Top 10 Best Portable Spin Dryers in 2021


Most modern homes have the washing machine. They make cleaning less tedious and faster as well. The problem comes in where not everyone can have one. The reasons differ, but that is what gave rise to the best portable spin dryers. The compact dryers come in handy, for people who live in places where they can’t have the conventional machine. This is because they need plumbing and installing them is an entire process. As a result, it became easier for people to go to Laundromats instead.

The portable spin dryers help extract the water and dry the clothes quicker. It is great for outdoor use since you can move around with them, you are able to clean your clothes at any location. Moreover, compared to the conventional dryers, they are much cheaper.

The truth is, not everyone loves going to the Laundromats. If you are such kind of a person, then this review is exactly what you need. For people who stay in Dorms, Condos, Motor Homes, and apartments, portable spin dryers have made a big difference. They are great for overnight outdoor activities and road trips. Having one when you are Camping or for your RV, is the best thing you can do.

Top Pick

How to choose a portable spin dryer:

You should at least check out a few things, before purchasing one:

  • Capacity: Portable dryers all differ in capacity. Some can handle only 2lbs worth of laundry, while others can even handle 13lbs. Make sure your selected option will be able to handle your laundry quantity.
  • Purpose: Why do you need the portable spin dryer? A dryer for a camping trip won’t need to be as large as one for home usage. If you need one for traveling with, the smaller capacity the better.
  • Energy needs: some dryers use so much energy while others are energy efficient. You should look at such features before you end up with ridiculous bills. There are also portable spin dryers, which don’t even need electricity to function.
  • Size: This is very crucial, especially when it comes to storage space. We earlier mentioned that people want portable spin dryers for different purposes. If you live in a small apartment, you should pick one that will not hinder you. Alternatively, a person who is traveling with one will need a smaller size. The dryer should be able to easily fit in the car or means of transport.

10. Safeplus, Compact Mini Twin Tub Washer and Spin Dryer


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By: Safeplus

It goes without saying that Safeplus is a top brand mini twin tub washing machine. The great thing about this portable washer and spin dryer is the fact that it gives you options with separate timer control settings for washer and spinner operations.

The Safeplus portable washing machine has 5 kinds of washing timer (0/3/6/9/12/15 mins) and 3 washing modes Standard/Drain/Soft and also 5 kinds of spinning time (0/1/2/3/4/5 mins).

Even though this washing machine is a mini one, it provides 150W of washing power and 80W of spin power. It is a very portable design washing machine with a dimension of 22.6″ x 14.0″ x 22.2″ (L x W x H), which is perfect for small space, dorm or even for outdoor use.

9. KUPPET, Mini Portable Washing Machine & Spin Dryer

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Even when you have a portable spin dryer, it will take you a considerable amount of time if you have huge loads of laundry. KUPPET has the best solution, for helping you save even more time and energy. They designed this portable machine and spin dryer, with a dual function feature. It is capable of both washing and spin drying at the same time. You can finally do twice as much, in a fraction of the time.

It is very easy to operate. You’ll just put your clothes and some water, then leave after setting the timer. KUPPET has one of the most eco-friendly designs, which will ultimately help you save money. It has a drainage tube which drains out all the dirty water. Its drainage mechanism is better than what others have.

8. Costway, Mini Washing Machine

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By: Costway

I will always recommend getting machines and appliances which are user-friendly. This costway portable spin dryer is highly rated because of that. Its entire design is based on the easy operation. It even has a clear lid. Being able to see through the lid, will make it simple for you to monitor the water condition. The spinning duration can be selected based on the amount of laundry you are dealing with. They timing is divided in to; 1 minute, 3 minutes and 5 minutes.

Costway constructed this machine with a big and small wavy wheel. This is what brings about the upgraded performance. It includes a special cycle watercourse and stronger currents as well. Your clothes will end up cleaner than ever before.

7. COSTWAY, 1700W Electric Portable Clothes Dryer

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COSTWAY spin dryer takes the lead when compared to the other countertop portable spin dryers in the market. First of all, it has a spacious capacity and dries up to 13.2lbs of clothing, which meets the drying needs of the whole family. It features a powerful 120v/60Hz motor unit and PTC heat element; the inner drum will rapidly form the warm airflow to provide stable drying performance in low noise.

