Top 10 Best Solar Generator Kits in 2021


The world is taking a new approach in terms of saving ourselves from bad energy practices. With one of these kits, you will be taking a step in ensuring the future generation, live under an ozone layer. In the advanced technology era, solar is the next frontier when it comes to renewable energy. Studies have shown that today, it is cheaper to produce power on solar when compared to other sources such as geothermal power which is widely used. As more people are becoming aware of this fact, the demand for solar generator kits has seen a significant upsurge. So too has the manufacturing competition making it a difficult task to choose a kit you want. Thus, we have handpicked some of the best solar generator kits in the market that offer value for money.

Buying the best solar generator kit

  • Power: you can calculate the amount of energy you require for your solar generator. Calculate the wattage you need for what you want to do. It will depend on whether you want to run your house on solar power or charge your devices with solar power.
  • Portability: you can have a semi-permanent or portable type of kit for your needs. This will depend on what you want to do with your kit. For example, if you like to travel to remote areas, a portable kit is excellent for your needs, offering many advantages. If you one for your home, a larger capacity set, with heavier components is what we endorse.

10. monerator, Portable Generator Power Station with 128 Wh Lithium Battery

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By: monerator

When you compare the prices of other battery manufacturers to this manufacturer, you will find out they are on the high end of the spectra. Nevertheless, take it from us, it is better to have quality, than a battery that will last you for a short while, or worse still, destroy your devices. This kit is made of the highest quality materials and outlasts the competition in all aspects.

Most manufacturers tend to use Lead-acid, Li-cobalt, or U-manganese. However, monerator has used a special formulation, called LiFePO4. There are many advantages to this. For example, when you charge the other batteries every day, you will have them running an average of 1 and ½ years. Conversantly, they monerator battery will operate for an average of 6 and ½ years. Without getting too much into the math, you will see that the monerator costs two times more, however, you get to use it 4 times more.

Extra Features:

  • The manufacturer gives you 10 years of limited warranty.
  • It protects your devices from over-current, over-voltage, over-charge, and over-heat.

9. ACOPOWER, 12V 50 Watt Portable Solar Panel Kit

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The goal of ACOPOWER was to create a solar panel that you can move with, at ease. It is so light in weight (5 Lbs. only) that you can carry it in your backpack. It folds to the size of a laptop and surprisingly gives you a combined 12.5 watts. Its panels are so efficient when you compare the ratios of the area to power output.

Additionally, it has USB outputs natively, with a total of 5 volts output. With this, you can charge your phones even in the most remote of places. Thus if you are looking forward to going on a voyage, then this will be a good companion to take with. You will stay connected, as long as the sun shines. The manufacturer has excelled in ensuring you get the best after-sales service. You can add inverters and/or other system components right from them. They respond in a timely fashion.

Extra Features:

  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • This solar generator kit is very portable.

8. WZRELB, Reliable 3000W Solar Power Inverter

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This is an excellent solar power inverter that ensures you a peace of mind. Your electrical appliances are sometimes delicate that is why the manufacturer created this top converter. It is easy to use, thanks to its power changing dials. A detailed LCD display panel shows you the power output you are getting from your solar panel.

It also has an overvoltage protection feature, that provides additional protection to your devices. Just before it engages, the overvoltage feature, a red light blinks to show you what is going on. You can then adjust it accordingly. With an efficiency of 85 to 90 percent, little power is lost along the conversion process. This is a good benchmark, which their competition fails to achieve.

Extra Features:

  • It has a soft start function.
  • It comes with two battery cables.

7. WindyNation, Solar Panel Kit with 1500W VertaMax Power Inverter

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By: WindyNation

The WindyNation solar generation kit comes with everything that you need to start your clean energy venture. On top of this, there are more features included to make it easy for you to use it. There are two panels included that combine to produce 200 watts of clean energy. The best part about it all is that you can regulate the power provided. Simply use the control panel, which has a detailed LCD screen to show you all that you need.

On average, an 800-watt-hour of charge is attained with this kit. For that reason, if you are planning to go on a trip, or you frequently need a backup power source, this set is tailor-made for you. Rather than buying different components for your energy needs, buy this kit. This will save you money when compared to individual components. Furthermore, you do not run the risk of getting components that are incompatible.

