Top 10 Best Shower Benches in 2021


Taking a shower is supposed to be an enjoyable and stress-free process. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case for the elderly, the sick, and the physically challenged people. That’s where shower benches come into play. Shower benches boast unique design for easy showering, which are very helpful for elderly and individual with painful mobility challenges.

Selecting a single product out of the array of models available out there is a stressful process. This article seeks to simplify the process by narrowing your search down to the top 10 best shower benches.

What you need to know

  • The maximum weight capacity: Shower benches come in different sizes and shapes. Most manufacturers indicate the maximum weight their seats hold. Most models hold between 250 pounds to 500 pounds. Ensure you consider your body weight and compare it with the maximum weight capacity of the bench before making a purchase.
  • Construction: There are two materials used in the construction of shower benches. Some feature a plastic material while others boast a sturdy aluminum construction. The two materials offer strength and durability. So, the choice of the material is mostly dependent on the ‘customer’s preference.
  • Fixed or portable: Shower benches are either mobile or fixed. If you want to permanently mount the bench to the bath, then go for the fixed options. However, for those wishing to carry their benches around, you need to go for the portable options.

10. OasisSpace, Heavy Duty Shower Chair

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By: OasisSpace

This is a heavy-duty shower bench boasting a sturdy aluminum frame construction for long-lasting performance. The product meets all FDA safety standards and offers a tool-free installation. The sturdy aluminum frame makes it perfect for people with high weights.

Additionally, the product comes in a lightweight design making it portable and perfect for carrying to the bathroom. Furthermore, the tool-free assembling requires a few minutes so you ‘won’t spend the entire day getting it to work.

Something else, the chair features a padded seat design for extra comfort and stability. The detachable seat makes cleaning easy and convenient. This shower bench also comes with unique non-slip feet for stability and safety. The suitable drainage holes on the seat make the product perfect for showering. They drain water out for added comfort.

Extra Features:

  • Weight support: 500 lbs
  • The corrosion-resistant
  • The extra-strong suction cups offer stability.

9. Medline, Shower Chair Bath Seat with Padded Armrests and Back

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By: Medline

Medline is a leading manufacturer of ultra-grade shower benches. This product delivers a safe and secure platform for people to shower with ease and comfort. It boasts a durable construction making it a long-lasting unit. The sturdy aluminum frame guarantees years of service. The product also boasts an adjustable height for comfort and better performance. The adjustable height makes it perfect for people of different heights. Additionally, the adjustable seat height also adds to its excellent features making it a worthy investment. It adjusts at a constant increment of a single inch.

You can pull or lower the seat between the heights of 16-inches to 21-inches. The excellent seat dimensions of 13.5″ x 16″ make the product better and extremely comfortable. The large seat offers safety for the user and also guarantees comfort. Furthermore, this product features non-slip feet for safe and secure showering. The non-slip feet stick to the floor, thus offering safety for the user. Lastly, the shower chair boasts a lightweight construction for portability and secure handling.

Extra Features:

  • Weight support: 350 lbs
  • It requires a tool-free assembling

8. Vaunn, Medical Spa Bathtub Shower Chair

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By: Vaunn

This universal medical shower bench boasts unique design for comfort and convenience. The easy-to-assemble design makes it perfect for all users. It offers a tool-free assembling and guarantees safety and comfort for elderly and sick people. The seat features unique drainage holes for proper and timely elimination of water. Adequate draining of water offers comfort and convenience for the user. Additionally, this shower bench comes in a compact and lightweight design for convenient transportation. The extra-large seat provides safety and support for the users as well.

The 400-pound weight support makes the bench ideal for almost everyone, notably heavier people. In addition, this product features excellent non-slip feet for safety and better performance. The non-slip feet hold the chair to a specific position for the protection of the user. Thanks to its unique material, cleaning the bench is breezy and comfortable. The adjustable height makes it better and perfect for different people. You can adjust the seat height to any length between 16 and 21 inches.

Extra Features:

  • Weight support: 400 lbs
  • Adjustable height from 16″ to 21″.

7. Duro-Med, Tub Transfer Bench and Sliding Shower Chair

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By: Duro-Med

This shower bench boasts a sturdy non-slip aluminum construction which gives it unmatched durability. The non-slip feet add to its unique structure, making it safe and secure for everyone. Additionally, the chair boasts a safe-sliding design, thus reducing physical strain for the sick and the elderly. The shower chair also offers a tool-free installation, thus saving on the time and hassle one face. This is a freestanding unit which ‘doesn’t require permanent mounting like some other models.

The seat configures to the left or right during installation making the product convenient for use. In addition, this chair boasts several safety features like a durable rust-resistant frame. The aluminum frame guarantees the safety and holds high weights without bending or breaking. The suction rubber feet deliver stability and security for the elderly and the sick. Besides, these feet boast an anti-slip construction for enhanced safety.

Extra Features:

  • Weight support: 400 lbs
  • The adjustable height from Floor: 19″ – 23.5″
  • anti-slip rubber feet
  • Nylon strap locks seat in position while showering
  • Safety belt helps prevent accidental slipping.

