Top 10 Best Stainless Steel Garlic Presses in 2021


Garlic has so many health benefits. The fact that they also play the role of a key ingredient in recipes makes them worth cooking with. Not only will your food be tastier, but the level of nutrition you will be adding is very high as well. There are different ways in which you prepare garlic, but a press is definitely the most efficient. The best gadget to use when it comes to garlic is a garlic press. Garlic press allows you to move a lot faster when making food preparations. Stainless steel garlic press is a good choice as it is durable and easy so clean.

What to consider when buying stainless steel garlic press:

  • Ergonomics: The garlic press should be comfortable to use. It shouldn’t require too much effort as well.
    Quality: Some of the garlic presses are made of finer stainless steel. High-quality materials ensure that it lasts and serves you longer. It should also not be prone to rust and such.
  • Capacity: if you often prepare food for a larger number of people, then the bigger the capacity the better.
    Cleaning: Make sure the garlic press can be easily cleaned. Food is sensitive and the highest levels of hygiene should be maintained.

10. MICHELANGELO, Stainless Steel Garlic Press Mincer & Ginger Root Mincer

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There is nothing better than using fresh garlic when cooking. This MICHELANGELO garlic press is a great addition for maintaining that tradition in your kitchen.

It is also recommended it for busy kitchens; where there is little or no time to focus on peeling the cloves. The amount of waste is almost zero, ensuring that you get all the garlic you need in as little time possible. The garlic press is resistant to stains and might even outlast your other appliances.

Extra features:

  • The purchase includes a limited lifetime warranty.

9. FUNKUK, Stainless Steel Garlic Press

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FUNKUK identify their steel garlic press to be one of the best to use for barbecues. This is because it produces very smooth garlic and is great for making a sauce. It is capable of completely separating the garlic and peels. This happens without any wastage whatsoever. It is not only effective but can also be said to be economical. It was made using Zinc alloy and can handle 3-4 unpeeled garlic at a time. One press is all you will need.

You can also use this garlic press for other items, such as ginger and lemon. The metal structure of the press and its solid special design make this possible. In fact, you will also be able to use it for chopping nuts and crushing almonds as well. To make clean-up easier for you it was designed with a bonus button. Once you press the button, you will be able to scrape the garlic and the residue. After doing so, use the head of a brush to reach the press corners and complete washing it.

Extra features:

  • The stainless steel garlic press has a lifetime guarantee.

8. X-Chef, Stainless Steel Garlic Press and Peeler

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By: X-Chef

X-Chef offers a very sturdy garlic press that offers long-term usage. The stainless steel used to make it is commercial grade. This ensures that it will not be prone to rust and it’s definitely non-corrosive. The company designed it such that the chopper and the soft handle would have an ergonomic distance between them. This way, the leverage is maximized and the pressure needed is minimized. That is why the garlic press has a very good grip on it.

Cleaning it will be quick and easy. It is as simple as running it through the dishwasher or rinsing it under water. The provided brush can be used to scrub away garlic skin and leftover pulps if necessary. For unpeeling the garlic, the purchase also provides you with a silicone tube roller. The silicone tube roller is what you will use as your peeler. It is also very simple to use and will take you a short time to unpeel.

Extra features:

  • It comes with a 1-year guarantee.

7. MiTBA, Garlic Press

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MiTBA has one of the highest quality FDA approved garlic presses. This professional alternative is made of stainless steel 304. It will not get corroded, nor will it break that easily. The thing I like about it most is that it has an appealing look to it as well. Using this press will definitely provide you with a professional kitchen experience. The company values kitchen safety and built it with non-slip handles. This way, the chances of any accidents occurring due to slip-ups are reduced.

The design makes all the garlic press parts easily accessible. This is an advantage when cleaning. You will also get a free cleaning brush to thoroughly clean it with. The purchase also includes a free silicone tube garlic peeler. These are products that you can definitely rely on.

Extra features:

  • The company has a 60 day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.

