Top 10 Best Portable Impulse Sealers in 2021


We all package for different reasons. Some of us run businesses and need the impulse sealers to properly package our products. Having an impulse sealer will be much cheaper for business, compared to paying for package sealing. Impulse sealers are portable and work fast, they work in a matter of seconds. Others may need the sealers package things for preservation purposes. This mainly applies to those who are using it in the kitchen. Finding the right impulse sealer is not easy, but we are here to guide you through it.

How to choose the best impulse sealer:

  • Size: You should consider if the size of the impulse sealer will be appropriate for your packages. A small sealer can’t work with big packages. The thickness will also matter in this case.
  • Heat adjustments: Make sure the sealer has adjustment features, to allow you to work with different packaging materials.
  • Durability: Since you will be using it often, you need to ensure that the sealer was built for consistent usage. It will last you for a good duration of time if the materials used were also of excellent quality.

10. Super buy, Heat Sealing Hand Impulse Sealer Machine

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By: Super buy

Super buy offers you a professional grade impulse heat sealer. The sealing element on it is about 12” long and it has 8 levels of settings. It was designed with a timer which can be adjusted and can be used with bags that have different types of thickness. The sealer is very compact and comes with a desktop-style design. Compared to plastic sealing machines, you will find this sealer’s construction to be much stronger.

The company used a metal case construction and used a paint finish which is durable. No rust or corrosion will ever take place, thanks to the paint. You will find its lifespan to be longer than you expected. Once it’s on, the sealer can be used immediately. It doesn’t need any time to warm up. Your poly plastic bags will be sealed in 0.2 to 1.3 seconds.


  • It has an ABS handle which is heat resistant.
  • The handle is also resistant to electricity.

9. Yugee, Impulse Manual Hand Sealer Heat Sealing Machine

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By: Yugee

Yugee’s impulse heat sealer measures about 330mmX70mm. You will find it conveniently small and the design is also ergonomic. This means that it will be very comfortable in your hands. You can use it for a wide number of applications. The sealer can be used for retail, produce, grocery stores, industrial sealing and even in households. This is also possible since it was designed for use with different types of materials.

The impulse sealer can be used with heat sealable bags such as; Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Polyvinylchloride, Polypropylene, Pliofilm, Tivac, Saran, Kel-F, Mylar, Polyflex, and P.V.A., among others. It is popular because of its extensive usage. The company ensured that it had 8 gears, for it to meet such kinds of needs. The machine uses a one-key-operation for the variety of bags and foods as well.


  • The impulse sealer consumes very little power.
  • It can seal more than 5000 bags with just one heat strip.

8. LIMNUO, Heat Seal Closer

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LIMNUO offers a great option for people who want an 8-inch sealing element. The impulse sealer was designed to make you use as little effort as possible. This comes in handy when you have a ton of bags to work on. You could even say it is the best labor-saving option there is. The sealing control timer it comes with can be adjusted depending on the needs of the bags you are using. The timer is easy to set up and even has a ready light as well.

The front knob is where the time adjustments can be made. In order to tell if the heating element has changed, you will hear a click when you press the top bar to seal. A red light indication will also come on as well. The impulse sealer can be used with bags that have a minimum thickness of 0.2mil. The thickest bags that can be used with this sealer should be 7.9mil.


  • The impulse sealer’s heating time is 0.2 – 1.5s.
  • The machine has a sealing width of 2mm to 78.7mil.

7. ROVSUN, Manual Bag Heat Sealer

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Despite this ROVSUN impulse sealer being made from cast metal, it is very light and easy to carry around. This is one of the finest quality options available in the market. Much like some of the impulse sealers we have already gone through, this one also comes with a timer as well. The maximum thickness that this bag can handle is about 10mils. It uses about 300W and has dimensions of about 12.4″ x 3.34″ x 3.34″ (L x W x H).

The company took your safety into consideration while making it. To ensure this, they created the sealer with a heat dissipation design at the bottom. The impulse sealer’s effectiveness can also be attributed to the high-temperature resistant cloth it uses. The cloth combined with the high-quality electric heating wire built with it, ensure its great performance.


  • The sealer comes with extra sealing elements.
  • You will also get an instruction manual for more guidance.

6. LinsnField, Patented Impulse Heat Sealer Machine

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By: LinsnField

With LInsnField’s impulse sealer, you will have access to their patented Industry-Leading Technology. It is the only sealer which has the Never Burn Out Patent. You should be very cautious because there are many other counterfeits, which claim to have the same. You should not fall prey to them. The machine uses a coil made from pure copper.