6. Vive, Bariatric Tub Transfer Bench

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By: Vive

Vive tub transfer bench is an ideal bench for seniors, the elderly, and the disabled. It offers an easy entry and exit thanks to its advanced design and excellent features. The ultra-grade aluminum construction gives it unmatched durability. Another thing, this product requires minimal assembling.

The tool-free assembling makes it convenient for all people. The shower bench boasts a reversible design for left and right installation. The durable and lightweight construction makes it better and ideal for use in the bathroom. Furthermore, this product comes with excellent anti-slip feet for safety and added stability. The broad base and large seat area offer increased safety and comfort. This chair also boasts an adjustable height design making it ideal for most people. The adjustable legs and seat heights make it perfect and extremely comfortable.

Extra Features:

  • Weight support: 300 lbs
  • The corrosion-resistant construction makes it durable
  • Reversible armrest and backrest
  • The non-skid design makes it safe
  • An unconditional warranty backs it.

5. Medline, Microban Medical Transfer Bench with Antimicrobial Protection for Bath Safety

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By: Medline

Medline transfer bench is an anti-microbial shower bench boasts a robust design making it perfect for all users. The built-in microbial features make it safe and secure for all people. The bench boasts a sturdy aluminum construction making it extremely durable. The anti-slip suctions feet stick to a specific position, thus offering safety and better performance.

In addition, the chair features a lightweight design making it ideal and portable. The easy-to-assemble design makes it convenient and easy to use. It also features safe latex-free construction for extra safety and convenience. The advanced side arms offer additional stability and comfort.

Extra Features:

  • Weight support: 350 lbs
  • The lightweight 14.2-pound weight makes it portable
  • Suction cup feet grip the tub floor for added safety.

4. Drive Medical, Plastic Tub Transfer Bench with Adjustable Backrest

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By: Drive Medical

Designed to offer convenient and comfortable entry and exit, this is a unique shower bench boasting a sturdy construction. It features a durable plastic frame construction for a long-lasting service. The blow-molded plastic material used for the backrest and the seat makes it comfortable. Additionally, the product boasts a reversible construction making it perfect for all bathrooms. It mounts to the left or right-hand sides for convenience.

The tool-free assembling makes this product even better and ideal for users. The entire assembling process requires a few minutes so you ‘won’t waste hours getting it ready for use. Something else, this shower bench features an adjustable height making it convenient for users of different heights. The adjustable seat and leg heights make it a worthy purchase.

Extra Features:

  • Weight support: 400 lbs
  • The dual-column non-slip legs guarantee the safety
  • The ultra-light 10-pound weight makes it portable

3. Carex Health Brands, Tub-Shower Chair Transfer Bench with Height Adjustable Legs

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By: Carex Health Brands

Boasting an adjustable seat and feet height, this is yet another incredible product designed to deliver top-tier performance. The ultra-quality material guarantees ultimate durability and safety. Something else, this product requires tool-free installation. It dissembles for convenient and easy storage. ‘What’s more, dissembling also offers easy transportation. The product also features a large seat area and broad base for extra stability. The non-slip legs guarantee safety while the sturdy construction makes it durable. The bench holds up to 300 pounds of weight. It also boasts an ultra-light 11 pounds weight which makes it portable.

Extra Features:

  • Weight support: 300 lbs
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Reversible seat back for left or right handed entry

2. Platinum Health, Bath Transfer Bench with Cutout

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By: Platinum Health

This Platinum Health bath transfer bench is an advanced shower bench. It boasts several unique features like a removable cutout section and an excellent U-shaped frame. The two features offer convenient full-body bathing. Moreover, this transfer bench also features a robust frame construction, which makes it sturdy and highly durable.

The wide seat area provides safer bathing, while the extra-wide base guarantees safety and better performance. Another thing, the non-slip feet deliver ultimate stability and safety while the rust-free medical-grade construction keeps it in good condition for years.

Extra Features:

  • Weight support: 300 lbs
  • The sturdy aluminum chassis offers safety and stability
  • Constrasting colour helps visually impaired and dementia users distinguish tub/bench.

1. Platinum Health, Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat

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By: Platinum Health

Platinum Health sliding transfer banech is a professional-grade shower bench designed to offer effortless entry and exit to tubs. The extra-tough frame makes it safe and durable. This product guarantees safety, comfort, and convenience. Furthermore, the chair goes at a fair and affordable price. Despite the affordable price, the product delivers efficient performance and guarantees years of service. The adjustable leg and seat heights make the product better and ideal for use.

Additionally, the product features a padded seat for extra comfort. The padded armrest and backrests also add to the comfortable design making the shower bench quite amazing. The chair also features sturdy non-slip feet for safety and better performance. The quick tool-free assembling makes it even better and ideal for all users. Last but not least, this product features a lightweight construction for convenient transportation and storage.

Extra Features:

  • Weight support: 300 lbs
  • Sliding design for effortless transfer in and out of the tub
  • The padded arm rests can be raised and lowered and locked into place.

Final Thought

Limited mobility poses challenges for most people. The elderly, sick, and disabled people face various hindrances when showering. That’s why they require shower benches for comfortable and safe bathing. After carefully sampling, testing, and inspecting, we settled for the ten models listed above. Pick any of them and expect a great shower time.

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