Top 10 Best Truck Bed Tents in 2021 Review


When you talk of camping perhaps one thing that comes through your mind is the tent. These days we have customized tents that will fit your trucks well. The tents can be easily set up in your favorite place for you to enjoy the environment from the comfort of your car. With the great fabric used this will make it comfortable for you out there.

While camping, you need to have the best of conditions. The tents are both breathable and waterproof to ensure you are exposed to the best conditions. Even more fascinating is when you will need to fit in a mattress in order to be more comfortable. The truck bed tents are easy to set up and remove can take only a few minutes. Other than their use as a truck bed tent they can also be used as tents for fishing and hunting. They can also perform well in any weather condition. Finally, in whichever terrain this tents can be used.

Choosing truck bed tents

  • Size: The size of the truck tent should comfortably fit your truck when it fits your ruck well it will provide the best of service. You have to check your trucks size before choosing the truck tent. Very large tents can be more comfortable with the plenty of space that they contain.
  • Material: You should choose tents that are made of the best fabric as this will determine the durability and the comfort levels. Quality fabrics that are waterproof offer the warmth required while out there camping. For construction nylon and polyethylene are preferred as they can withstand the changing weather conditions preferably rain.
  • Shape: Whether you want a dome or apex tent you will all get them. The nature of your truck will determine the type of tent that can fit in it well. You can as well as choose the tent that can fit well with your truck color finishes.

There are many tents on the market so you may choose a rather ineffective one. However, with the review below containing the best truck bed tents, you can use the information for decision making.

10. Guide Gear, Full-Size Truck Tent

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By: Guide Gear

Another popular tent is this guide gear tent. The polyethylene floor will give you the best camping experience. With an interior area of 5.25. The 190T polyester with the water-resistant coating will get you through all weather. To set up is easy as the lightweight design plus the 4 poles can be set up in minutes. The fiberglass and tension straps will anchor to the vehicle. In fact, it fits most of the trucks vehicles. The measurements are great to it can fit most of the full-size beds. To set it you will take a few minutes. The top-notch construction, ventilation, and adaptable design are all the reasons why you should get this quality tent.

Extra features:

  • The tent fits most of the truck beds and full sized beds.
  • The top-notch construction ensures it lasts for the considerable length.

9. Rightline Gear, 110710 Full-Size Long Truck Bed Tent

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By: Rightline Gear

Get a great camping experience on your truck with this truck tent. The floorless design will allow for a quick set up as you will not have to remove the gear. Both the protective straps and the nylon buckles will not destroy the car’s paint. Moreover, the coded poles and the pole pockets will give you an easy setup time. You will survive the rainy weather as the fabric is water resistant. Besides this, the tents can comfortably accommodate two adults. Other additional items in the package include the rainfly, stuff stack, and the setup guide. With its great stability, this can be a great addition to your camping facilities.

Extra features:

  • It’s pretty stable and tough for the harsh conditions out.
  • The floorless design gives you an easy time when it comes to setting it up.

8. 4Knines, SUV Cargo Liner for Fold Down Seats

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By: 4Knines

To begin this review we have this truck bed that will be a good fit for your vehicle. With this, you won’t be worried about dirt, mud and other debris entering your vehicle. Moreover, it will keep the car seats free of the bad smells. Boasting of the cross stitch seat protector this will be a great acquisition to your car. To install is also easy as it has the non-slip material straps and the Velcro opening for the seat belt to access the cover sides. Additionally, the waterproof material used prevents the dirt and water from accessing your vehicle. Interesting enough is the beautiful design that gives your vehicle a classic look. For maintenance, you can easily wipe it with a dry piece of cloth. Finally, the truck bed is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Extra features:

  • The beautiful design will fit with your car interior décor.
  • Its waterproof nature keeps both dirt and water from entering inside.

7. Napier Enterprises, BACKROADS SUV TENT

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By: Napier Enterprises

This Napier enterprise is another excellent truck bed. The sewn floor will allow you to sleep on it comfortably. With 4 windows and1 door this will provide enough ventilation for the best conditions. At the door, it has a well-designed storm flap that well enhances your privacy. Additionally, it has a space of 5.5 and comes with a travel bag. For two or three people this tent will be enough. The floor material is polyethylene that is durable by nature. Other components include the 4 corded fiberglasses. To wind it up it comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Extra features:

  • The 4 large windows and 1 vent provide enough ventilation for cool conditions.
  • It has a storm flap that keeps your privacy when inside.

