Top 10 Best Salad Spinners in 2021


Vegetables are necessary for our daily diet. While preparing your salad, you will need to dry the ingredients. That’s why you need a salad spinner. Salad spinners can drain your salad and get rid of excess water. Some of them even act as storages for your salad and keep it fresh for several days.

Different salad spinners come in different sizes. If you have a large family or need to prepare more salad, consider going for the larger options. Some of them measure 3-quarts while others measure up to 10-quarts. Picking a simple salad spinner is always a great idea. Simple models offer a single-button operation. You shouldn’t go for those models that require complicated procedures to work. You should consider picking a safe, non-toxic, durable and BPA-free material. Food-grade stainless steel or food-grade plastic would be a perfect choice.

In this review, we shall take you through the top 10 brands on the market.

10. Zyliss, Easy Spin Salad Spinner

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By: Zyliss

The Zyliss salad spinner boasts a compact construction that offers convenient operations. It features a white construction and is made using sturdy and durable materials. With its retractable cord, this salad spinner saves space when not in use. The Zyliss spinner also has an excellent braking system that gets rid of excess water with unmatched ease.

The lid easily separates for convenient and easy cleaning. Additionally, the lid also offers easy drying and removal of excess water. The spinner also works as a place for storing already-made salad. It will keep your salad fresh for several days. This way, you don’t have to prepare it each day.
Key features:

  • The spinner is guaranteed for five years
  • Affordable price.

9. Neat Ideas, Spin N Store Salad Spinner

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By: Neat Ideas

The Neat Ideas spin n store salad spinner doesn’t just offer you a salad spinner but also get a measuring jug. Therefore, you get more than what you bargained for at a fair price. Its compact construction makes it ideal for use. The small size saves space when the spinner is stored.

For those who have used those large and inconvenient salad spinners, you understand how strenuous the process could get. However, with this product, you don’t have to go through the struggles anymore. It offers smooth operation. You only need to clean your ingredients, dry them, and then use the spinner to prepare your salad.

Key features:

  • It is affordable given its impressive performance
  • The sturdy construction makes it extra-sturdy.

8. Dynamic, SD92 Manual 5 Gallon Salad Spinner

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By: Dynamic

Dynamic manual salad spinner is a perfect replacement for the Chef Master 90005. It boasts a next-generation construction that makes it ideal and perfect for its users. Of course, the size also offers easy carrying to different places. This salad spinner boasts a tough and durable plastic construction that makes it sturdy and long-lasting. The product also boasts an impressive size that makes it ideal for families.

The large 5-gallon capacity holds up to eight lettuce heads. This way, you can prepare enough salad for several people. I mean, 5 gallons translate to something like 20 liters. This is a huge capacity. Its manufacturer extends a one-year warranty to cover your purchase. Additionally, this is a fully-certified product, and it easily dries the salad for excellent results. With its unique solid handle, you are assured of excellent and better services.

Key features:

  • It offers easy gear replacements
  • Ideal for commercial use.

7. Guzzini, Salad Spinner


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By: Guzzini

This is a top-echelon salad spinner from Guzzini. It is designed to ensure that you have perfect salads faster and more conveniently. Additionally, this is an attractive and stylish product designed to be an additional décor into your kitchen. The durable and safe material used in the construction also makes it long-lasting and perfect for robust uses.

This salad spinner can withstand temperatures of up to 65-degrees celsius so it is a dishwasher safe. It dries your salad easier and more conveniently than most of its competitors.

Key features:

  • This is an affordable salad spinner
  • The product boasts a modern and advanced design.

6. OXO, Mini Salad Spinner

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This is another powerful mini salad spinner from OXO. It features a perfect capacity of 10 cups. Its extra-tough construction makes it durable and long-lasting. For that reason, it is compact and space-saving in your kitchen. This OXO mini salad spinner provides a firm grip for convenient operations. The simple one-hand operation makes it quite incredible and ideal for all users. It also has a patented pump design that delivers smooth and efficient operations.

The mini salad spinner comes with an effective brake button. For that reason, it delivers smooth and seamless operation. You also enjoy the convenience of its soft, non-slip knob that quickly locks down for convenient storage. Rather than this, this mini salad spinner is a versatile spinner that is ideal for drying berries and herbs. With a simple pressing of the knob, you get your salad dries within the shortest time possible. The base also keeps the bowl perfectly on the countertop. Since the bowl and the basket separate, you can use them separately.

