Top 10 Best Standing Desk Converters in 2021


After investing tons on your computer, you need a standing desk converter to raise the powerhouse so that you are looking at it at a comfortable eye level. This helps you to work comfortably for extended periods of time without feeling any back pain. You get ample real estate to work with and a surface to accommodate all you will need in your working space. We took and made an effort to search high and low just to provide you with this guide that will help when selecting the best standing desk converters from the overwhelming multitude of choices. It doesn’t make sense spending more on a desk converter than the computer itself. Consider a price tag that won’t hurt your pockets and meets all your demands.

What to consider when buying Standing Desk Converters

  • Size and Capacity: The capacity entails the total weight capacity that the standing desk converter can hold. Depending on the size of computer you have, go for a raiser that can comfortably accommodate all your gadgets and offer flexibility.
  • Adjustability: You need to purchase a standing desk converter that is adjustable to ensure you get the position that works for you. The ideal desk converter should be able to move right, left, or any direction, and meet your demands not sacrificing comfort. It shouldn’t demand another set of hand to adjust and install.
  • Design and Material: It is crucial that your stand looks great besides being flexible and durable. The material should be of premium quality for it directly contributes to the desks sustainability. For ultimate durability and longevity, the build quality should be solid and well made.

10. Fitueyes, Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

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By: Fitueyes

This raiser comes with a simple basic design that befits all styles, spaces, and budgets. It is praised for a solid steel construction that assures long-term benefits. It offers an ample 30×20 inches desktop so you can place a laptop and computer or dual monitors. The raiser sits at a height of 2.2 inches and rises to 16.1 inches so you are sure to get a level that works for you. It uses gas spring power which can hold devices with a total weight of not more than 25 lbs. Like you’d wish, the unit comes fully assembled saving you the trouble of having to assemble it before use. It may not be the best there is but for what it costs, it would almost be rude not to buy it.

Extra Features

  • It comes with a one-hand operation lever for adjusting the height.
  • You will find installation instruction to guide you through the setup process.

9. LANGRIA, Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

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This is another favorite for many, a great addition to your working desk. It boasts a durable steel construction that can make it through long years of intense use. The desk offers a wide 31.5×24.5 inch workspace meaning you can place dual monitors. The height is adjustable between 5 to 17.5 inches allowing you to use it either while sitting or standing. The company saw it wise to include a 28×9.5 inch removable keyboard tray. An embedded tray at the front will hold your mobile phone, keys and other personal items while you work.

Extra Features

  • The standing desk has a weight capacity of 33 lbs.
  • The keyboard tray has a weight capacity of 4.5lbs.

8. Stand Steady, X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter

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By: Stand Steady

This standing desk prides itself on the simple yet ergonomic design that significantly improves the quality of the work you do on your computer. The top measures 28×20 inches with sufficient real estate for up to 2 monitors. The footprint is 24.5×16.8 inches meaning you can fit the raiser on any desk or table of your choice. The top is built from laminated particleboard while the sturdy legs and base are crafted from steel making it tough enough to withstand serious abuse. You are free to adjust the height between 7 inches and 16 inches depending on which position is comfortable for you. It features a pump assisted lift that smoothly raises and lowers the desk to suit your demands. Weighing in at 27 lbs, this unit can hold devices that are as heavy as 20 lbs.

Extra Features

  • Additional color options available to match your tastes and preferences.
  • You can use the raiser straight away after unboxing since it comes fully assembled.

7. Deskool, Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

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By: Deskool

This is a well-made standing desk converter that compares favorably well to the competition for its sturdiness, space-saving design, and the ergonomic one-piece design. It has ample space for up to two 21 inch monitors thanks to its 32×22 inch desktop. The company used industrial compressed wood for the top and powder coated steel for the base making this raiser tough enough to stand up to decades of intense use. We were impressed by the fact that the height is adjustable between 5 to 16.3 inches with over 200 different positions to suit your demands. A pneumatic air piston with a scissor lift does a good job of smoothly adjusting the height for you. As soon as you unbox it, the raiser will be ready for use since it comes fully assembled straight from the box.

Extra Features

  • The product is backed by a lifetime replacement or money back guarantee.
  • The raiser has a weight capacity of 20 lbs.

