Top 10 Best Wooden High Chairs in 2021


Why needing the high chair?

Your kid’s safety is what you will have to consider. Each year, thousands of children are injured as a result of high chair related accidents. A study research in 2013 showed that every hour, one child is treated in a U.S. Emergency Room for high chair related injuries (Nationwide Children). Therefore, it is necessary to use the high chair for offering the kid a comfortable and safe seat while they are enjoying their meals.

Providing that meal time support for your child will no longer frustrate you. Eating at the table side with your baby will be possible once you get the high chair. If you are a new parent, we are going to make sure that buying one does not become an overwhelming process. Using high chair will help with the child’s posture and balance. With the high chair, the children is properly positioned when seated.

How to choose the best wooden high chairs:

  • Stability: Your child’s safety will also depend on the stability of the chair. Make sure the chair’s design is not one that will easily fall over.
  • Adjustability: Some chairs are made such that they can accommodate your child’s development. Get a chair that can cater to your child’s development needs.
  • Comfort: The baby will not stay in the chair for long if he/she is not comfortable with it. Make sure that the eat itself and the baby’s posture will be comfortable.
  • Weight capacity: Wooden high chairs each have their weight limits. Make sure that the one you get can support the weight of the child you want to use it for.

Children are far more delicate compared to adults, which is why one should be keen on their selection. A large number of manufacturers are constantly coming up with wooden high chairs. In this review, we will help you acquire the best and top quality wooden high chair for your toddler.

10. Foho, Baby High Chair


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By: Foho

The Foho wooden high chair is made from good-grade polypropylene material that has a good resistant while the legs are made from beech tree wood for durability and most importantly can withstand bearing weight. The soft PU leather cushion is offers comfortable and easy cleaning.

This versatile high chair can be converted as a toddlers eating chair, grounded booster seat or a common stool chair for a kid 6 months and up. The adjustable and removable 5 point harness keep your baby safe in place that is perfectly safe for your baby. It features 3 plate adjustment modes to match your baby.


  • adjustable and removable tray.
  • 3 plate adjustment modes.
  • height adjustment available.

9. Costzon, Wooden Baby High Chair


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By: Costzon

Your baby will be safe with this pyramid designed wooden high chair. Costzon designed it such that no tipping would occur. The wooden surface of the chair has a very smooth finish to it. This ensures that the wooden high chair will not cause any splinters. Every bit of the chair design is thoughtful. In fact, the materials used went underwent a very strict selection. The paint used on the chair is environmental-friendly and has no toxins which could affect your baby.

It comes with a safety harness which will make you more confident in the feeding process. The high chair has an A 5-point safety strap system, which a lap belt will thread through the crouch restraint and fully secure your child and prevent from accidental injury.


  • adjustable height and removable tray
  • The seat and back has padded cushions for extra comfort.

8. HeartWood, Adjustable Natural Wooden High Chair for Babies and Toddlers

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By: Heartwood

Heartwood’s wooden high chair is a bit different from most of the options in this review. This specific one can be used by children who are 2 years old onwards. The chair’s design enables it to support up to 200lbs. This means that your kid could use it up until they become teenagers. It is even usable by teenagers who fit the weight requirement. That is how you know the chair is solid and strong. You will even see it for yourself once you get it.

The company made it using birch tree plywood and made sure that it was extremely stable. It is able to accommodate such weight and size changes because of its design. You can adjust it as you toddler develops. In total, the chair has 14 levels which it can be adjusted to. Each level has a difference of about 1.5 inches. The materials used to make the chair are all Fsc certified.


  • The wooden high chair weighs about 18lbs.
  • It is also backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

7. Asunflower, Wooden High Chair Adjustable Feeding Baby Highchairs with Tray

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By: Asunflower

At number 7, we have another intriguing wooden high chair. This Asunflower wooden high chair will definitely make your baby feel as if they are part of the family table. It can be used for toddlers aged 5 months up to those weighing 88lbs. The company decided to use PP material to make the booster seat. It is quite safe since the material is food grade. Every other part of the chair is basically wooden. Beech tree was used to make the high chair’s legs.

The wooden high chair comes in an A-shape design. Even the child will find it comfortable and especially secure. All you’ll need to do is adjust the chair’s height as your kid grows. To be more precise, the foot plate has 7 adjustable stages.


