosphere in the room without using any chemical substance. Significantly the essential oil diffuser gives beneficial to your mind as it can improve sleeping and relaxation. Essential oil can be enhanced its effectiveness by blending two or more essential oils together. For instance, lavender and Chamomile sense are known for their abilities to unwind from the tough day.

The larger size of the essential oil diffuser eliminates the need for frequent refilling. Consequently, larger tanks offer more prolonged operations than small ones. More often than not, essential oil diffusers create a soothing and relaxing effect which results in unexpected sleep. Going for an auto shut-off set guarantees safety even when you fall asleep.The question is; how big is the area you intend to use your diffuser? Most manufacturers specify this but as a rule of the thumb, go for smoothing powerful for large rooms and the vice versa.

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Things to remember:

  • Clean regularly as per maintenance instructions to avoid malfunction.
  • Always unplug from power supply before maintenance.
  • Keep the product away from heat sources, air conditioners or fans.
  • Use pure water only, does not use mineral water sparking water etc.

Like most products, the performance of portable essential oil diffusers varies from one brand to the other. Before making a purchase, always consider all the possible features.

10. Anthun, Essential Oil Diffusers

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By: Anthun

This is a perfect dehumidifier ideal for creating a healthy and breathable environment. It comes in a beautiful art peice design. The Anthun oil diffuser uses the advanced high-frequency ultrasonic atomization technology which atomize the essential oil into tiny particles and diffuses with the water mist in the air, and produce negative ions to improve air quality.

This oil diffuser has 7-color night lights and 2 working modes: continuous spray (5 hours) and intermittent spray (10 hours). It uses low-noise fans so that it is quiet and won’t affect while you’re sleeping.  

Key Features:

  • 120ml
  • The light function will only work if the mist function is turned OFF.
  • It is automatically shut off when the water level gets too low.

9. Pinko, BBSKIN Mini Kids USB Essential Oil Diffuser

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By: Pinko

The Pinko essential oil diffuser fills your rooms with a lovely scent which lifts your spirit. It’s ideal for masking pet odors and that stubborn smoke. The whisper-quiet operation makes it perfect for use in the bedroom. This product also acts as a humidifier. It removes dry and stuffy air from your rooms, making them comfortable. Furthermore, the product also soothes your skin in those dry winter months.

The seven soothing lights rejuvenate your spirit for ultimate relaxation. You also get the option to adjust the lights between dim and bright modes. For those scared of nights, the lights guarantee a comfortable sleep. The compact design makes it perfect for spas, yoga, and office, home, and baby rooms.

Key Features:

  • 80ml
  • It offers fogging for 6 hours
  • The product provides easy operation

8. The Essential Wellness, Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy Diffuser

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By: The Essential Wellness

This product features a BPA-free material making it safe for use. It also offers seven soothing lights for ultimate comfort. Besides, the product features an ultrasonic diffusion which provides a comfortable environment without changing the temperatures of the room. The high performance breaks essential oils and water into tiny pieces for easy absorption by the body.

Additionally, the unique design makes it ideal for use with different scents. To set it up, fill your reservoir with water and some drops of your favorite fragrances and start enjoying a soothing environment. It also dehumidifies the air making the room perfect for those with a dry cough. Lastly, the portable design makes it an ideal product for yoga and other activities.

Key Features:

  • 300ml.
  • The seven changing colors offer adequate mood determination.
  • This diffuser provides four timer options.

7. Sierra Modern Home, Smart Wifi Wireless Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

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By: Sierra Modern Home

The Sierra Modern Home portable essential oils diffuser features an advanced smart operation. The intelligent feature allows for a wireless service making the product quite convenient. Similarly, the product offers an intelligent powering making it a significant investment. You could either choose to use it like an ordinary diffuser or download the app for smart operation.

Additionally, this product offers various variations on light intensity, color, and timer settings. It also allows for scheduling from the comfort of your phone. Something else, the large 400ml reservoir delivers up to 12 hours of a misty environment. This product provides a 360-degree supply of vapor and oil molecules, keeping your home comfortable and healthy.

Furthermore, the product offers convenient scheduling thanks to the smart app. It allows one to set specific diffusion times, therefore, eliminating the need for manual operations. The app also features an easy-to-use design making it perfect for everyone.

Key Features:

  • 400ml.
  • The quickstart app offers convenient operations.
  • You get a warranty of one year.

6. Weiai, Portable USB Charged Essential Oil Diffuser Travel Diffuser

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By: Weiai

The Weiai portable essential oil diffuser comes with a larger 200ML reservoir which delivers hours of misty environment. It keeps your hair fresh and humidified for ultimate comfort and soothing effects. Another thing, this is a portable product ideal for carrying to different places, including homes and the office. The chargeable lights offer adequate warm for a great sleep. The lights create a perfect environment for one to comfortably sleep and rest at night with the bright and dim modes. What’s more, this product conveniently recharges using a USB cable, making it an ideal traveling companion. It delivers a spray of up to 30ml after every hour and also lasts for up to 8 hours for a great experience.