Key features:

  • The product is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • The small size makes it perfect for your kitchen.

5. Andcolors, Deluxe Salad Spinner Large

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By: Andcolors

Andcolors is a modern salad spinner that boasts a stylish and ergonomic design that makes it a perfect gadget for domestic use. Additionally, this salad spinner comes with ergonomic handles that offer convenient operations without wobbling. The two clips and unique locking tabs provide additional safety for its users. The salad spinner is also equipped with a unique pouring hole that drains water for quicker and faster drying. Therefore, it will guarantee excellent services and impressive results.

It is made from high-grade BPA plastics that are safe and secure for use. The non-toxic food-grade material makes it perfect for human use. The design also offers ease of use. Its non-slip handle guarantees safety and perfect handling without slipping off.
Key features:

  • The versatile bowl doubles as a salad bowl as well
  • It retains its initial quality for years.

4. OXO, Good Grips Salad Spinner

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Like the other products from the same manufacturer, OXO is a top-stratum salad spinner. It is designed to offer quick and easy single-hand operations. Additionally, the product boasts a robust construction for long-lasting operation. Its unique panted pump also adds to its advanced features and ensures that you have the most reliable services. The brake button also offers better and more reliable operations. This is because it is highly responsive and effective. With the non-slip and soft knob, operations are made easier.

Additionally, the knob also locks down, offering convenient storage and saving space. With its non-slip ring, you are assured of more convenient results as well. Another thing, the product also boasts a wide base that offers added stability and makes bowl steady when in use. Since the basket and the bowl can be used separately, you can decide to use the bowl for serving foods. Cleaning is also easy, thanks to the quick separation of the two parts. The basket can be used as a colander.

Key features:

  • The BPA-free dishwasher safe material makes it safe and convenient for its users
  • It boasts a convenient capacity of 4.95 quarts for the basket and 6.22-quarts for the bowl

3. Gourmia, GSA9240 Jumbo Salad Spinner

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By: Gourmia

Gourmia salad spinner is a perfect salad spinner for most homeowners. Its unique design with a crank handle ensures that you have reliable and incredible results. It also boasts a sturdy and durable construction. The spinner dries your salad faster than most of its competitors. Whether you want to dry lettuce, cabbage, spinach, vegetables, or fruit salad ingredients, this is an appropriate spinner to pick.

It uses a manual operation for added convenience. Its unique rotary handle allows for the quick turning of the basket. With its extra-large bowl, this is a perfect product for holding large volumes of your ingredients. It also boasts a dishwasher safe material that is BPA-free and non-toxic. The versatile construction makes it ideal since you can use the bowl to serve the salad as well. It is super-efficient and safe. The ergonomic design with non-skid base guarantees safety and stability on the surface.

Key Features:

  • Non-skid base for stability
  • Lockable lid
  • it is designed for use by the left and the right-handed people.

2. Cuisinart, CTG-00-SAS Salad Spinner

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By: Cuisinart

Wash and spin your salad ingredients with this Cuisinart salad spinner. It is designed to hold a substantial amount of ingredients. Additionally, the versatile design makes it ideal for fruits, greens and veggies. It works fast and ensures that you get your salad dry within a short while.

The quick and effective knob offers easy operations and also snaps for easy and convenient storage. The salad spinner also features a non-skid base that sticks it on the surface to avoid accidents. You can easily add and drain water without having to remove the lid. It also locks to ensure that the ingredients don’t spill.

Key Features:

  • The clear base that can also be used as serving the bowl
  • Non-skid base

1. MUELLER Austria, Large 5L Salad Spinner Storage

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By: MUELLER Austria

The MUELLER Austria is the best salad spinner out there. It boasts advanced craftsmanship that makes it perfect for drying your salad. The patented design guarantees quality and durability. With its effective, anti-wobble features, this product guarantees excellent results.

Its unique and revolutionary braking button and pumping design make it a great purchase and highly effective. The lid is 30% heavier to ensure that your salad doesn’t spill out. This is a large salad spinner. It holds over 5-quarts. Therefore, it is perfect for families or many people. It is perfect for use with lettuce, veggies, and fruits.

Key Features:

  • 100% BFA-free
  • It is dishwasher safe

Final Thoughts!

Salad spinners come in different designs, shapes, sizes, and brands. The options we have listed above will ensure you will get a reliable product in hand.

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