Top 10 Best Universal Bike Seats for Men and Women


Universal bike seat are convenient which allows them to be used with a variety of bikes. A good universal bike seats are more comfortable, hence you are able to enjoy cycling for longer periods of time.

Using the wrong type of bike seat can cause serious health problems. It can also lead to faster exhaustion due to discomfort and even pain from using bumpy roads. Other people get irritation and chaffing from using the wrong bike seats as well.

The purpose of this review is to help you cut down costs in that trial and error stage. We have prepared a list of the best universal bike seats for men and women. To help you narrow things down, this review will help you avoid all that and enjoy cycling once again.

Choosing the universal bike seats

To make sure that you end up with a good universal bike seat, below are some of the factors which you should consider:

  • Seat cushion: If a bike seat is well- cushioned, you will find it very comfortable to use. Make sure you check out the kind of foam used on it and also the padding as well. This should come first before you even consider its size.
  • Design: A bike seat’s design is very important. How it is built will determine if it has shock absorption, or if you will get sufficient thigh movement as well. You can only ride for long with this aspects in check.

Best Universal Bike Seats for Men and Women

10. come4chair, Mens and Women Bike Seat

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By: come4chair

One of the most annoying things, is when the weather interferes with your routine. Especially when you want to take a breather and relax for a while. This universal bike seat for men and women has a waterproof design. In case it starts raining when you are out, or even when you need to take your bike out in the rain, you’ll have nothing to worry about. It has been made such that it won’t absorb any water. Because of this, the seat can’t get damaged and you won’t feel any sort of discomfort as you ride.

You can use this seat with a hybrid, cruiser, or even stationary and exercise bikes as well. It has a very sporty feel to it and the design is very attractive. Your bike will definitely be on another level, with this seat on. It has solid and black accents which makes it look very high end.

9. Inofia, Professional Bicycle Saddle

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By: Inofia

As far as professional bike saddles go, Inofia has always managed to maintain a highly ranked position. Everything about their universal bike seats for men and women, is top notch. The best about the company is that they take ergonomics very seriously. This seat has been designed with a deep central hollow, for that purpose. The hollow area is meant to help with pressure release, since the area is very sensitive.

One other reason why users will always recommend the seat, is because it’s extremely shockproof. This is thanks to the Dual Shock Absorbing Ball it was built with. As if that wasn’t enough, the seat comes with 5 PCS LED light. The light has 3 modes in which it can be lit. The modes are; horse race lamp flash, caution flash and ongoing flash. The lights can work continuously for up to 36hours.

8. Zacro, Gel Bike Saddle

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By: Zacro

Zacro is a great replacement option for old bike seats. This universal bike eat for men and women, will prove to be the upgrade that you’ve always needed. Whatever bike model you have, you can easily install it and feel the difference. You will even get a free mounting wrench to help you with the process.

The bike seat is made from high quality PU material and has a very elegant look. The company understands the need for complete comfort when riding. This is why they used dual-density gel foam padding and designed the saddle to be thick and soft.

7. LINGMAI, Oversize Bicycle Saddle With Soft Cushion

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Once you start using this seat, you will understand the worth of investing in a quality bike seat. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor activities. However, if you have a cruiser, mountain bike, road city bike, fixed gear and touring bikes then you are definitely in luck. It works best on those models. You won’t have any issues mounting it, because it comes with an adaptor and a standard rails mount system.

It has an extra wide design and very thick padding. The company didn’t just focus on the seat size, but also how to best bring out the seat’s comfort. The padding feels very soft when sat on, and the dual spring suspension makes it feel as if no bumps exist on the road.

6. INBIKE, Foam Padded Breathable Big Bike Seat for Men/Women

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Constantly replacing bike seats can prove to be expensive. Opting for an option which will last you for the longest duration of time, will be one of the best decisions you could make. Inbike used microfiber imitated leather to make this seat. As a result, it does not wear and is also resistant to scratching. That is what mainly contributes to its durable properties. Pressure will also be well distributed thanks to the seat design.

Sweating while riding is very uncomfortable. You won’t have to experience that with this universal bike seat. It has a middle groove which helps with air ventilation. Free thigh movement will also be possible, thanks to the narrow design of the front sides.

5. ProVelo, Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Men and Women

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By: ProVelo

Most universal bike seats for men and women, don’t have optimum profiles like this one. The company even took into account, whether its design would put pressure on your sensitive nerves or not. This is what makes this an ideal bike seat.
Even the nose of the seat is sufficiently long, so that it won’t interfere with your thighs as you ride. This is exactly the kind of seat you will need, when you want to ride on long trails.

4. DAWAY, Comfortable Men Women Bike Seat

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DAWAY is another company which prioritizes safe cycling. Their universal bike seat for men and women, also has a taillight feature. Your purchase will come included with a 1 pcs CR2032 battery, for the lighting. You will be able to ride your bike, whatever time of day. The lights will make you visible and protect you from certain harm. You can even use them in the rain, since they are waterproof.

The seat is very cushioned and has a soft feel to it. It was made using PVC leather, giving it a non-slip wear-resistant texture. If you are looking for a durable option, this is definitely it. With this seat, you will also be able to ride for long distances. It has been designed to allow for free thigh movement, thanks to the narrow design of its front sides.

3. Bikeroo, Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

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By: Bikeroo

The one opinion that can never let you down is that of other experienced bikers. This Bikeroo seat has been tested by not one or two, but seven thousand cycling lovers. This is what makes this bike seat unbelievably great! The company took their time to design and improve it based on what the customers wanted. This is why it ranks among the top half, of the top 10 best universal bike seats for men and women. One misconception that people often have, is that a bike seat will be comfortable, just because it’s large in size. This Bikeroo seat proves that wrong, with its exceptional performance.

Your purchase will also include; a universal bicycle seat adapter, mounting instructions, mounting tools, and a waterproof seat cover. You will also get access to an info-packed e-book, in case you need more guidance. It comes with a 12 months money back guarantee as well. The company will refund you, if you are not 100% satisfied.

2. Sportneer, Comfortable Bike Saddle

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By: Sportneer

Most people aren’t actually aware that there are affordable luxurious types of universal bike seats. You don’t always need to make your pockets bleed, in order to get good quality. This is one of the reasons why, Sportneer has managed to secure its position among the best. What makes it a must have, is the seat’s capability to conform to your unique shape.
Each and every aspect of this bike seat is ergonomic. It will outlast other seats, and also comes with a taillight for added road safety.

1. Cloud-9, Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle

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By: Cloud-9

Cycling is fun. However, some seats can make you dread rough terrain. Actually, some make you feel as if the smallest bumps and thumps are three times their size! Cloud-9 saw to this problem, and designed this universal bike seat for men and women. The underside of the seat has a chrome coil spring suspension, which will make you feel as if the bumps are non-existent. Finding seats with this level of comfort, is not easy. Your rear is yet to receive this kind of cushioning.

The whole idea behind the seat’s design, is to offer the rider anatomic relief. A lot of consideration was put into this and the result was a success. The icing on top is the dual-density gel foam padding which was used. If sitting on clouds was possible, it would feel exactly like this padding. The measurements of the seat are; 10-1/2 inches long by 10-1/2 inches wide.

Wrapping it up!

Universal bike seats offer options which come in different prices. To know if one is worth spending on, you have to ask yourself what you are looking for in a seat. You may feel the need to prioritize one aspect more than the other, but at the end of the day you should remember that your comfort should be the priority.

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