Top 10 Best Surgical Masks in 2021


The recent outbreak of the highly-contagious Coronavirus (COVID-19) has seen the demand for surgical face masks shoot up rapidly. World Health Organization (WHO) has offered several suggestions to prevent this deadly disease. For instance, you need to avoid crowded places and highly observe good personal hygiene. It is necessary to wash your hands with soap for at least 30 seconds.

Wearing a surgical mask can somehow protect against the droplets from other people. However, the surgical masks work unless you strictly follow the safety procedure. The surgical mask can offer the ultimate filtration of fumes, germs, dust, bacteria, and viruses. However, they should also remain breathable so that the user doesn’t suffocate.

Some face masks dust offer basic protection. The number of layers determines the safety of the masks. A three-layer construction guarantees additional safety. You don’t want to pick a mask that doesn’t need safety requirements. For that reason, ensure you check whether the brand meets all the international standards and requirements.

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Who should wear a surgical mask?

As the demand for surgical masks is raising dramatically, there is a shortage of surgical masks. Therefore, make sure that you are in the below criteria people who should be prioritized to get the mask.

  • Health care workers;
  • People with a respiratory infection or people who are sick;
  • People visiting the hospital or accompanying the patient to the hospital;
  • Chef or workers who handling food;
  • People in the crowd or in a poor ventilation room.

Wearing a surgical mask properly:

  • Clean your hands with soap or hand sanitizer before wearing the mask;
  • The colored side of the mask faces outwards;
  • The metallic strip molds to the bridge of the nose;
  • The mask must cover the nose, mouth, and chin;
  • Don’t touch the mask once it is on your face. Wash your hands in case you touched the mask.

Taking off the surgical mask:

  •  Avoid touching the outside of the mask as it may be covered with germs;
  • Taking the mask off from the ear loop, fold the mask outwards (the outside of the mask facing inwards), then put the mask into a plastic or paper bag before putting it into a rubbish bin with a lid.

A surgical mask should be discarded after one-time use and under no circumstances should it be used for longer than a day.

Masks are effective only when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

10. Mydent, MK-7300 Level 3 Dual Fit Ear-Loop Face Masks

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By: Mydent

Mydent face mask is made from ultra-quality material offering great protection. At the same time, they offer a snug fit thanks to the adjustable nose design. The Mydent face masks are comfortable. With the adjustable design, the surgical masks are perfect for kids and adults. They offer protection against different elements and conditions. The 50 pieces deliver protection against allergens, germs, smoke, and other elements.

Key Features:

  • They are medically approved
  • The masks deliver comfort and breathability.

9. Glove Station, DUST GUARD Disposable Sanitary Masks

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By: Glove Station

Even as the world battles the deadly Coronavirus, your safety is paramount. These 50 surgical masks ensure that you are safe at all times. They are versatile. With that, the masks offer protection against dust, air pollutants, and allergens. These are disposable masks. They boast an adjustable earloop design making it perfect for most users. The loop also offers safety for your ears.
Something else, these surgical masks are built to deliver unmatched comfort. The three-layer construction guarantees safety. They are designed to offer adequate filtration for increased safety. The material also offers breathability. For that reason, normal breathing won’t be affected. The adjustable nose design also makes the face masks perfect for kids and adults. Therefore, these are perfect surgical masks for the entire family.

With the three-ply design, the masks expand to deliver a comfortable fit. The material is safe and doesn’t react negatively to your skin. For that reason, these are perfect masks for everyone, including those with sensitive skin.

Key Features:

  • These are multi-purpose surgical masks
  • They offer comfort and safety

8. FOLE, Disposable Face Mask


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By: Fole

If you have used low-quality surgical masks, you know how uncomfortable the experience gets. Well, these are breathable masks designed to offer comfort and protection. They deliver ultimate filtration for increased safety. At the same time, the masks offer protection against a plethora of elements. For instance, they secure you against fluids, dust, bad weather and germs. They are perfect for different weather conditions too.

Whether you’re traveling through crowded places or just want to stay safe from infections, these are perfect masks for all that. They are reliable for use bus terminals, busy cities, and parks. You could even use them in a mall. Medically-approved, these are reliable masks for all needs.

Every package comes with five masks. They feature an adjustable earloop to deliver a snug fit and unmatched safety. Additionally, the adjustable nose design makes them perfect for young and adults.

Key Features:

  • They help protect your crucial respiratory system.

7. Rayihui, Disposable Surgical Face Masks


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By: Rayihui

Rayihui is a great 3-layer surgical face mask. It offers protection against allergens, dust, pollen, bacteria, smoke, and chemicals. In brief, it is a multi-purpose mask. It is an ideal mask for work or protecting against pollutants. The mask offers easy breathing and protection against germs and other unfriendly elements.

The masks also boast an adjustable nose wire. This way, they deliver a snug and comfortable fit. They also feature an elastic ear loop for additional comfort and perfect fit. With the ultra-soft ear loops, pressure on the ears is greatly minimized. For that reason, you won’t experience discomfort on the ears.