6. Pittman/Napier, PPI-101 & Napier 57011 Sportz Truck Tent & Mattress Bundle

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By: Pittman/Napier

Relax comfortably on your truck with this truck tent. It has a cutout on the sides for the mattress to fit easily. The floor design will keep you warm and comfortable throughout nevertheless the prevailing weather conditions. Moreover, the mattresses are greatly made to withstand the heavy use. Other than that it has a rechargeable battery for your lighting needs. It has 3 large windows and vents for you to have the required cool conditions. Additionally, the tent has storm flaps for your privacy concerns. Both the color-coded pole and the sleeve assembly makes the set up look great. Finally, both the mattress and the tent are backed by I year warranty.

Extra features:

  • The mattress is well made to withstand heavy use and give maximum comfort.
  • The floor design keeps you warm throughout.

5. Milliard, Truck Tent

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By: Milliard

When you talk of the best truck bed tent you cannot leave out this consistent milliard tent. The setup is simple and quick. In fact, it’s an exercise that will take minutes and is ready for use. It has is floor sewn just to keep away dirt. For use in wet conditions, it has the reliable rainfly. Moreover, with the mesh door and windows both containing shades your privacy will be enhanced. Other items include the lantern hook and the storage pocket for sufficient lighting at night. It’s also durable and yes, the ripstop grade material is great and terms, of the size it can fit truck sizes of a 6.5feet well. This tent is undoubtedly an upgrade to your camping experience. For the better experience, you have to buy one.

Extra features:

  • It can be used during the night with the lantern providing sufficient light.
  • The strong ripstop makes the tent very stable for the great camping experience.

4. Leoneva, Portable Outdoor Full Size Short Bed Truck Tent

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By: Leoneva

Both the nylon buckles and the straps won’t interfere with the car’s paint. The 210D fabric and the fiberglass used makes it more stable. Whether the weather is cold damp or lumpy this tent will quickly transform the surrounding. Other than as a truck tent it’s also perfect fishing, hunting, and family camping. Furthermore, the waterproof nature will keep you comfortable. It’s available in two sizes either the 5, 5 feet or the 6.5 feet so you have to choose one that fits your track. You can save your time while looking for an ideal tent by investing in this tent. Both the service and the years you will use will prove to be of great value in the end.

Extra features:

  • It’s versatile enough to be used for other activities such as fishing and hunting.
  • The 210D Oxford fabric ensures you have a comfortable camping experience.

3. Sportz, Truck Tent Blue/Grey

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By: sportZ

This tent can be ideal for two people. It has a size of 5.6 feet of the headroom and is the only tent that has its floor sewn. For additional storage needs, it has the large rear access panel. Both the large door and side vents give better addition, you can set it up anywhere without the need of the guide ropes. Elsewhere the coded pole with the sleeve system facilitates a quick setup also include the strap protector for additional protection against the tent straps. For storage, it comes with a carrier bag. When you use this tent you will like the experience and you will do it time and again.

Extra features:

  • It has a sewn floor the only one in the category of truck bed tents.
  • It’s safe for use as the strap protectors give additional protection to the tent.

2. Napier, Sportz Link Ground 4 Person Tent

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By: Napier

For years now Napier has been providing great camping facilities. Among those is this great tent. With I large door and three windows, this will keep it cool for you. In wet weather, it has the rainfly for protection. Additionally, it has an 8 by 8 ground tent and a waterproof floor to ensure you are comfortable throughout. This tent is thus easily expandable as it also lightweight. It also comes with a bag for easy transportation of the tent. To connect the ground tent to the truck tent it has an attachment sleeve. With this great space, the tent can accommodate even 4 people. All is now for you to grab one and wait for the great experience.

Extra features:

  • Its spacious with both ground and truck tent gives you more room for use.
  • It has an attachment sleeve to link both tents well.

1. Kodiak Canvas, Truck Bed Tent

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By: Kodiak Canvas

If durability is one of your concerns then try this tent. The hydra shield cotton used in making it is not only durable but also breathable. The breathability design allows fresh air inside for a great experience. Besides this, its design works well with models such as ford and Nissan Titan. With the tailgate down this will expand the stands at 5 feet tall so you will have a more than enough interior space. Additionally, the large shaped D door is for ease of access. Other items include steel tube frame to connect the clamp on rails for it to mount easily on the bed. This design can be used in all seasons but doesn’t perform best in snow seasons. With 5 windows this will offer great ventilation. Finally, it has a cab access window.

Extra features:

  • The hydra shield cotton durability and breathability makes the tent to be comfortable.
  • It can be used in most of the weather.

Final Thought

Camping can be fun but even enjoyable if you have the best tents on. The tents that fit your truck tent well will provide a great service. With the best of the facility, you won’t complain of the harsh camping conditions. Consider the comfort level, shape, and size. All the truck bed tents here are if good quality and will provide the desired comfort. You can save time and choose any among this great compilation.

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