6. Rösle, Stainless Steel 9-inch Mincing Garlic Press

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By: Rösle

When you buy this Rösle garlic press, it won’t matter is if you are using peeled or unpeeled cloves. The press works with both of them perfectly. It will mince the cloves effectively and let you finish your meal prep in record time. It is a German designed option, built using 18/10 stainless steel. The stainless steel garlic press is also easier to maintain than others. It is dishwasher friendly and doesn’t require any special attention. Best of all, you can also rinse it by flicking open the mince head. Either way, you have two cleaning options which you can choose from.

The press handles are round in shape and are made from satin. The use of satin helps conceal fingerprints and have a great contrast to the mirror-finish head. The handles feel great on the hands and even have a hanging ring. This makes it convenient if you want to store it away by hanging. If you have an open kitchen type of setting, you can even hang the press on one of the hooks. The press handles also lock for storage purposes. They are also sealed against water.

Extra features:

  • The purchase includes a lifetime warranty against defects.

5. Sunkuka, Premium Garlic Press Set

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Some garlic presses are the best fit for large restaurants or any catering event that concerns large quantities of food. This Sankuka option is heavy duty and has been constructed to handle heavy usage. Its extra-large capacity allows you to crush a lot of garlic in the shortest time. You will definitely have saved a lot of time using it. This is a value filled purchase which comes with two other kitchen accessories. When you buy the garlic press, you will also get a mini cleaning brush and a smart peeler silicon tube. It comes as a complete package saving you the extra costs that come with separate purchases.

The design is very ergonomic and can be used by both left and right-handed individuals. The design is very comfortable, making it easy to use. So even if you have weak wrists, you will still be able to operate it. The press’s heavy duty handles play a very large role in this. This garlic press was made using the finest 18/10 stainless steel.

Extra features:

  • All the materials used to make the garlic press are FDA approved.

4. LUFU, Stainless Steel Garlic Mincer Chopper Kitchen Utensil

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This next garlic press is a premium option with die-cast zinc construction. This is why the press has a permanent metallic sheen. It will keep looking brand new as time passes by. You can trust that it will last you a while since each and every part of it is also firm and solid. The design of this press ensures that you won’t have to deal with any breakage at the joints. The garlic press consists of a one-piece handle. This way, any chances of weakening is avoided. The company assures that the press is one of the easiest to use. They made it in accordance with human body engineering mechanics to ensure this.
The amount of garlic pressed is maximized and you can get this chopper at a larger size as well.

Extra features:

  • It can also be used to mince or crush ginger.

3. OXO, Good Grips Soft-Handled Garlic Press

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The third best among today’s options are from OXO. As an Amazon’s choice product, you should expect nothing but the best from this option. OXO ensured that the amount of garlic pressed is maximized by making its hole-pattern efficient. This garlic press has a large capacity and produces garlic which is uniform in size. What makes it stand out is its in-built cleaner. All you need to do is flip the handles over and it will push out the excess garlic and skins.

Extra features:

  • It has slightly arched handles for comfort.
  • The handles also absorb pressure.

2. ORBLUE, Stainless Steel Mincer and Crusher with Garlic Rocker and Peeler Set

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It doesn’t matter what your grip strength is, ORBLUE has got you covered. The company made this garlic press with a smooth lever mechanism, to make it easy for everyone. It is popular in kitchens all over and used by the average person to the professional chefs. It has a heavy-duty construction, which is also oleophobic. This is what makes it multipurpose as well. This is definitely going to be your money’s worth.

Extra features:

  • The garlic press is FDA approved.

1. Alpha Grillers, Garlic Press and Peeler Set

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By: Alpha Grillers

It is safe to say that Alpha Grillers’ provide garlic presses which are top notch. With over two thousand purchases and the high reviews, it definitely deserves the top position. High-quality cooking gadgets are really sorted after because they make everything easier in the kitchen. Once you get yourself one of these you will find yourself recommending it to other people in just a matter of time. The press’ design is ingenious, its handles are comfortable and it minces excellently.

Extra features:

  • The company offers a lifetime guarantee.

To conclude

The top 10 best stainless steel garlic presses we have listed will enhance your meals and recipes. You won’t regret this purchase and will be able to make meals which are even more delicious.

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