Top 10 Best Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers in 2021


Waterproof Bluetooth speakers are not only water-resistant but also portable and you can take them with you and use them in any water environment with no worries. Due to their waterproof shell, these speakers are durable and can take anything thrown at them be it, snow, dirt, mud and can survive being dropped too. The compact design and lightweight nature make these speakers easy to carry around. Some even come with clips that you can use to hook onto backpacks, bicycle, and clothes and listen to your music anywhere you go.

These speakers don’t need a tech-savvy user to operate. They come with the instruction manual that even a 5-year-old can understand. They are easy to use and do not need any installation whatsoever, just connect and play. Let’s now take a look at some of the best portable waterproof Bluetooth speakers this year.

How to choose the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker

  • NFC Pairing: NCF pairing is abbreviation for Near-Field Communication and it helps speakers recognize any Bluetooth device automatically. Most speakers identify your Bluetooth device when you try to reconnect the second time while some do not. Choose one that has automatic NFC pairing as it convenient and saves you time that you will need to rediscover the speaker and pair again.
  • Battery Life: It is important to choose a waterproof Bluetooth speaker with the best battery life. This comes in handy when you need to use it for all-day adventures or long trips. The battery of a speaker is measured in mAh. The higher the level of mAh the longer the battery will last. The best speaker should have a battery life of 8 to 24 hours when charged. Battery life also depends on the volume output settings. Other speakers can also double as a power bank and you can use them to charge other devices because they have excellent battery power.
  • Durability: This is the most crucial factor to look for when shopping for waterproof Bluetooth speaker. You don’t want a speaker that will fail on you after only a few uses. How you use your speaker greatly determines its durability. If you tend to use it outdoor most of the time, choose a rugged one because it can withstand dust, water, shock and dirt.
  • Portability: You should check the weight of a speaker as this affects how portable it is. Heavy speakers can weigh you down when you are camping or on a trip, therefore, choose the lighter ones as they are convenient and easy to carry around.
  • IPX ratings: IPX ratings mean the level of water resistance a speaker can withstand when immersed in water. IPX rating generally ranges from 0 to 7 with 0 being the lowest and 7 being the highest protection. Choose your Bluetooth speaker according to the kind of protection you need and the level of use for the speaker outdoors.

10. GoodPro, Portable Wireless Waterproof Speaker HD Sound

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By: GoodPro

This HD waterproof Bluetooth speaker has made it to our list. It boasts great features like 3-8 hours of battery life, the best waterproof rating, hands-free calling and much more. This speaker has a high-fidelity audio sound that fills the room with clear music and offers great performance outside.

Its waterproof nature makes it a wonderful companion for watery environments like the beach, boat, bath tub and much more. In addition, it connects to Smartphones, tablets, TV and computers easily and fast. With this speaker, you can easily control the volume and switch songs. It is portable and can withstand full immersion of up to 3 feet water depth and uses 3 watts of power.

9. Basspal, IPX7 Portable Wireless Waterproof Speaker

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By: Basspal

The basal IPX rating of 7 makes this waterproof Bluetooth speaker amazing since it can be immersed in 3 feet water for up to 30 minutes. This makes it perfect for shower radios, tub or pool speaker or even beach speaker. It features a suction cap that can stick to mirror, shower wall kitchen counter or any smooth surface; therefore, you can listen to your music anywhere.

Additionally, it produces, clear, loud, strong bass sound that fills the room and its compact design makes it easy to carry around for outdoor activities. It is also easy to use and connects very fast to any Bluetooth device from up to 33feet away. This waterproof speaker features a built-in FM radio, microphone, charging cable, and a 30-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.

8. Tsumbay, Mini Portable Bluetooth Speakers

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By: Tsumbay

This mini Tsumbay IPX6 water resistant Bluetooth speaker will thrill you with thumping bass sound and 20 hours play time. With its 5W RMS drivers and small but powerful sub woofer, you will get to experience awesome sound quality. It combines latest Bluetooth technology and amazing compatibility with all Bluetooth devices and also allows wired connectivity; therefore, you get to enjoy music on all your devices.

Not only is it waterproof but also, mud, dirt, and dust proof thanks to the rugged cover. This rugged cover also offers sturdy grip for you to hook it onto your back pack or bicycle and take it with you .It is great for pool, shower, biking, riding and much more. Lastly, it is powered by 2000mAh rechargeable battery.

7. TREBLAB, HD55 – Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker

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By: Treblab

The compact TREBLAB HD55 features a cool design, 10 hours battery life and 12w drivers plus dual bass radiators that produce loud, deep bass and clear sound. It easily pairs with any Bluetooth device or non-Bluetooth device via aux jack. You can use it to listen to music in your iOS or Android device such as Smartphone, laptop or tablet. It comes with 2 washable speaker covers in red and black and this ensures you always have a clean speaker every time. Lastly it is covered by a limited life warranty and 30 day return in case of any defect.