The electric spin dryer is easy to use. The selected intelligent program has been set according to the material and quantity of clothing, suitable for every member in the house to operate. This COSTWAY portable spin dryer ensures to deliver clean and evenly dried clothes for the family.

6. Pyle, Upgraded Version Mini Pyle Portable Washer & Spin Dryer

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By: Pyle

If you prefer top loading systems, then we have saved the best for last. Not only will you be getting a portable spin dryer, but a washing machine too. It has a washer capacity of 7.7lbs and a 3.3lbs spin dryer capacity. It is one of the best portable washers because it has excellent features even at its size.

No plumbing, special parts, or complicated installation processes will be necessary. You can use it immediately you get it. It has rotary controls, for the spin timer, program, wash timer and drain selector. You will also get a drain hose with your purchase.

5. Avalon Bay, Portable Non-Electric Washing Machine and Spin Dryer

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By: Avalon Bay

Ecospin is a perfect companion to the EcoWash washing machine. This portable spin dryer takes just a few minutes to dry up to 4.5 pounds of clothes. The Avalon Bay EcoSpin has a unique design to it. Your clothes won’t be destroyed as you use it over time. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t have any agitators or heating elements which cause that to happen. The spinner dries your clothes up to 95%. They will take so little time to dry up, thanks to this.

It is the best option for people who want to save on their energy bills. The fact that it doesn’t even need electricity, makes it great for outdoor activities. On top of that, the amount of water and detergent it needs is lesser than what washing machines require.

4. Giantex, Portable Mini Washing Machine

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By: Giantex

This is another great option for people seeking both, a mini washing machine and spin dryer. The features it is capable of also include gravity draining. It is a great fit for people living in small apartments. It is capable of washing a wide range of clothes. They include; socks, 2-3 pairs of jeans, shirts, children’s clothes, underwear, and even fleece blankets. You will be very satisfied with the results you get.

When it comes to in-between laundry hauls, you will appreciate the amount it washes. This machine will actually help reduce the need for such hauls. It is a great purchase, considering its price and what it offers.

3. Best Choice Products, Portable Mini Washing Machine



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By: Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products portable washing machine is another best option for those who want both a washing machine and spin cycle. The washer is capable of handling up to 6.6 lbs of laundry.

The portable washing machine features a 15-minute auto-stop timer conveniently so that you can save time to take care of other tasks and come back when it’s done. The compact washing machine is very light, making it portable and also space-saving. It has dimensions of about 13″(L) x 12″(W) x 20.5″(H).

2. Panda, 3200 rpm Portable Spin Dryer

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By: Panda

Panda strikes again, with another portable spin dryer to watch out for. This one is made of stainless steel and requires a 110V outlet. Its entire design was meant for indoor usage. Having it will dramatically reduce the drying time your clothes would usually take. Your clothes will not be 100% but they will only be slightly damp. The spin dryer has a large capacity, compared to most of its competitors.

Because of its design, it easily blends in with most decors. You can put it anywhere in your home, and it will not look out of place. Moving it around your home will not be an issue at all. This panda portable spin dryer utilizes gravity draining. This is a big advantage because it doesn’t need to be located to a sink or drain. All you’ll need is a small bucket. The purpose of the bucket is to catch water under the outlet.

1. SEAAN, Portable Spin Dryer for Clothes


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SEAAN portable spin dryer is a new design in 2021. It is made from a high-quality material ensuring for solid construction. The spin dryer can be placed up to 8 pieces of spring and summer clothes or 1-3 pieces of autumn clothes. This is a manual spin dryer meaning you don’t need electricity to operate. The SEAAN spin dryer features a maximum speed of 2500rpm allows the clothes to be dehydrated quickly in 10 seconds. This portable spin dryer is best for outdoor use or any restricted electricity consumption area.

Wrapping it up!

We have now come to the end, of the Top 10 best portable spin dryers review. Despite the fact that all the listed options are portable, they differ in one way or another. Some can be used both outdoors and indoors. While others can only be used indoors. Make sure the option you settle on, will meet your needs both in the present and in the future.

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