Top 10 Best Snowboard Pants For Men in 2021


Winter is coming, an outdoor activity like snowboarding is an amazing sport. However, you have to keep yourself warm during this festive season. Winter jacket, glove, winter hat, winter boot, and snowboard pants are all the essentials for the upcoming season.

Snowboard pants help keep you dry and warm while riding over the snow. They are water-resistant and also boast a stellar combination of unique materials to keep the user warm. What’s the point in getting soaked when you can avoid it?

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Choosing the snowboard pants

Material: Check the outer, the inner and probably the lining. Polyester for the inner and outer surfaces serves perfectly. However, a fleece lining offers comfort and warmth for the users. For that reason, consider these materials when buying snowboard pants.

Design: Have a look at the presence of pockets, the closure system and so on. Pockets offer convenient storage of items. Zippered pockets offer added safety for your valuables. About the closure design, you don’t want pants with a complicated closure design. Therefore, Velcro or button closure would work perfectly.

Well, the list below comprises of the top 10 best snowboard pants for men in the winter season!

10. OUTON, Men’s Snow Pants Insulated Ski Pants

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With the OUTON snowboard pants, you get real value for your money. The pants boast a 100% nylon construction on the shell. The nylon material resists water and also stops heat from escaping. As for the lining, the pants feature a 100% polyester material. The polyester material is soft, thus offering comfort and warmth.

These pants are completely water-resistant and warm, and also ensure ultimate heat insulation. They are made using top-grade materials. With the materials, the product also resists stains and liquids. Therefore, it keeps you ever clean and dry while on the outdoors.

Given the unique and convenient design, the pants easily fit into boots for easy movement. They form a perfect combination with the help of gaiters, thus blocking moisture and retaining heat. The double buckle closure design makes the pants quite convenient for use in harsh conditions. Furthermore, the pants come with anti-slip strips and an adjustable ankle for easy knee and leg movements. The pants is also extremely flexible which allows for jumps and skips without causing any discomfort. The stable design makes it perfect for almost all outdoor activities.

Key Features:

  • The 600D nylon reinforcements on the cuff, hem, and ankle make it tear and wear-resistant
  • It comes with adjusting velcros for a snug fit
  • 2 Pockets with zippers.

9. TSLA, Men’s Rip-Stop Snow Pants

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The TSLA snowboard pants offer several size options, making them perfect for many different sizes of people. The pants are windproof and waterproof, offering comfort and protection on different outdoor activities.

With the three-layer design, comfort, warmth and heat retention becoming the unique selling point of the pants. The pants also boast an anti-static fabric that rests comfortably over your skin. With the excellent duratex ripstop construction, you are guaranteed of durability and wear-resistance.

The other thing is the unique insulation padding. The padding keeps the heat stay warm for a longer time; therefore keeping you warm and cozy. Whether hiking, skiing or snowboarding, these pants from TSLA still remains the number one option.

Key Features:

  • It comes with reinforced leg guards
  • It comes with a snap button for easy closure
  • Velcros offer easy wearing and removal.

8. Arctix, Men’s Essential Snow Pants

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By: Arctix

With excellent heat insulation, this pants offer protection against strong winds and cold temperatures. It features reinforced knees for wear and tear resistance. Additionally, the product features a less-bulky, lightweight and convenient construction.

With 85g ThermaTech insulation, warmth is guaranteed. The pants keep you warm even in extreme temperatures of -20° to 35°. The ankle, scuff and hem guards feature a 600D material for ultimate durability. With an adjustable waist, the pants offer a comfortable fit.

Key Features:

  • Comes with boot gaiters
  • Forms a perfect integration with boots
  • Sufficiently retains heat.

7. Arctic Quest, Men’s Water-Resistant Insulated Ski Snow Pants

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By: Arctic Quest

For this product, you should carefully refer to the size options. It offers various sizes, making it perfect for everyone. Fully water-resistant, the pants prevent water penetration at all times. It also offers excellent heat retention to keep you warm and cozy.

With zippered pockets, you have safe storage for your valuable items. It even comes with side zippered leg pockets for further storage. In a jiffy, with this pair of snowboard pants, you won’t need more storage space. Like the other high-quality pants, the product also comes with reinforced knee and hem stitching. These reinforcements make it ideal for tough environments.

Key Features:

  • Machine washable
  • Zippered side pockets
  • Includes boot gaiters.

6. Gash Hao, Men’s Snow Ski Waterproof Softshell Snowboard Pants

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By: Gash Hao

This versatile pair of snowboard pants work perfectly for most outdoor activities. Whether you’re going hiking, snowboarding, skiing, or engaging in any other activity, the pants won’t fail. They feature a 100% polyester material for the outer surface. It is completely water-resistant and windproof, the product keeps you warm and dry throughout the entire period.

Furthermore, this product boasts a quick-drying fabric which ensures that water doesn’t soak into the inner sections. The fleece inner lining also keeps you warm and comfortable. It lies comfortably over your skin, offering a cozy feeling. With the bottom zippered add-ons, this is an ideal product for use with snow boots. Consequently, this product comes with zippered pockets for convenient storage of different items. The two extra-large pockets on the sides offer a large storage room. Then we have the inner fabric which prevents cold from metal parts and pockets.