6. ECEEN, Pool Floating Bluetooth Speakers

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With a waterproof level of IPX7, this speaker is a superb choice for use around the beach, swimming pool, baths and any other water environment. You can immerse it up to 3feet in water for 30 minutes with no worry. It features a floating design that allows you to swim, bath, kayak or shower up to 24 hours.

Additionally, this waterproof speaker produces excellent HD sound that greatly fills any room, indoors or outdoors with amazing deep bass. Moreover, it easily connects to any Bluetooth enabled device and you can adjust volume, play back, forward or pause music with the easily identified controls at the front. Last of all, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker can last up to 5 hours of continuous use and connects up to a distance of 100-120ft.

5. AOMAIS, GO Bluetooth Speakers

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The AOMAIS waterproof Bluetooth speaker is able to bear up a full water immersion of up to 33 feet for 30 minutes. In addition to being waterproof, it is dustproof, mud-proof, snow-proof and this feature makes it the perfect outdoor speaker. You can use this waterproof Bluetooth speaker when in the bathroom when swimming, hiking, boating in any other activity with confidence.

In addition, this speaker produces a clear and rich sound that offers the best audio experience both indoors and outdoors. It easily connects to any Bluetooth device such as phones, tablets, PCs and TVs. When it comes to non-Bluetooth devices, it uses audio jack for connection. You will find it handy when it comes to a hands-free phone conversation. It even supports karaoke when you use the 3.5 mm external microphone.

The 30W sound offers amazing booming bass when you turn the full volume up with less than one % harmonic distortion. In addition, the battery life is 7200mAh and is rechargeable and can go up to 30 hours and gets full charges in about 3 hours. You can even use this speaker as a power source for your phone so that you don’t worry about your phone dying on you when listening to your favorite music.

Last but not least it is available in an array of color to choose from and comes with USB charging cable, AC adaptor, Aux Cable, instruction manual, carrying case and a 1 year worry free warranty plus lifetime customer service.

4. JBL, Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Just like the name suggest, this speaker features a clip that you can use to hook it onto your backpack or bicycle and take it with you. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a light-weight, rugged, powerful and a portable speaker. It is fully waterproof and provides 8 hours of playtime thus allowing you to listen to your music wherever you go whether on land or water.

You can also listen to your music by plugging in any Smartphone or tablet with its included audio cable. If you need more sound, you can also wirelessly connect two of these speakers together and enjoy the more amplified sound. In addition, this speaker allows you to receive and make phone calls.

3. Sony, XB40 Portable Wireless Speaker

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By: Sony
Sony XB40 Portable Wireless Speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market. The IPX5 water resistant level allows you to enjoy indoor and outdoor sound experience. It comes with some of the best features than any other Bluetooth speaker. For instance, it has built-in multicolored lights, speaker light and a strobe light that creates a disco-like experience as you listen to the beats. Another amazing feature is the 24 hours battery life that ensures that you can listen to your music all day and night. Additionally, it has voice features that tells you the level of battery life and when you should charge it.

Thanks to the dual passive radiators and 2 full- range speakers, you will feel the music with extra base despite the compact size. It easily connects with your Smartphone and any other Bluetooth device. If you are having a party and need more sound, no problem, just connect up to 10 speakers and synchronize the music and you will be listening to the same beat. Lastly, it offers hands free services like changing music; controlling the lights, and Dj sound effects all from your phone.

2. JBL, Charge 3 JBLCHARGE3BLKAM Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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This is another great waterproof Bluetooth speaker by JBL. It is able to connect wirelessly up to 3 phones or tablets and take turns playing powerful sounds. You will be pleased with the lithium-ion battery that allows up to 20 hours of play time so that you can listen to your songs longer. It has an amazing water resistance of IPX7 that allows you to submerge it up to 1meter in water without any issue. Additionally, you can use it to take clear phone calls because it has an echo-cancelling feature.

1. Bose, SoundLink Revolve+ Portable & Long-Lasting Bluetooth 360 Speaker

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By: Bose

The Bose waterproof Bluetooth speaker is not only efficient but has a contemporary look. It is the best performing waterproof speaker and that why it is top on our list. It delivers high-quality sound that fills the room in every direction. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is portable thanks to the included flexible handle. The aluminum body provides durability while the waterproof design allows use in watery environments.

It is powered by a rechargeable battery that offers up to 16 hours of play time. When play time is over, you can easily charge it with a USB cable. In addition, it has a built-in speaker phone that allows you to take clear phone calls. Lastly, it comes with Sound Link Revolve, USB cable, wall charger and is available in Triple black and Lux gray.

Wrapping it up!

Music is food for the soul. And for this reason, you deserve to listen to it anywhere on land or in water. Many times we are unable to listen to music in certain environments like the beach, shower, tubs or swimming pools because we fear we might damage out Bluetooth speakers. But you don’t have to worry anymore, thanks to the above portable waterproof Bluetooth speakers that allow you to listen to your favorite music anywhere.

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