Top 10 Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers in 2021


Gardening can be a very frustrating task if you’re going to do all your watering work manually. The results are just never good enough when using a hose and sprinklers besides being too much of a hassle. That is why you need to try a smart sprinkler controller system. They are considerably improved automatic sprinklers to deliver the most reliable and accurate performance. The latest models offer state of the art technology with great potential that is sure to impress even the most demanding gardening enthusiast and take your watering to the next level of ultimate control.

Smart sprinkling basically means big saving. Most smart controllers will deliver up to 50% in water saving and save you a lot of time. New homeowners just getting into gardening will find a smart sprinkler controller to be a product that scores very high when it comes to ease-of-use and the minimal impact on plants. Most are easy to operate and some let you sit back while they handle the whole process making it convenient for newbies.

In this article, we have investigated some well-known brands and picked the best of all times. We trust the choices recorded here will offer a superb watering experience and keep you prepped.

What to consider when buying smart sprinkler controllers

  • Ease of installation and use: The model you settle for ought to be easy to install and use. Features like app control and advanced customization allow for easy and convenient operation and adjustment.
  • Real-time weather integration: If you have a large garden, it is vital to look out for an option that provides this tech. You get to decide the amount of water every part of your lawn requires. It allows you to manage different parts of your lawn properly and easily. It will continuously adapt to the local weather forecasts and automatically optimize your watering schedules. That just means that you do not have to worry about keeping your watering system active when the forecast predicts incoming rain.
  • Compatibility: Your ultimate choice should be compatible with the systems at your home. Case in point, if you lack a wireless connection where you intend to use the smart sprinkler controller, then you need not waste money on a Wi-Fi enabled the system. Controllers that are compatible with Amazon Alexa are simple to control.

10. Scotts, Gro #7 Smart 7 Zone Sprinkler/Irrigation Controller

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By: Scotts

This smart sprinkler controller has all the functions you’d want to keep your plants healthy in the most efficient manner. The unit adjusts your watering schedule automatically using real-time weather data. With the downloadable GroConnect app installed in your smartphone, you can conveniently control your inground sprinkler however far away you are. There are 7 watering zones that can be customized to suit the different watering demands of the respective regions. It is as easy to install as it is to use making it a decent choice even if you are new to gardening.

Extra Features

  • Works well with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • The EPA WaterSense certification means added efficiency.

9. Spruce Irrigation, 16 Zone Wifi Sprinkler Controller

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By: Spruce Irrigation

Spruce Irrigation made this piece with superior quality materials and tech for a reliable and long lasting gardening experience. You can generate different schedules to fit the watering requirements of the unique landscape with automatic scheduling and 16 watering zones. The water efficiency is further optimized by the 16 optional Spruce moisture sensors that can be purchased separately.

The device responds to weather changes by automatically adjusting and skipping to water depending on the hyper-localized weather forecast. Install the Spruce irrigation app on your smartphone to set up and control the sprinklers from anywhere. You can also access the app online using the browser. Smartphone notifications let you know when watering has finished if it has been delayed by rain, and when temperatures fall below freezing.

Extra Features

  • The controller integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google home.
  • It EPA WaterSense certified for water conservation.

8. NxEco, Smart Irrigation Sprinkler Controller HWN12-200

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By: NxEco

This Smart gadget has some flawless capacities to ensure efficient and effective irrigation. It ensures water has time to soak into the soil and prevents plants from drowning. It uses multiple weather data sources to create a redundant and accurate weather pattern for your garden.

You can install them on your smartphone to conventional remote control or choose to use the signature NxEco knob. The app lets you to easily check your dashboard statistics and control your entire system wherever you are You are free to go with the scheduling, manual watering or rain delay modes. It can work with an impressive 36 watering zones for individual smart watering on each one for your plants. This option may be a bit costly but it is certainly worth every dollar it costs. Highly recommended.

Extra Features

  • EPA WaterSense certified for water efficiency.
  • It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

7. Aeon Matrix, Yardian: Multi-Functional Smart Sprinkler Controller with HD Security Camera

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By: Aeon Matrix

If you want something that will help you water your plants in a very gentle way so as not to damage the delicate plants and flowers with an even coverage then here you go. Based on local weather data and forecasts, you get to enjoy automatically optimized water schedules.

The multi-zone irrigation systems with 8 zones help deliver water to exactly where it is needed. Like other top models in its class, this offering uses the Yardian app for wireless control. And when your wifi is temporarily down it will still work. The smart water saving feature ensures large droplets and to avoid windblown overspray they fall much quicker. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa so you can easily control it using voice commands. It uses q 100-240V full range AC input. Another decent choice that is surely worth checking out.

Extra Features

  • It is EPA WaterSense certified meaning it conserves much of the water.
  • Comes with surge/lightning protection.

6. Sprinkl, SR-400 Control-Smart Sprinkler Hub

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By: Sprinkl

Feel like a pro when tackling the irrigation problem of your garden and save thousands of gallons of water with the Smart Sprinkler Hub from Sprinkl. This unit relies on hyperlocal real-time weather information ensuring adequate water supply for a healthy and consistent garden while at the same time it reducing the time spent pulling weeds.