The surgical masks feature a soft facial tissue on the inner layer. This way, they rest comfortably and safely over your face. They won’t affect your skin like most low-quality brands. The absence of any dye makes the masks even better and perfect for different users.

Key Features:

  • The surgical masks offer protection without compromising on your comfort.

6. Medicom, Disposable Face Mask


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By: Medicom

The Medicom surgical masks offer full protection for your respiratory system. The surgical mask’s design makes it perfect for use in different conditions. To secure your health and get unmatched protection against infections, these are excellent masks to buy.

The mask has excellent 3-layer filtration: Non-woven protective layer; Activated carbon adsorption layer and Bacteria filter, which filters smoke, fine dust, and bacteria. At the same time, these masks feature a safe material that isn’t toxic or harmful to your skin.

Key Features:

  • They conform to international standards
  • They block all elements including viruses.

5. Pantryware, Disposable Face Masks (Pack of 25ct)

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By: Pantryware

The Pantryware disposable surgical masks offer protection against germs, fluids, and dust among others. They come in a pack of 25 pieces. The adjusting design makes them ideal for the entire family. For instance, you only adjust the earloop to offer a snug fit for kids and adults. These are perfect masks for traveling in crowded places.

They offer adequate filtration of all harmful elements ensuring that you stay safe at all times. You could even use them in busy streets and malls. The design ensures that your vital respiratory organs are safe at all times. With the breathable material, your comfort is assured. The masks are also perfect for painters and construction workers who are exposed to fumes and dust. In a jiffy, these are multi-purpose masks that are ideal for different uses.

Key Features:

  • The masks offer comfort and protection

4. Perfect Stix, 3-Ply Disposable Face Masks

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By: Perfect Stix

These disposable masks are designed to offer adequate protection against germs, fluids, weather, and dust. They are, therefore, perfect for use in different environments. They offer adequate filtration making them perfect for use in congested airports, malls, parks, bus terminals, and busy streets. With each pack having 15 pieces, you have enough supply for several days. The masks fit kids and adults thanks to their adjustable construction. Furthermore, these are affordable masks that deliver excellent performances. The safe material makes them ideal for everyone, including those with sensitive skin. They don’t have chemicals or dye. For that reason, your safety is guaranteed.
The adjustable earloop makes them ideal for everyone. It adjusts to offer a snug fit for adequate protection. Despite having three layers, the masks are breathable. They are great for painters and workers in construction. This is because they also trap dust and fumes. In short, these are multi-purpose masks.

Key Features:

  • They offer excellent protection of your respiratory organs.

3. Keystone, 50 x Disposable Face Mask Surgical Medical

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By: Live Shop

When buying a surgical mask, comfort and safety mean a lot. This set features a three-layer design that guarantees the ultimate filtration of harmful gases, fumes, allergens, pollen, germs, and dust. Therefore, they are multi-purpose masks that are perfect for different activities. The masks are fully approved for medical uses. For that reason, your safety is guaranteed. The safe material ensures that you are safe. The masks come in 50 pieces. They are, therefore, enough for the entire family. Something else, the three layers guarantee durability and breathability. They also adjust to fit different people including kids. With the comfortable ear loop, you are assured of a snug fit.

Key Features:

  • They are high-quality surgical masks
  • The non-toxic material makes them safe for users

2. 3-Layer Anti Dust Breathable Disposable Face Mask

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Like most upper-echelon surgical masks, these disposable masks feature a breathable three-layered construction for safety protection. The surgical mask is made with 3 layers which are skin-friendly composite fiber, High-density filter layer, and Non-woven fabric. These surgical masks have been made in accordance with the standards.

Key Features:

  • 3 breathable layers
  • soft and comfortable ear hook.

1. Effacera, Disposable 3-Ply Antiviral Medical Surgical Mask – 20 Pieces (Blue)

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By: Effacera

These are disposable medical surgical masks. They are medically-recommended. For that reason, they beat all the safety requirements. Additionally, the masks boast a 3-ply construction making them safe and extremely reliable. The adjustable earloop makes them comfortable and kind to your ears. With the three-ply polypropylene material, you are guaranteed of ultimate safety and comfort. The dental-grade construction makes the masks also durable and long-lasting. However, they are disposable.
With the versatile construction, these are perfect surgical masks for kids and adults. They are also perfect for use in different environments. For instance, you can use them in hospitals, construction sites and in areas with infections. The durable electrostatic micro-fiber material also offers adequate protection and guarantees safety for its users. Comfort is also guaranteed.

Key Features:

  • The adjustable nose seals deliver an excellent fit
  • Each pack contains 10 masks

Final Thoughts!

Even as medics strive to find a cure for the dangerous Covid-19, each one of us has a responsibility to keep hygiene and most importantly don’t be panic. Keep doing your daily activity, eat healthy food, do exercise, drink more water and clean your hands more often.

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