Being a multifunctional product, this pair of pants stay dry even in rainy environments for up to 15 minutes. The water-resistant film on the middle section completely stops water and wind from getting inside. Lastly, the product boasts excellent reinforcement on the hem, cuff, and knees. This way, the sections resist tearing and wearing.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for all outdoor activities
  • It protects the knee with the reinforced design.

5. FREE SOLDIER, Men’s Warm Snow Ski Hiking Pants

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Free Soldier snowboard pants feature the soft inner layer that makes them extremely comfortable for daily wear. The pants come with a warm polar fleece material which gives a soft contact with the skin for a comfortable experience. Whether it’s the cold winter temperatures or the strong winds, this is the ideal solution.

The inner and outer sections boast an excellent construction that offers maximum heat retention. With heat retention, you enjoy better performances even in the coldest season. Another thing, the soft lining also enhances comfort for its user.

Breathable and water repellent, this snowboard pants feature a waterproof membrane that prevents penetration of any water and wind molecules. This way, you also enjoy unrivaled breathability for a comfort snowboarding experience. This is also a versatile product. It is ideal for most outdoor activities. With 94% polyester and 6% spandex, comfort and warmth are guaranteed.

Key Features:

  • Comes with self-locking zippers
  • Offers a custom-fit
  • Motion points offer enhanced mobility
  • Perfect for heavy-duty outdoors.

4. Toumett, Men’s Snow Pants

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By: Toumett

This is a 100% polyester pair that boasts a windproof and waterproof construction. Ideal for cold outdoor environments, this is an ideal purchase for anyone wishing to engage in activities during the cold season. It includes a fleece lining which offers a comfortable contact with the skin. Additionally, the excellent zip button closure makes it an ideal purchase. The closure system offers easy wearing and removal.

With the adjustable waist, this product delivers a comfortable and snug fit. Consequently, the inner fleece material effectively retains heat, keeping the user warm at all times. It doesn’t just lock heat, it also blocks cold.

Effectively insulated, the pants deliver adequate prevention against the entry of water and wind molecules. This way, you can stay dry even in the snowy environment. The quick-drying design makes it even better and perfect for cold and snowy areas.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable waist gives a comfortable fit
  • Boasts a breathable design
  • Comes with zippered pockets.

3. Jessie Kidden, Waterproof Fleece Ski Snow Insulated Soft Shell Pants

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By: Jessie Kidden

These are top-tier snowboard pants. Boasting a 100% polyester lining, they guarantee warm and comfort. How about the shell? The pants feature a 6% spandex and 94% polyester on the outer surface. They also come with an excellent zipper closure for wearing and taking off.

The snowboard pants feature a three-stage treated fabric which completely stops penetration of water. With an inner fleece layer, warm and comfort are guaranteed. With their versatile construction, the pants aren’t only perfect for snowboarding, but also ideal for hiking, camping, fishing, and skiing.

Offering a slim fit, these pants won’t weigh you down. The pants prevent entry of cold air, and also stop heat from leaving. They perfectly fit inside the boots, therefore, offering convenient movement across snowy terrains.

Key Features:

  • They come with a 3D cutting design on the knee for extra comfort and free stretching
  • They are wear-resistant.

2. Burton, Men’s Covert Snow Pants

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By: Burton

The Burton snowboard pants are the excellent men’s snowboard pants, lined with taffeta material for comfort and warmth. Sufficiently waterproofed, the pants deliver outstanding resistance against cold and strong winds. The living lining offers excellent temperature regulation for the body. Additionally, the soft fleece lining gives a soft contact for added comfort. Therefore, the pants adapt to the unique and harsh environment.

With taped seams, cold won’t be a bother for you. The seams completely seal any openings where the cold would penetrate through. This way, they keep you warm and cozy. Additionally, the pants feature unique zippered pockets for carrying your valuable items.

Key Features:

  • Excellent venting for increased breathability
  • Offers a regular fit

1. Columbia, Men’s Snow Gun Pants

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By: Columbia

Fully water-resistant and insulated, the Columbia pants guarantee a comfortable experience in the cold season. Given their versatile construction, the pants are ideal for other activities as well. They work perfectly for hikers, skiers, mountaineers, and others.

Easy to clean, versatile and extremely comfortable, these are the ideal pants for any cold season. They also feature 60g heat insulation, for perfect heat retention. Another thing, the zippered pockets offer convenient storage for your items.

Key Features:

  • Boasts a breathable design
  • They deliver a regular fit
  • Warm and comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Snowboarders expose themselves to some risky weather conditions-albeit having fun. That’s why they need unique accessories and items to withstand cold conditions. With the best snowboard pants, you are covered.

The options above offer warmth, comfort, and breathability. Most of the pants offer excellent water-repelling. This way, you are guaranteed of a dry, warm and comfortable snowboarding experience.

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