  • The tray can be removed if the parent wishes to do so.
  • The chair’s design is space-friendly.

6. HM-tech, Baby Wooden High Chair With Removable Tray


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By: HM-tech

The HM-tech wooden high chair is made from natural beech wooden and sturdy hygienic food-grade PP material, which ensure for the baby’s safety. The removable tray allows for easy cleaning. The chair can be used for multiple purpose that is comfortable, safe zone for your child to grow into from 6 months to 10 years.


  • 3-level tray to fit your baby perfectly.
  • Adjustable height.

5. Keekaroo, Height Right High Chair with Tray

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By: Keekaroo

Keekaroo prides itself, in the fact that their wooden high chair is JPMA certified. This is the kind of chair you need, to help you keep calm while you get accustomed to things. It will help give you a confidence boost, knowing that your child is in great hands. The seat has cloth cushioning to make it feel cozy for your kid. The high chair can support a maximum of 250lbs of weight. This means that your child could also use it as an adult. This is possible since the seat plate, feet plate and tray can be removed and re-arranged.

The chair is also designed to be tip resistant. The company constructed it at a 1.5° seating angle for that purpose. The chair will maintain its secure state even when the child is pulled close to the table. The entire base was made to be solid and is very reliable.


  • The wooden high chair is backed by a 5-year warranty.
  • The tray is made from BPA-free plastic.

4. Excellante, Wooden High Chair

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By: Excellante

If you love a walnut finish, then you will absolutely love this wooden high chair. It will blend with your décor if that is the kind of feel you are going for. You won’t regret making this purchase at all. In fact, you will keep wondering if the chair will ever look worn down. When it comes to quality, Excellante never fails to deliver. You can rest assured that this durable rubber-wood high chair is worth every dollar.

It was designed in a manner which makes it easy to stack several other high chairs. If used for commercial purposes, storage will never really be a problem. It even comes with harness straps. This will help keep your child secure. The best thing about them is that they are also long-lasting.


  • The wooden high chair is easy to clean.
  • It was constructed in a pyramid design.

3. OXO, Tot Sprout High Chair

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You won’t ever have to deal with tools when you have this wooden high chair. Constructing it is effortless and the adjustments are simple as well. With this particular high chair, you can change its height and depth as well. This can be done in 5 different levels. Even the chair’s harness has some added security features. It is more stable than its competitor’s since it has a 5 point design.

One of the things that make it unique, is the chair’s tray. Not only is it stable, but it also has the capability to contain spills. It can hold up to 7 ounces of spilled liquid. For easier storage, the tray was also made in a slender design.


  • The high chair has a 60lbs capacity.
  • The straps and tray are removable.

2. Winco, CHH-101 Unassembled Wooden High Chair

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By: Winco

For over 20 years, Winco has been able to produce market-leading products. That is why most consumers find the company reliable and trustworthy. Their products are used in various industries and widely recommended. You will be surprised when this wooden high chair surpasses your expectations. The fact that it is also Amazon’s choice, speaks highly of the high chair.

You could buy the wooden high chair for your home or for commercial purposes. They are built such that they match the quality seats at restaurants. It does not come assembled, but the process will take less than 20 minutes to complete.


  • The wooden chair is very sturdy.
  • It is also very easy to stack up.

1. Abiie, Beyond Wooden High Chair With Tray

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By: Abiie

Abiie leads as the best wooden high chair in the review. The high chair won the 2015 NAPPA Gold award. NAPPA stands for The National Parenting Publications Awards. NAPPA has over 25 years in the industry and their award is highly respected nationwide. In 2014 the high chair also won a Baby Maternity Award. The Baby Maternity Magazine’s Awards Program is very unique. Mums and early education professionals, review all the products submitted by the magazine.

One of the other reasons it’s also popular is the patented EZ-Seat system. The system allows the high chairs to be adjusted in 20 seconds. It has a dual restraint system which can be adjusted to a 5-point harness or a 3-point harness.


  • The chair has undergone Anti-Microbial Heat Sterilization.
  • It has a 3-year warranty.

Final thoughts!

The options for the top 10 best wooden high chairs, come at varied prices. Anyone who comes across this review will most likely get one which they will find affordable. You will also get wooden high chairs that will suit children of different ages as well.

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