This amazing unit supports an incredible 16 zones to ensure an appropriate portion for each section of the yard. You can install an Android or iOS app for easy and convenient control from your smartphone. The manufacturer assures utmost water conservation with this unit and promises easy installation. It is designed for indoor installation. You can buy Sprinkl moisture sensors separately for better scheduling and real-time feedback on the moisture feedback of the lawn.

Extra Features

  • Built-in sensing technology notifies you of any electrical issue of fault in the system.
  • It is compatible with traditional rain sensors and flow sensors.

5. Netro, Smart Sprinkler Controller

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By: Netro

Meet the Netro Smart Sprinkler controller with awesome water protection capabilities and exactness. Other than its awesome water protection capacities, it accumulates meteorological information from various hotspots for definitive information soundness. The fully automatic water schedule adjustment ensures precision and unwavering quality which is imperative for ideal watering plans.

It offers 6 watering zones that can be tweaked based on the type of plants, sprinklers, and soil in each zone. Its app is compatible with iOS 8.3+ and Android 5.0+. The app also lets you input sun exposure, shade, and gradient for each zone. It then adjusts its watering schedule based on local weather forecasts and historical statistics. If rain is due in your area, watering is delayed. Installation is quite easy as well, you only require basic tools. The makers recommend this smart sprinkler controller for indoor use only.

Extra Features

  • It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice assistant.
  • It is wireless and solar powered.

4. RainMachine, Touch HD-12, The Forecast Sprinkler

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By: RainMachine

This forecast smart sprinkler controller will be a massive improvement for all your watering issues. The Rain Machine comes with a 6.5-inch color touchscreen display for quick access and easy control. You can still access the dashboard stats and seamless control from anywhere on the browser of your iPhone or Android device.

It acquires weather data from various sources such as NOAA, METNO, and Wunderground and comes up with an accurate weather network for the garden. It connects via Wifi and downloads weather information every 6 hours. Your personal data is stored locally and the GOV weather forecast will work without a Wi-Fi connection. The unit relies on a 24V Ac input for power. The company assures a forecast spatial resolution of up to 1.5km. It is excellent in maintaining perfect watering coverage for your plants.

Extra Features

  • It is Amazon Alexa compatible.
  • The unit is EPA WaterSense certified meaning it is efficient in water consumption.

3. Rain Bird, Rain Bird ST8I-WIFI Smart Indoor WiFi Sprinkler/Irrigation System

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By: Rain Bird

This smart sprinkler controller is an essential accessory for maintaining an efficient irrigation system and reducing water use while preventing the emergence of weeds and garden pests. This unit was designed to automatically adjust daily watering schedules depending on the season, local weather, temperature, and humidity. It can serve up to 8 different watering zones according to the specific watering requirements. So you just sit back and enjoy the results.

The Rain Bird app runs on Apple iOS 8 and later and Android 4.4 Kit Kat and later. It uses a Wi-Fi connection to notify you what’s going on in the lawn even when you are not around. You can program, adjust and access timer functions from wherever you are using the app. The system also allows you to use the timer panel or through Wi-Fi to control the unit.

Extra Features

  • Includes Alexa and Google Assistant integration for voice-activated watering
  • The water delay feature can suspend watering for up to 14 days and resume automatically.

2. Rachio, Smart Sprinkler Controller

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By: Rachio

Improve your gardening experience and take great care of your plants with this smart sprinkler controller from Rachio. It lets you set your schedules and input details such as the type of plants and the sun exposure. This assists it in automatically watering the lawn with the precise amount need for healthy grown with no excesses.

You need to download and install the Rachio smartphone app to connect the home system to the controller. Rachio weather intelligence tech collects comprehensive weather data and uses it to adjust automatically to your irrigation schedule using the latest local forecast. The manufacturer promises significant reduction in the water consumption with this able unit and provides an EPA WaterSense Certification to prove this. Installation is also pretty easy with no tools required.

Extra Features

  • It is compatible with Alexa devices and Google Home.
  • Provides for up to 8 different watering zones to work with

1. Orbit, 57950 B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor 12-Station WiFi Sprinkler System Controller

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By: Orbit

We saved the best for the last and we now bring you this efficient yet affordable piece from Orbit. Its ability has been very finely tuned to achieve an improvement in watering efficiency and dramatically reduce water waste. Weather sense tech ensures the watering is based on the condition of the terrain like slope, soil, sunshade and many more.

You can install the B-Hyve app on your android iOS devices or choose to access it on your browser to adjust and control the system. It is EPA WaterSense certified for efficiency. It is pretty easy to install too. If you choose this Smart sprinkler controller you are definitely going to see an improvement in watering and a reduction on your water bill.

Extra Features

  • A locking cabinet to keep the timer safe from harm
  • Compatible with Voice assistant devices like Amazon Alexa.

To wrap up

How comprehensive your system dictates its price point. Sprinklers that are designed to only deal with one plant or a small area are much cheaper than complete yard systems. Compare the price of the system you have in mind with what you intend to spend on a sprinkler system and ensure it is within your budget range.

Getting to the level of professionals when it comes to gardening can be very difficult. But the gadgets we have discussed require a minimal investment and are guaranteed to take you to the next level of gardening. Grab the option that works for you and you will do just fine.

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