The copper ensures that loss of heat and work is reduced. That is part of the reason why it lasts longer than most sealing machines on the market. The sealer does not give out any odor and doesn’t have any toxicity. It’s also resistant to rust thanks to its heavy-duty construction. The fact that it has been re-enforced, contributes to its durability as well. The company’s customer support is always available and friendly.


  • The impulse sealer has a 12-month worry-free warranty.
  • You will also get 1 extra heat seal strip.

5. Metronic, Impulse Bag Sealer Poly Bag Sealing Machine

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By: Metronic

The aim of making this Metronic impulse sealer was to improve the models that came before it. This machine solves the problems that the initial makes had. The quality has been upgraded and it is much more stable than the other ones were. The transformer uses a thick copper wire. Other impulse sealers often use aluminum, which in turn doesn’t last very long.

The company also used Silicon steel sheet with high silicon content. This is how they were able to reduce the core loss effectively. One other benefit that has, is the increase of its permeability. The machine’s magnetic aging will also be reduced significantly. For rust prevention measures, the silicon steel surface and its double paint finish do a great job.


  • The sealer was built according to superior German export standards.
  • It also has a temperature adjustment features.

4. Yescom, Impulse Manual Hand Sealer Heat Sealing Machine

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By: Yescom

If you want an affordable way to meet your packaging needs, you have come to the right place. Yescom offers you a brand new impulse sealer with extra Teflon sheets, extra sealing elements, and an instruction manual. You don’t have to worry about your energy bills, the machine has very low power consumption. It weighs approximately 3.57lbs and can handle a 15.7 mil thickness. This is quite impressive for its size.

The impulse sealer has a minimum sealing thickness of 0.4mm and a sealing width of about 2mm to 78.7mil. Its sealing length is approximately 300mm to 11811 mils. You can use it in many places such as cafe shops, candy stores, snack booths, medicine shops, small factories, households, supermarkets, kitchens, and stores.


  • The impulse sealer has a 0.2s – 1.5s heating time.
  • It also has an auto LED shut-off indicator light.

3. Bag-N-Seal, Cellophane Bag Sealer

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By: Bag-N-Seal

Bag-N-Seal provides an impulse sealer which has an 8-inch sealing length. It has a 300W impulse power and can be used with a maximum thickness of 6mil. You can use it with heat sealable materials such as; Polyethylene, polyurethane, polyvinylchloride, polypropylene, pliofilm, tivac, saran, kel-F, Mylar, polyflex, and P.V.A. All you will need to do is just switch it on and seal away.

If you are unsure about the settings you need, you can set aside a test bag to start with. With the test bag, you can experiment with various heat settings until you find the optimum one. This way you will not put your final product at any risk. Just make sure that you inspect the seals as your package. Your purchase will include 2 of each heating element wires.


  • You will also get a Teflon cloth strip with your purchase.
  • The impulse sealer comes in a black color.

2. JORESTECH, Impulse Manual Bag Sealer Heat Seal Closer

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JORESTECH is another company which offers you a full spare parts kit. Their impulse sealer will come with 2 PTFE sheets and 2 sealing elements. The company focuses on the satisfaction of their customers and thrives to meet consumer expectations. That is why they always deliver high standard products. You will also get an offer of complimentary testing services if you make this purchase. This way you will be able to know if the sealer will be compatible, with the application and packaging you plan to use it for.

I would recommend this purchase to individuals who use heavy multi-laminated bags. They will extremely benefit from the testing services which come with the purchase. The company readily offers technical assistance as well. You will never get stuck with this impulse sealer. The customer support is quite exemplary.


  • The sealer has a 0-3.5 Sec heating time.
  • Its sealing length is 4″ (100 mm) and width is 1/16″ (2 mm).

1. PrimeTrendz, Hand Impulse Sealer Heat Seal Machine

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By: PrimeTrendz TM

The first place in the top 10 best impulse sealers review, goes to the PrimeTrendz Impulse Sealer. This 12-inch sealer stands as the consumer favorite today. It is exclusively sold by USA CASH AND CARRY. If you buy from other listings, you are probably going to get knock-off versions of the impulse sealer. It was created collaboratively by USA Cash and Carry – PrimeTrendz TM. It is a professional grade option which will have a positive effect on your business.

The machine has a 450W impulse power and a sealing thickness of 0.4mm. The sealer’s timer is easy to use since it has a ready indicator light. The heating time is also quite good at 0.2-1.5 (sec). Its overall measurements are 3.5″ x 17″ x 7″ and its sealing width is about 3mm.


  • It comes with 1 free replacement elements.
  • You will also get 1 free Teflon tape as well.

Final Thoughts!

We are confident that you are not going to walk out empty handed from this review. We have ensured to provide you with impulse sealers of varied sizes. The smallest impulse sealer being of 4 inches while the largest being of 12 inches.

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