Key Features:

  • 30ml.
  • This is a portable essential oil diffuser.
  • The package includes the necessary accessories.

5. CHENGZEYI, USB Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

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This aromatherapy portable oil diffuser comes with seven warm colors which create a perfect environment for a good sleep and relaxation. The seven colors create a relaxed mood while the warming effect soothes one to sleep. After you’re asleep, this product comes with an auto-shutoff feature which automatically turns off the diffuser. This way, you won’t need to wake up to switch it off.

This portable oil diffuser also comes in compact construction, making it ideal for use in the car, study room, yoga or at the spa. Besides diffusion, this product also offers excellent humidification of the room, thus ensuring that you have the perfect environment. The diffuser also provides smooth operation where the top twists off for easy addition of water and other ingredients. It comes with a convenient start button which offers stable operations. Unlike most diffusers, this package provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Key Features:

  • 100ml.
  • The portable size makes it an ideal diffuser for creating a comfortable environment anywhere at home.
  • It features a multi-functional construction making it versatile.

4. Weftnom, Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser

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By: Weftnom

This battery-powered diffuser features a portable design making it ideal for carrying anywhere within your home. Additionally, the product offers a quiet operation which makes it perfect for use in the bedroom. Something else which makes this portable essential oil diffuser perfect is the convenient USB charging feature. The USB feature allows one to charge and use the diffuser even when traveling conveniently.

Furthermore, this product features an easy-to-use construction making it ideal for everyone. It comes with refillable pads which make it economical. The easy-to-use construction allows one to start it by pressing the convenient power button. Furthermore, the removable refill pads offer easy cleaning for adequate convenience.

Key Features:

  • It works silently and smoothly
  • It releases a breeze instead of heavy winds, thus keeping the fragrances for longer.

3. Ominilight, Essential Oil Diffuser Waterless

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By: Ominilight

This is a perfect portable oil diffuser which requires no water at all. It boasts a small and compact size, making it an ideal purchase for most people. Additionally, this portable oil diffuser delivers a soothing effect without altering the temperatures of your home. It also offers easy and straightforward operation and setup, making it convenient. Breaking the oils to their purest form ensures that it delivers a safe and clean environment across the house.

Besides, this product also features a USB-powered construction making it ideal for use in cars. The accompanying car cup holders make the set perfect for traveling. Furthermore, the package includes a carrying bag for safe storage when not in use. Something else, this product comes with a large reservoir which delivers hours of effectively supply of sweet aroma. The four-timer settings allow one to determine which combination works perfectly.

Key Features:

  • 10ml.
  • The product comes in a stylish design making it attractive
  • The safe BPA-free material makes it safe for use.

2. URPOWER, 2nd Version Diffuser Aroma Essential Oil

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Like all the top-tier portable essential oil diffusers, this one features an ultrasonic operation making it the best option on the market. It is an advanced and upgraded version of the previous models, which makes it a must-purchase. It releases more mist than the previous versions and also lasts longer than the rest.

The manufacturer recommends the user of natural, non-toxic oils for the safety and durability of your device. With proper care, this diffuser guarantees years of service and also offers easy setup and operation. Its ultrasonic process delivers the right environment but never raises temperatures to extreme levels. What’s more, this product features a stylish design making it an addition into your home décor. The versatile and multi-functional design makes it ideal for humidification and soothing.

Key Features:

  • 100ml.
  • The seven changing colors offer a peaceful sleep.
  • It offers auto on/off feature

1. ASAKUKI,  Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

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This versatile product features a 5-in-1 design making it one of the most excellent portable essential oil diffusers on the market. The ultra-sonic feature makes it perfect for creating a soothing environment for ultimate relaxation. Additionally, the product also features a sizeable 300ml reservoir which offers hours of misty soothing.

The seven LED colors create a pleasant environment for those afraid of darkness at night. It even comes with an auto-switch which ensures that it never overheats after running out of water. Besides its use as a diffuser, the product also humidifiers the air making it ideal for those with dry coughs and other ailments. This oil diffuser creates a perfect environment free of dust, allergens, and microorganisms. It also features a top-quality construction with eco-friendly materials which make it safe for everyone. The attractive design makes it ideal for almost every room in your home.

Key Features:

  • 300ML.
  • The portable design makes it perfect for different places.
  • You get a 1-year warranty.

Final Thoughts!

Essential oil diffusers keep your home comfortable and healthy. They also create a calm environment for relaxation and sleep. All the products listed above offer soothing effect, perfect diffusion, and adequate humidification.

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