6. Smugdesk, Stand up Adjustable Desk Riser Converter for Desktop Laptop Dual Monitor

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By: Smugdesk

Who wouldn’t want such a stylish, practical and efficient way to elevate their monitor that will last even longer than the computer components? The standing desk converter can accommodate up to 35lbs so all your devices will be cared for. With the 32×24.5 inch top surface, you will have sufficient space for any computer or monitor. The height can be adjusted between 6.7 inches and 15.4 inches, it’s upon you to choose the position that works for you. The deck relies on a silky smooth and quiet Z-lift mechanism that allows you to adjust the height to an infinite number of positions to suit your sitting or standing position. The manufacturer discourages use by children less than 3 years due to small parts that may result to choking hazard. It comes fully assembled and ready to use straight from the box. It comes in a premium packaging box that makes it a perfect gift.

Extra Features

  • Buyers get a free mat
  • The company promises a 30-day money back guarantee and a 24-month warranty.

5. DeskDoc, Premium Standing Desk Converter

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By: DeskDoc

In the runners-up position is this capable standing desk converter from Deskdoc. It boasts a large 32×20 inch surface that can hold multiple monitors at the same time. From a minimum height of 2.5 inches, you can adjust this desk to a height of 17 inches. A spring assisted mechanism smoothly lifts the desk to your desired height. It boasts a durable steel construction that ensures it can withstand all devices you throw on it. It comes fully assembled so you just need to remove it from the packaging and start using it right away.

4. FEZIBO, Stand Up Black Desk Converter

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Your exceptional computer deserves a befitting equally splendid standing desk converter that will add luxury to functionality. The desktop measures 33×18 inches giving you adequate space for more than one monitor or laptop. Perfect if you are required to toggle between applications. There are several comfort positions to work whether you choose to sit or stand up. The height can be adjusted to a range of between 4.5 inches and 19.3 inches. The raiser uses a pneumatic cylinder for smooth and easy height adjustment. The sturdy build can support any devices as long as it doesn’t exceed 29 lbs. It boasts a durable steel structure with a sleek black finish that is sure to add to the décor of any setting. You can start using the raiser immediately you remove it from the box since it comes fully assembled.

Extra Features

  • Comes with a wide base for added stability.
  • 2-tier design offers an upper surface for the monitor and lower space for the keyboard and mouse.

3. Innovadesk, Sit-Stand Desk Converter

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By: Innovadesk

A standing desk converter is considered a purely functional item but thanks to today’s endless styles, this unit has been modified to add to your office or home décor significantly. The desktop is built from laminated particleboard with a steel base and steel legs that promised long-lived service. It offers a wide 36×24 inch surface that can fit a full desktop set or two monitors. It boasts a sturdy construction and high-quality materials that allow the desk converter to hold up to 20lbs. Like you’d expect the height is adjustable to a standing desk. You are free to choose your desired height between 7 to 16 inches. It is however 2.5 inches in sitting position. You won’t be required to do any assembly since the unit comes fully assembled and ready to use.

Extra Features

  • Gas spring technology prevents fast dropping issue.
  • You will find an easy to use adjustment handle for setting the height.

2. VIVO, Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Sit to Stand Gas Spring Riser Converter

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It would be unfair to end our list without featuring this well-made standing desk from VIVO. Expect a wide 36×22 inch desktop which can accommodate two widescreen monitors with extra space for other handy items. Like other top models in its class, this unit also allows you to adjust the height between 6.5-16 inches depending on what works for your case. The company was innovative enough to include a simple touch height locking mechanism to lock the standing desk into position and prevent it from collapsing. It was thoughtful of the company to include the 2-tier design so you get a top deck for the monitor and a lower space for the mouse and keyboard. With a 37.5 lbs weight capacity, you can place all your devices without worrying about breaking this unit. You need not be techy to set this raiser up since very little assembly is needed and doesn’t require any tools or special skills.

Extra Features

  • There are 8 points of height adjustment.
  • Counterbalance tension ensures easy upward movement by adjusting to the weight of the devices on the desk.

1. VARIDESK, 49900 – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

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The VARIDESK 49900 Standing Desk passed our tests with flying colors earning a deserved spot in our post. The 36-inch wide desktop can accommodate multiple monitors and extra space for storing all your office supplies and two slots for your cell phones. You can adjust the height to 11 different positions depending on your needs. The raiser uses a spring-loaded boost mechanism to smoothly move the desktop up and down to match your demands. We are almost certain that you will love the 2-tier design that provides an upper display surface for the monitor and a lower space for the keyboard and mouse. The makers recommend this unit for devices not exceeding a total of 35 lbs. You don’t require finding extra tools for assembly before using this unit since it comes fully assembled.

Extra Features

  • The rowing lift feature reduces strain on your back.
  • Several color options available to blend into your working space.


There’s no denying that these are the best standing desk converters out there. They are truly worth checking out considering how stressful and strenuous working can be. Just click on the product that impressed you the most and your back will surely thank you for it.

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