Extra Features:

  • This set comes with inverter cables.
  • It comes with a detailed LCD display panel.

6. GIANDEL, 3000W Heavy Duty Power Inverter

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The GIANDEL solar generation kit is synonymous for heavy duty. When other kits fail, this will still stand through the test of time. For example, there is a soft start technology. We would love to see more of this feature in other solar generation kits. Briefly, what it does is that your batteries will not get a shock charge at the start. There have been many reported incidences of this issue and it is nice to know this manufacturer considers this.

They definitely though had to add it because the energy provided on this kit is astonishing, to say the least. With 6000 W of power, you can comfortably use it for your everyday household needs. Additionally, you are protected from over voltage, over current, overload, under voltage overheating and short circuit protection. You can kick your feet up and relax watching TV, while your GIANDEL solar generation kit takes care of itself.

Extra features:

  • Durable aluminum alloy housing provides additional protection from drops and bumps.
  • It comes with an 18-month warranty.

5. HKYH, Solar Panel Lighting Kit

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If you are looking forward to an all-night party in a remote place, then we highly recommend this kit. The reason for this is that it is cheap. Not in terms of quality, but how it may save you in times of need. This does not take away from it the fact that it is a great addition for your household.

This complete set is all that you need for emergencies. You can charge up to four phones directly from the four USB ports, or light up four LED bulbs throughout the night. You can even leave it out at for many years and use it when you need to. This is because it is durable and waterproof. Additionally, it is lightweight (9.9 lbs. only) making it a good sidekick to have with you if you love to travel far.

Extra features:

  • Android (3) and iPhone (1) cables are included in the package.
  • The solar panel is foldable for portability.

4. Go Power! Weekender SW Complete Solar and Inverter System

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By: Go Power!

The Go Power solar generator kit gives you clean energy conveniently. With this set, you will not need the grid power to your home or a generator to power up your devices. No fuel and little maintenance are required with this set. With 160 Watts of power, you can even run a microwave. It has a powerful battery that, ensuring you do not have to worry about power outages, as long as the sun is shining.

Extra features:

  • It has a detailed LED display panel.
  • It has two AC power output plugs.

3. UPEOR, Portable Solar Generator Lighting System

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We are hardly surprised by what comes on the market nowadays but we definitely take our hats off to the UPEOR solar generator kit. It is so convenient and ensures you always stay connected, even to the news. What we mean by this is that the manufacturer even incorporated an FM radio into this kit. It is very light in weight thus making it cool to carry with you on your trips. Rather than using a solar panel to charge it, you can also use a direct AC power plug to fill the battery up. It battery even has an LED display to show you how much power is left and you can gauge if you need to charge it.

Extra features:

  • You can choose from four different color combinations.
  • It has multiple power output ports, including USB.

2. Aeiusny, Solar Portable Generator, 288Wh UPS 500W

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By: Aeiusny

The Aeiusny solar generator kit is all you need if you have a car. We say this because it has many features that are suited to emergencies, especially while on the road. For example, the flashlight is convenient when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere at night. Furthermore, you can also charge it straight from your vehicles cigarette plug. It is better to have this kit, rather than need it. Furthermore, it will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Extra features:

  • An LED display shows how much charge is left.
  • The manufacturer provides worry-free replacement of parts for 12 months.

1. SUAOKI, Solar Charger 60W Portable Solar Panel

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Many are times when we need to power up our devices, and we cannot find a place to do so. Then comes the SUAOKI solar generator kit to the rescue. Using the power of the sun, you can even charge your laptop and phone in the most remote of places. Your friends can also charge their laptops since the manufacturer included a 10-in-1 connector for them. More likely than not they will find a cord that is compatible with their laptop.

Additionally, this solar generator kit has some smart features. The one we love most is the TIR-C technology. It thus adapts its power output in accordance with what is being charged or powered.

Extra features:

  • It comes with a cool carrying bag.
  • It folds up for easy portability.

Final Thoughts!

As mentioned earlier, solar is the cheaper than other sources of energy. Although the initial capital required is higher, when you add up the math, you will see that it is cheaper in the end.The solar generator kits in this list consider all types of situations one might have. They are the most reliable, serving you for many years to come. Some jurisdictions are making it into law to incorporate some forms of renewable energy. A solar generator kit does achieve this and much more.

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